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História Nothing Like Me - Capítulo 1

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Capítulo 1 - The Beginning

Fanfic / Fanfiction Nothing Like Me - Capítulo 1 - The Beginning

'Ring ring' the sound of your alarm rang through out your large bedroom slightly annoying you as it signaled a beginning of a new school year, you reached your arm out to switch it off and went back to sleep.

However down stairs everyone noticed your absence. "Miss Jane have you seen my daughter it seems she hasn't been downstairs yet," your father asked. "Oh dear I haven't Your Highness Yoshiki, shall I go check in her room?" she responded. "That would be highly appreciated." with that Miss Jane ran to your room, her fairly tall form zooming passed other worker, she stumbled up all the stairs in the castle, passed through all the halls until it stopped at large white French doors covered in your artwork she sighed and thought 'She is at it again' . She opened the door and was met with your large, baby pink, yami kawaii bedroom, her eyes landed on your queen sized bed covered in pastel colored stuffed animal, among all the stuffed animals was your sleeping figure.

She walked up to your sleeping figure, she extended her arm and her hand met your shoulder, lightly shaking it to wake you up. "Young mistress it's time to get up," she said softly. And all she heard was a muffled reply "Five more minutes Uba(1)" "It's been almost a hour young lady" she replied and you turned around but she wasn't having any of it and grabbed your comfy blanket to pull it off of you. You had felt your warmth being pulled off of you and your eyes opened wided to reveal your (e/c) irises. "Fine I'm up."you said." Good now get ready and join us for breakfast." Jane said before leaving.

"Man another school year," you said to yourself getting out of bed. You went to the bathroom took a shower, brushed your teeth, did your hair into to pigtails and got dressed. After you were done you quickly ran through the hall, down the stairs and into the dining area. It was a large room with a large table that could easily seat more than two hundred people. Right at the far end of the table sat a man with orange hair wearing luxurious clothes with a gentle smile planted on his face yet one could tell he was powerful, that man was your father. Although you had gotten up later then what was expected of you he didn't scold you just simply told you to sit down and you did, pulling out the closet chair and sat down. "Good morning sweetheart ready for school," he asked. "Yeah I'm just nervous about what students will be showing up." You replied. "Don't stress to much you'll do a amazing job as vice dorm leader." he said trying to calm you down.

After a few minutes familiar faces walked through the large doors, their pale skin that was white as paper, red eyes that seemed to glow and dressed in white. One of them being shorter then the rest, this one was a female, her black outfit stood out and pink hair with twin tails made it look like she a child. She walked up to you and smiled. "I'm surprised you aren't still sleeping," she said, joking with you. "Mama I would of but I need to be there early," you replied, no she wasn't your real mother she was your guardian, you spent so much time with her, you saw her as one. "Oh yeah I forgot your now a vice dorm leader," she replied. "Krul you sound disappointed," a man with white hair said with a smirk on his face. Yes it's true Krul was your legal guardian."Ferid enough before you make her cry, I don't want that," Krul ordered him to shut up. "It's okay mama I know Ferid is just stupid, where is Urd though, he normal always visits before I go back to school" you replied smiling. 

"What a surprise you five joined us," you father spoke. They sat down and just talked and the blonde next to you gave you a look, one that made you laugh, "Oh Mikaela your still so sour," you said softly, even though you could tell he wasn't happy you still nudged him a little but eventually your breakfast was brought to you by your favorite butler, his green eyes staring into yours as he put the plate down, smiling at you," Good morning princess ready for school," he said. "No" you replied he just chuckled. "You're still the same, from your first day at preschool and even now in high school," someone said across the table. Looking up at the guy with purple hair you simply crossed your arms and huffed. "You're stupid Lucas," you said. He simply laughed, what would he know it's not like he spent most of his time running after you, picking you up from school, helping you with homework alongside Rene all these years. However it was soon time for you to leave. 

You got up from your seat and everyone got up with you. You were ready to leave. You walked up to your father and hugged him, he smiled and rubbed your head messing it up just a little. "Good luck vice dorm leader," he teased you just a little. "Oh dad," you said as you stepped back and hugged everyone else but Mikaela refused for you to even touch him. "Bye my little bat" "See you tiny" "I'm going to hurt any boy that comes near you" "Good luck with school work" "I'm proud of you my daughter" the voices of your 'family' reached your ears making you smile. 

You had gotten to the school, the smell of freshly cut grass reaching your nose, it's large build never failing to make anyone aww in amazement. You walked through to the building, your ceremonial robes dragging behind you. The halls were large one can admit that you can easily get lost. Sighing you walked through the halls, it was empty but wasn't going to be like that in just a few hours time. As you walked you could hear the sound of heels clicking against the tiled floor behind you. Oh boi here we go again, it wasn't long before a taller male appeared next to you, dang it legs why can't you take larger steps you thought. This make was fairly built, with blonde hair that had purple tips. "Good morning my snow white," he said. You didn't have the time for this, well you kinda did but still you didn't want to deal with this so early, you couldn't really do anything at this point and just shyly smiled at him while tilting your head up words to meet his purple eyes."Good morning Schoenheit" you said shyly. "You know you can always just call me by my name, I don't mind as long as it's coming out from that pretty little mouth of yours," he said lightly reaching out his hand to place it around your waist and then pulling you close.

What is he doing you thought as your checks went red. He was hugging you, you tried to push him away but he was stronger, he held you tightly. "Congratulations Vice dorm leader of Ignihyde," he said softly. "T-thanks," you replied. "Good morning Mr Schoenheit and Ms Hayashi," a deep voice spoke, this voice didn't belong to any student, oh no it didn't belong to a student it belonged to your Headmaster. Quickly pushing yourself away from Vil and greeted your headmaster. "Good morning sir, how are you?"you asked. He replied with a smile, "Very well miss Hayashi, thank you for asking and need I say, congratulations on becoming vice dorm leader, I only expect the best from you," he said. "Of course sir," you replied quickly. "Of course nothing but the best from you my snow white," Vil said smirking, you blushed, boi the nerve of this guy you thought. "Now let's not stand in the hall," Crowley said as he walked away. "Yes sir," you and Vil both replied and followed Crowley to where the rest were. 

Crowley smiled to himself, this year was going to be interesting. As you arrived your eyes immediately met with the dorm leader of Ignihyde, Idia Shroud, you shyly smiled at him and walked over to him to stand next to him but sadly he left to go back to his dorm room leaving you alone. And soon children began filling the mirror chamber and Crowley stood in front of the noise first years and announced to them. 

"Welcome to Night Raven College!" 

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