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História My naruto academia - Capítulo 3

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Yes I have somethinh to tell y'all

Capítulo 3 - Something about the story

So I haven't updated due to the fact that Iost the book where I wrote the chapter, but find it yesterday night, and because I was playing pokemon ultra sun ( I didn't finish it, it's too hard) and all anyways.

I'll add some character up here:

-Kakashi sensei, quirk: Doton and Sharingan ( allows him to do katon and suiton and copy other's quirk and to prevent an attack to him or you know everything)

- Hinata Hyuga (Naruto's crush) quirk: Byakugan (you know it)

-Neji (Hinata's big brother) quirk: Byakugan

And I need to tell the ship (my friend request me some ship I liked) :

- Todoroki x Bakugo (my favorite one) 

- Deku x Ochako (why not) 

- Denki x Kyoka (for sure) 

That's all for now. 

So now we came to the point if there's only one gay ship why is it rated Gay/yaoi LGBT. It is because in the first place Bakugo was in love with Naruto but when he saw that Naruto was happy with Hinata he understood that he would never gets him, and he was really upset about it. Also I thought that I could make Naruto and Bakugo loved each other but I thought it would be great if Bakugo's love wasn't returned by the one he loves. I warn you I might add more gay ship, if I do this it is mostly to support the LGBT gang. I don't know if you all take it as if it was rude but it's not. It's their choices not ours so we need at least to be kind with them. Everyone has only one life even them. We won't ruin it because he's/she's from LGBT gang, it doesn't change the fact that they are Human being as well. I have my gay friend who was getting bullied for this, if I wasn't walking around there what would have happened to him? That's how we met each other and  became best friend. Anyways not here to talk about my life. 

Last point of this is about Naruto and kurama's relationship: friend or ennemies

Naruto and kurama are friend but sometimes they act as if they weren't. So their friendship isn't stable for now on. 

Notas Finais

That was all see ya for next chapter! Can be updated in the day

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