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Sorry about the really late update, funny how I have chapters pre-written but still manage to update really Late XD

Capítulo 8 - Sweet Disposition

"What?", Kara choked out.

Snapper nodded his head, a grin plastered over his face, "I'm sure you can Coax Ms. Luthor into attending CatCo.'s Anniversary Gala, she is Your Gal Pal after all."

The blonde cheeks warmed up, "U-Uh...I don't know Snapper, I mean, she collapsed not too long ago, She's not exactly best at health right now."

The male sighed out, his demeanor dampened, "Oh right. Well, I mean, ask still. You know."

Kara sighed out, shoulders slumping slightly, the presence of someone like Lena attending the Anniversary Gala at CatCo. would certainly spark interest in the event.

"I'll see."


Lena sighed out heavily, she felt tired, drained still from her collapse. Of course she wouldn't admit it.

her emerald eyes were fixated on her laptop, she currently watching footage from the news about the day she had collapsed, she looked at the screen of her laptop in slight awe, she saw various L-Corp workers pushing the odd protestors back, it was mess honestly, then she saw herself engaging that dick head of a guy in a yelling contest. She then saw how Jess stood up for her and shouted back, Jess had protected her in a way, standing in front of her so that she'd yell at the man herself, and then Came the part where Lena collapsed, clutching at her chest, she dropped her purse and Jess rushed to her side.

the commentary on the footage was filled with gasps and groans about how Lena's collapse was probably all for 'show'.

the Riot Police showed up and the footage was just showing how much People were scattered about The L-Corp's front lawn.

but then Maggie appeared and kneeled beside her supporting her.

Lena released a heavy sigh as she looked on, she felt so utterly weak for what took place.

as her eyes remained glued to the screen, then came Kara, her Super, the blonde dropped in and had taken her into her arms, sharing a few words with Maggie and Jess and a few other officers, the super then gave her attention to the Crowd, and she unleashed a furious lecture upon the 'protestors', before going 'up, up and away'.

the Luthor felt her heart race a bit at Supergirl standing up for her, Kara really cared for her, whether on or off the screen.

The ravenette leaned back in her chair, as the footage came to an end, there was more to see, but she'd have to click on the next video, it was titled, 'Supers Pay a Visit to a Luthor!'

She reached forwards to click on the next video, but before she could, a figure entered her office.

"Ms. Luthor.", Came a voice by the office door.

The Luthor woman looked up from her laptop, her emerald eyes darting to the door, she saw her secretary whom she didn't see first thing this morning as she entered L-Corp, she usually bumped into her and she'd tell Jess about the schedule and all. But today she didn't.

"Ah, Jess, Come in.", Lena smiled lightly as she closed her laptop, she Straightened her posture in her seat.

Jess returned Lena's smile and walked into the office, shutting the door behind her, "Ah, um. Sorry I came late, Ms. Luthor, I was quite side tracked and all-"

Lena waved a hand, "You're always on time, Jess, It's fine.", she kept that smile.

Jess sighed in relief, "Ah...well, um how are you? uh if you want to share the details you know I um", the women was clearly a rambler.

And Lena just seemed to be surrounded by adorable ramblers.

"Oh Jess, I don't mind telling you, I'm fine. A bit tired, but fine.", the Luthor said, she felt warmth envelope her chest, her assistant was genuinely worried about her, it was nice, having a genuine assistant that actually cared and wasn't some two-faced double crossing bitch Like Alana...the woman had her thrown off her building. But thankfully Supergirl made it on time to catch her before she went splat on the pavement just in front of L-Corp.

Her eyes met with those of her assistant's own.

Jess fidgeted slightly, "That's good, Gosh. We all got freaked out when you collapsed."

Lena chuckled lightly, "'We'?"

Jess nodded, "Yeah, um, we...myself and a few others went to the hospital, we were concerned, and with...your family out of the picture...I...I don't know uh-"

Lena cut the woman off, "Thank you", the CEO said gently.

Jess stiffened for a moment and stopped speaking.

"You've proven to be an amazing assistant, Loyal and always just...there.", the CEO continued.

Jess remained silent, her lips pressed into a tight line.

"Thank you.", Lena spoke sincerely, genuinely.

Jess merely nodded and released a breath, "Um, as long as you're okay.", the woman smiled shyly.

the ravenette's facial expression lit up, "when'll you be taking your vacation?", the CEO asked.

The assistant shrugged, "Not any time soon, Ms. Luthor.", the younger woman said with the slightest chuckle.

Lena rose an eyebrow, "Why's that?"

"Uh, Well...I-", before Jess could say anymore, her eyes darted passed Lena's shoulder, and she smiled lightly, "Well, Ms. Luthor it appears that You have company."

Lena hummed and turned around in her seat, just out on her balcony was a certain Super leaning against the entrance.

Lena's cheeks grew slightly warm, she then turned to Jess, and Jess now...smirked?

"Well, I'll be going, Ms. Luthor", the younger woman gave the Super a small wave.

"I'll Give you that one on one Converstation later, Jess.", Supergirl smiled as she began to step into the office.

Jess gave the Super a smile and a nod she reached for the office door to leave.

Lena stood up from her desk when her assistant had left, she sighed softly as the super began to walk towards her with crossed arms.

Lena rolled her eyes, "So, What brings you here, Supergirl?", she said already knowing why the girl of steel came by.

Supergirl hummed, narrowing her eyes slightly, "You should know, Ms. Luthor, I mean, I'm pretty sure I made myself clear on what I said last time."

Lena bit her bottom lip slyly and shrugged, "Oh?", she feigned not knowing anything.

The Super grinned slightly, "Let's cut to the chase here, Have you taken your medication? All of them."

The Luthor gave a heavy groan, she pouted in a cute manner, "Urgh, There's too many to take though."

Supergirl narrowed her eyes slightly, "Ms. Luthor, You need to take them or you'll risk collapsing again."

Lena sighed, "I'll think about it.", the woman said, challenging the super.

Kara frowned heavily, "Lena, seriously, It's for your own good, you need to take them. I'll make sure Danvers is on top of you with those things too.", the super sounded firm and determined to make the CEO understand how important those pills were to her health.

Lena released a sigh and pouted again, "You're no fun.", the Luthor was certainly having her fun though.

The super had begun to alternate between using Lena's name to using the more formal 'Ms. Luthor.', Lena could only smirk.

Kara shrugged, "Your health is not something you play around with."

the Luthor was definitely having her fun. She didn't take the pills of course, but she was sure that from now on, her little Sunny Puppy will be there to enforce the pills thing.

"Fine, Fine, Geez. I'll get on them tomorrow, so I can continue to take them at the same time everyday."

The Super didn't seem quite content with Lena not wanting to take them right away, but she gave in, "I'll make sure you have, Lena."

Lena smirked and nodded, she began to feign innocence, "Yes Ma'am.", she saluted the super, the sarcasm wasn't helping her case.

The girl of steel shook her head, she was about to open her mouth to speak, but before she could her superhearing picked up the sounds of distress. and she grumbled.

Lena noticed the Super's ear twitch, she smiled lightly, she found it cute, but of course she didn't comment out loud, "Time for you to go?"

The super turned to Lena once again and nodded with a weak smile, "Yeah."

the female Luthor nodded her head, she crossed her arms over her chest, "Up, up and away.", the Luthor smiled.

Supergirl chuckled lightly, "We'll continue this talk later, Lena."

the Luthor smirked, "Oh, I don't know about that, Supergirl, I'm afraid that if I spend too much time with you, My significant other might get a bit...Suspicious."

'S-SIGNIFICANT!', just the word got Kara's attention, her cheeks began to burn a shade of pink, "O-Oh!? You...uh, yeah, um...uh-heh, That'd be bad."

Lena chuckled, "Yeah, I mean, I have no idea if she's the jealous type, but I wouldn't want to find out the bad way, Besides, what me and her have started is pretty new.", the Luthor's arms were crossed, she wore an oddly cocky look.

"S-She? uh oh...", the super seemed surprised.

Lena wondered why Kara seemed surprised, but she of course didn't press on it because first off, she wasn't supposed to know that Kara was Supergirl...not yet at least...

and there was that odd feeling in her chest again, the feeling of distrust.

The super noticed Lena's face fall for a moment, she sighed and spoke, "Uh, well, please do take care of yourself then Lena, good day.", the blonde waved a hand and began to make her exit.

Lena grew silent and merely sent a small nod to the super.

'Trust...', the word just seemed to pop up in her head. Along with that very irking feeling in her chest.


"Maggie, It's not funny!", Kara muttered as she began to change clothes in her 'secret' office.

'That's seriously Hilarious, Kara!', laughed a voice on the line.

Kara grunted as she slipped those dressy khaki trousers on, she completely removed her supersuit from under her clothing due to some left over slime from some alien battle she was involved in just a few moments prior to coming to her office, she had Cat remove whatever slime she had in her hair, it was pretty awkwardly funny when Cat muttered on about how 'odd' the slime felt. She released a sigh as she shouldered the phone, her dressy dark blue button up hanging in her free hand as she uses her other hand to shove her supersuit into her bag.

'Cat must have been like, "The Fuck is this shit?", but in her head, You know. I highly doubt she'd say it out loud', Maggie snorted on the line.

Kara rolled her eyes as she heard Maggie making jokes.

'Or, or, she could have been like, "alien cum?".'

Kara cringed, "Ewww Maggie stop it, that's gross."

Maggie chuckled on her side of the phone.

the day seemingly went by faster than it typically did, it was already lunch time.

which meant Kara was free for a moment, although even without it being Lunch, she somehow always disappeared and slipped away from her job to go save a few people here or there.

"Seriously Maggie."

'Aw C'mon Mini Supes, Have a sense of humor.'

This time it was Kara's turn to snort, but then a thought hit her, "Anyways, how are you feeling?", her voice seemed to have softened for a moment.

A small hum came at the other end of the line, 'Oh so Mini Danvers has gotten really soft on me'

Kara groaned, "Just answer the damn question, Sawyer."

Maggie chuckled, 'I'm fine, my face is healing up well, what about you? You all healed up yet, I mean, you're an alien, but the little bastard did use your weakness to beat you up.'

"Well, yeah, I think I'm just about all healed up at the moment.", Kara said as she put the phone on speaker phone, she set it on the table and slipped the dark blue button up on her body, she began to button it, she left the top button undone, her collar was slightly crooked, but she couldn't bring herself to care at the moment.

'Hey Kiddo, Can I ask you something?'

Kara grabbed her phone and undid the speaker setting so that only she could hear Maggie's words, "Sure."

'What the hell happened with your sister?'

Kara certainly had no clue, "Ah, To be honest, Maggie, I really don't know, she's been real distant lately, especially with what happened with the Magazine thing."

Maggie gave a sigh, 'She just turned into a dick all of a sudden, and that's not something I'd say about someone I'm dating...or...I don't even know anymore.'

The blonde sighed out heavily, she rubbed the back of her head, her other hand held the phone against her ear, "Have you spoken with her?"

Maggie scoffed on her end, 'Are you kiddin'? after what she assumed from You and Me? No way, she better come looking for me. And I suggest you wait it out too.'

The kryptonian did agree, as a matter of fact, she was pretty much just as insulted, she totally had plans to wait. "No, No, I get it. I'm waiting it out too, her assuming the worst...was just you know...too much"

Maggie agreed, 'It really was, especially considering the fact that she wanted us to get along.'

as the blonde was about to open her mouth to speak, but as she was about to, a knock came at her door, she paused for a moment, she reached for her glasses on her face and pulled them up slightly, she used her X-Ray vision and gasped when she saw who it was on the other side of the door, "Oh Rao.", The blonde grinned, "Maggie I gotta go, Talk to you later."

Maggie hummed and said her goodbyes, both hung up and Kara bolted to the door, she opened it.

"Little one!", the women spoke with a bright smile. A man beside her.

Kara practically slipped into cuddly puppy mode as she jumped up and wrapped an arm around both figures.

"Rao, Bruce, Diana. What brings you two here!", the blonde asked as she hung off the two.

Both figures were strong enough to handle her heavy Hugging, especially Diana.

Diana wrapped an arm around the blonde, "It's been a while, I was in town and I thought I'd drop by, I bumped into Clark and he told me where to find you. Bruce here, I have no clue why he's here though.", the woman smiled as she turned to Bruce.

Bruce smiled he also returned Kara's affections, "Well, I came cause a certain son of mine has been putting people in hospitals, and I've got to compensate people."

Kara's eyes snapped open at this, she looked at Bruce, still hanging off of the older figures, "He really needs to take anger managment classes Bruce, even Dick had a hard time keeping him down"

Bruce nodded, "It's not really anger, It's more...arrogance."

"well whatever it is, he needs to chill.", Kara chuckled.

Diana and Bruce both chuckled as well, Diana seemed familiar with Bruce's biological son, Kara almost asked how.

"Seriously Kara, what are you doing? Gathering CEO's in that little office of yours.", came a voice, the sound of two sets of heels clicking against the spotless floor.

The trio turned their bodies to the voice.

Kara still hanging off the two CEO's.

"Lena?", Kara sounded surprised. her eyes then darted to the women next to her, "Ms. Grant, Uh-Heh"

Lena and Cat both stopped just a few feet from the trio.

Almost instantly when Bruce and Diana's eyes landed on Lena, their faces straightened.

And Lena noticed this, so she schooled her own features.

Kara however didn't notice.

Cat rolled her eyes at the younger blinde's obliviousness, "Bruce.", she greeted, then eyed Diana, "Ms. Prince."

Bruce put a weak smile on out of politeness, "Cat, Haven't see you in a while", he then allowed his eyes to settled on Lena's figure, he looked distant, "Good day, Ms. Luthor."

Diana hummed once Kara let go of the herself and Bruce.

Kara smiled brightly at Lena, to which Lena couldn't help but return with a hint of pink cheeks.

'Oh that's...interesting', Diana noted, and she stepped up, reaching forward, she shook The Grant woman's hand, "Ms. Grant, always good seeing you.", the women smiled at the other woman, she then gave Lena her attention and reached out, "Ms. Luthor, I don't believe we've met yet."

Bruce rose an eyebrow, "You met her brother", The male muttered under his breath.

Diana and Kara both glared at Bruce, he merely looked around as if he'd said nothing wrong or out of place.

Lena noted the Woman's much more warmer vibes, this lady was the lady she was supposed to somehow persuade into investing in one of her projects but before she could, The woman had cancelled their meeting, saying that she wasn't able to make it to National city at the time.

Lena took Diana's outstretched hand and shook it, "Ms. Prince.", she greeted with a gentle smile.

Cat sighed out softly as she turned to Kara, "Honestly Kara, if you keep bringing shiny People into that 'secret' office of yours, It won't be so secret.", the woman crossed her arms over her chest.

Kara nervously chuckled, "Sorry Ms. Grant."

Cat sighed, "Millennials"

Diana and Bruce both smiled at Kara's sheepish look.

Lena herself couldn't help but smile.

Diana observed the Luthor women closely, subtly. She noticed the soft looks she and the Kryptonian shared, but she didn't hit the matter, at least for now. she wanted to keep observing, she and the Luthor pulled their hands away from each other. "Well, Little one, Maybe some other time we can grab some lunch together, or maybe dinner. I'm in town for a few weeks after all."

Kara's eyes lit up, "definitely, we should."

Bruce smirked, "We should grab some dinner too sometime Kara.", the handsome male put on his million dollar smile.

Kara of course, said yes. "Of course Bruce, I really missed you two.", she sent smiles at both CEO's.

Lena and Cat merely looked on at how casually Kara and the two CEO's talked.

"Careful Bruce, Farmboy might not like it if you try anything on Kara.", Diana suggestively waggled an index finger.

Bruce grinned like a wolf, "Why I would never."

Cat snorted, "Oh god. The kansas man will have probably bury you under his farm house."

Diana laughed unrestrained.

Kara blushed, she pouted, "That's not funny."

Bruce smirked, he then shrugged, "Clark's a good friend of mine, I'd never snatch his cousin away without his consent."

Kara snorted now, "What am I? 15? I can make decisions.", the blonde placed her hands on her hips.

Cat rolled her eyes, "Sure you can Ms. Help-Me-Choose-My-Career."

Diana and Bruce Chuckled.

Lena withheld her chuckles or Laughes.

The blonde pouted some more, "Jerks"

Diana's chuckle died down, she cleared her throat then turned to Lena, "Oh, by the way, I don't know if you still want to, but could we have that meeting sometime later this week? I'm in town now an all."

Lena hummed and quickly agreed, "O-Oh yeah, we can schedule whenever you'd like, Ms. Prince."

Diana smiled, "Alrighty then, I'll give that secretary of yours a call sometime later to schedule."

Lena nodded.

Diana then gave Kara a wave, "Well, I'll probably swing by later, to see what Clark's been up to.", she passed Cat, "Goodbye Ms. Grant.

Cat waved, "goodbye, Ms. Prince."

Kara waved, "Yeah, take care, see you then."

Bruce also began to step behind Diana, "Bye, tell Clark I said hi and to call me so we could hit some bars together to catch up.", he gave Cat a grin, "Bye, Kitty."

Cat glared at the male, "Boy, I will personally buy a farm and personally bury you under it."

Kara snickered.

Bruce shrugged, "So cold, Cat.", he then made it passed Cat and Lena, out of politeness he made sure to say a few words to the Luthor, "Goodbye Ms. Luthor."

"Goodbye, Mr. Wayne.", Lena said plainly.

with the two CEO's whom popped up so suddenly gone now, Cat turned to Kara, "That office isn't starting to look so secret, Kara.", she said as she turned around, already leaving.

Kara nervously chuckled, "sorry Ms. Grant."

now only Lena and Kara remained.

"So, I had no idea you were tight with those two", Lena said as she stepped closer to Kara.

Kara nodded, "yeah, they've known me since I was a kid really, Bruce and Diana both also know my cousin for a while."

Lena was certainly intrigued, the more and more she got to know about Kara, the more she grew curious and interested, Kara was always so full of surprises.

Kara reached forwards and took Lena by the hand, she looked around for a moment and then both slipped into that 'secret' office.

"They've known you since you were a kid huh? Wow, wouldn't have guessed that.", Lena said as she took off her jacket and put on Kara's coat rack, she then placed her purse on the desk.

Kara smiled and shrugged, "Yeah, their nice people, Clark tends to buttheads with Bruce often, but that's just them, they always make up afterwords."

Lena's eyes looked up to meet Kara's, her facial expression was soft, her lips curling into a smile, "Wouldn't have taken Mr. Kent as the arguing type. He always came off as a...Hugger rather than a fighter."

Kara snorted, "Psh, you'd be surprised", the blonde leaned against her desk, arms crossing across her chest.

The ravenette rose her eyebrows for a moment and then she made her way to the blonde, standing in front of her, she didn't break their gaze, she reached up and began to straighten Kara's shirt's collar. "Are you like Him? A secret fighter, rather than a hugger?"

Kara tensed for a moment, but relaxed, "I am, what the situation calls for, you know.", the blonde admitted as she uncrossed her arms to place her hands on the CEO's hips, she allowed a smile to curl her lips.

The Heiress hummed as she moved her hands from Kara's collar, to her face, she cupped the blonde face, emerald eyes noticed that the bruise and the cut had completely healed up at this point, "Oh? so Sunny Danvers is a secret Badass now?"

Kara began to feel her confidence growing, she smirked, the look in her eyes softened, "You'd have to find out for yourself", Kara said in a lowering tone, she began to lean forwards.

Lena noticed at Kryptonian's gesture, she followed, she allowed for the younger woman to initiate this moment.

Emerald eyes fluttering shut when Soft warm lip pressed against hers, she melted into the kiss instantly, holding Kara's face in her hands.

Kara's hands very quickly grew 'handsy'.

Lena would have certainly not expected the nice And shy Danvers woman to be so bold while being intimate, but clearly Kara had a few unseen sides to herself.

not that Lena wasn't happy, she liked it, the way Kara just grabbed her and groped her felt nice.

Kara liked touching Lena, she didn't know what it was, but it was something akin to an urge, a yearning to touch the woman and make her moan out to be touched more. Lena was just so soft in her hands, so fragile.

Lena moaned softly against Kara's lip, giving Kara the chance to dip her tongue in.

It was quite nice, but also funny to Lena. Here she was, Making out with the Blonde away from prying eyes, they were alone, no one to interrupt them, she felt like a teenager all of a sudden when she was with Kara, something about the blonde just sparked youth in her, now, she wasn't old, but she didn't exactly get to have a childhood, so she felt old.

but with Kara, She felt that nice warm feeling of...life.

all of a sudden Lena felt the warm of soft lips pull off of hers.

Kara pulled away, and gave Lena a questioning look, she held her close, "What's wrong? Did I do something you didn't like?"

Lena hummed slighlty confused, "What...no, I...", the Luthor trailed off.

Kara's gaze softened, "You just...froze up for a bit.", her blue eyes searching those green ones.

the Luthor released a small sigh, "I'm sorry, I must have slipped into thought for a moment"

Kara nodded, she felt like she need to make sure Lena was comfortable, after all, they've started doing these...things, yesterday, what they were to each other had yet to be clarified.

at least, to Kara.

"Is something bothering you?", Kara asked as she began to move her hands to a more appropriate area on the heiress's body.

"No, nothing's bothering me, Sorry.", Lena apologized for no reason.

Kara's eyebrows furrowed for a moment, "There's nothing to apologize for"

Lena frowned slightly, "Yes there is, I totally killed the vibes of the moment."

Kara frowned herself now, "No you didn't, Lena.", Kara pulled Lena's body closer to hers, she hugged her, "If something's bothering you, you can always tell me."

the Luthor released a soft breath, "I know...Nothing's bothering me though. I just...I was thinking."

Lena leaned her body into Kara's allowing herself to be supported by the kryptonian, allowing to herself to be shown affections, a hand was placed against Kara's stomach.

"What were you thinking?", Kara said softly as she and Lena remained close, it felt nice to have the CEO in her arms, Kara couldn't explain it, she felt complete.

"About us.", the Woman felt her cheeks heat up at admitting what she had been thinking of.

Kara hummed, "Us. What about us?", the Blonde said as she felt her heart begin to race.

Lena sighed softly, she began to pull away from Kara a bit, Kara wasn't stopping her.

Lena of course didn't pull away too much, she remained close, she only pulled away enough so that she could look up to meet Kara's gaze.

"Just...How fortunate I am to have met you.", The Luthor said with slightly pink cheeks.

Kara hummed, as she tilted her head to the side in a cute manner, "oh?"

"How you've become quite important to me."

The kryptonian began to grin, she leaned forwards and pressed her lips against Lena's forehead, she released a content sigh, "I feel fortunate to have met you, Lena. And You've become important to me too.", she smiled.

god how Kara's smile just made Lena feel all giddy and warm.

The Heiress felt her heart skip in the way it only seemed to when around The Super.

Kara reached up and took the side of Lena's face, holding it gently and softly, she leaned forwards and placed a soft peck against Lena's lips, then pulled away, "As much as I'd like for us to spend more time together, Unfortunately, we can't, My lunch is just about done, and Snapper'll have my head if I ditch the meeting again.", she reluctantly stood up straight and began to let go of the CEO.

Lena nodded, amused by Kara's pout, "We'll see each other later.", the women grabbed her jacket and slipped it on, she then grabbed her purse.

Kara nodded, "Yeah, I know. But I can't help but want to spend a bit more time with you.", Kara sheepishly rubbed the back of her head.

wait a minute.

Lena hadn't noticed it for some reason.

"have I mentioned that I like it when your hair's loose?", Lena said with a sly smile.

Kara's eyebrows rose, she swollowed thickly, clearly she didn't notice her hair wasn't tied up in any way.

Lena winked, she began to head to the door, Kara silently following behind her, before opening the door, Lena turned to Kara one last time and leaned up just the slightest, and gave her one last peck against the lips, "I'll See you later, Baby.", she practically cooed against the super's lips.

And then the CEO opened the door, making her way out with out another word.

Kara blushed at Lena's words.

"B-Baby?", the kryptonian's cheeks remained their pink hue, the word coming out as a whisper.


"Agent Danvers, Are you alright?".

Alex released a heavy sigh as she sat at the bar, a glass of transparent liquid in front of her.

Alex groaned as she turned to the owner of the voice.

"Susan, hey.", Alex said in a slight slur.

The woman rose an eyebrow as she took her phone out of her back pocket and looked at the time, "It's Seriously early to get wasted, and it's in the middle of the week.", the woman then began to make her way to a stool right next to the agent.

Soft country music played in the bar.

Susan didn't expect to bump into the Danvers woman here.

Alex shrugged as she downed the liquid in her glass and sat the cup now filled with only ice, back onto the top, she released another sigh.

The brunette released a sigh of her own, she hardly associated with any of her co-workers outside of work, but she had been working with Alex for a while, she thought maybe she could help the brunette out a bit, considering how down Alex looked...she almost suspected it had something to do with a certain super.

"What's up?", the agent pressed the Danvers woman.

Alex shrugged, she wore a distant look, she rose a hand to flag a bartender down.

Susan rolled her eyes "Seriously, you know you have work later."

Alex shrugged again.

the male came, he had a concerned look, "You with her?", he asked Susan, Susan nodded.

"Uh, Yes and No.", Susan wasn't sure how to exactly answer.

Alex grunted, "Are ya' gonna get me another glass or what?", Alex slurred.

Susan sighed as she propped her chin onto her palm, her elbox on the counter, she stared at Alex amused.

The male hummed, then looked at the more sober agent. "She'll only get more smashed, you should take her."

Alex frowned heavily, "Sssmashed,? I feel fine, Kind sir.", Came Alex's sluggish voice.

Susan grumbled when the man narrowed his eyes at her. She knew she'd have to call Hank about this.

"Alright Danvers, I'm going to have to take you with me now.", the sober agent stood up from her stool, ready to drag the wasted Agent out of the bar if she had to.

Alex remained put, she slumped in her seat a bit, not wanting to go just yet.

Susan scoffed, "We're going, Danvers."

and just as the sober agent reached out to grab Alex by her sleeve, The sound of a person shrieking as they came crashing in to the bar through the doors, got everyone's attentions.

Susan hummed as she and Alex both turned around to see what happened.

and they certainly weren't prepared for what would come next.

"what the hell?", Susan muttered as a man layed on the floor sprawled out, she insticively reached for her gun.

Alex got up, she seemed to have sobered up all of a sudden.

two men casually strolled in.

the patrons that were already in the bar began to back up as they began to realize who the figures were.

a man clad in yellow and green tights smirked heavily, next to him was a man dressed like a scarecrow.

"Why 'Top' of the morning to you all", the man's smirk darkened as he pulled a dark brown duffle bag from the other figure's grasp, he opened it.

Alex grimaced and pulled her gun out, Susan followed after, both pointing their guns at the two men.

"Drop the bag!", Both women yelled out.

the man hummed, rising an eyebrow he turned to the other figure, wearing a smug look, "Let's make those two 'Top' priority", the man said.

The other figure dressed like a scarecrow nodded, "Just out everything, we don't have much time, Plus I really wanna test my new fear gas out".

The man with the tights snickered, "Right, Right.", he then turned to Alex and Susan, he stepped closer with the duffle bag.

everyone at the bar was standing, afraid all of a sudden.

they knew who these two were.

"DON'T COME ANY CLOSER!", Alex roared.

The man shrugged and reached out with his free hand, his hand was pointing straight at Alex, and he uttered one word.


Alex froze suddenly and then something odd began to happen to her, she released a small yelp as she felt the room begin to spin, she wasn't sure if it was her moving or if it was the room, she began to lose her balance, and she fired her gun at the ceiling, she then lost her grip over the weapon and seemingly began to stumble about, she was reaching around for something to grab, something to balance herself, but she couldn't find anything, she was begining to feel sick. "U-Ughhhh! Whaaa-Ughhh I can't!-"

Susan was stunned as she saw that Alex was being afflicted by what the man muttered.

The man grinned, "Have a nice spin Kid.", he laughed as he then reached into the bag again, Susan however ignored Alex's aimless stumbling and twisting, she gave the male her full attention and without hesitation, she fired her gun at the man, which to her surprise, he spun at a great speed and deflected it...right back at her, she was shot in the shoulder, she fell back, Alex grumbled as she continued to stumble about aimlessly, arms outstretched trying to find something to grab onto.

the man laughed like a maniac as he remained spinning, "You're all the bottom, I'm the 'Top'!", he then seemingly began to throw tops all over the place, some struck people, others hit random areas of the bar and just spun there for a moment.

People freaked out and began to open windows to try and leave.

but before more than a handful could escape, the real fear was instilled when the other criminal took a few balls out from a small bag that had been strapped to his waist. "Top, Put the mask on, wouldn't want to give you the cold feet now.".

Top smirked and stopped spinning, he hopped to the other man's side as he throw the balls, Top put his mask on and waved at the bleeding agent, "Good luck."

and as the balls made contact with the floor or wherever they made contact, they exploded into gas, and people began to scream.

Susan gasped as she got to her feet, still holding her shoulder, she hopped over the counter where the bartender was hiding, "Call the police you shit!"

And just as she said this, a wave of small explosions began to rack the bar, destroying everything and blowing people all over the place.

"THE TOPS!", screamed a women that broke a window to flee.

Alex was knocked off her feet when the first few Tops exploded.

"UNNNGH!", Alex grunted as she began to try and crawl.

Unknown to Alex, the Gas emitted by the balls that had been thrown by the other figure, was starting to reach her. in a haze she could see people falling to floor, balling up, crying, screaming, panicking.

Meanwhile, the bartender began to call the police, the aroma of the odd gas began to creep upon the agent and the male.

Susan groaned as the smell reached her nose, her eyes teared up for a moment, "Have you fucking reached them yet!", Susan yelled all of a sudden, she felt an odd sense of panic begin to fill her.

The male began to cry, "THE LINE'S DEAD!", he screamed.

Susan grunted, "How-Unngh! What is that!", she cried out in fear, she rose a hand to rub her eyes, trying to figure out what she was seeing.

The male began to cry, he began to crawl closer to Susan, "It's getting closer! CRAWL!"

The bar was wrecked, smoke along with the gas filled the air, choking many people that were still inside the bar, everyone that remained inside the bar were all paralyzed with fear and panic, they all curled themselves up into balls to 'hide' from whatever it was that they believed was tormenting them.

Alex was Very, Very close to the emergency exit, she kept stumbling, the room was still spining, she coughed as the smoke was starting to get to her, each time she tried to stand she fell back to her knees, no doubt her knees would be raw from scrapes and bruises. She coughed and with a hand reached for her phone, she used her thumb print and was able to make out the application to make calls, but she had trouble selecting numbers, she ended up at her 'recents', she figured that her most recent was either Kara or the DEO, either would do. she simply tapped the first block, it took a few taps to finally get it right, she slumped against the floor, she felt the urge to throw up starting to come on.

'Danvers? Didn't expect a call so soon-', came that snarky voice.

Alex grunted and before she could even speak she began to cough violently.

'Danvers? what the hell are you doing? smoking or something?'

Alex began to try and stand again, she grabbed her phone tightly and kept making attempts to stand.

"I...I can't...Breath", Came Alex's voice between coughs. "Need, Assistance, I..."

and just as Alex went silent, screaming began to erupt among others still in the bar.

'What! Hey! HEY DANVERS!?', Clearly the detective on the line was starting to hear the screams in the backround.

Alex dropped her phone, as the gas finally hit her and began to take over her senses.

She began to react with panic, and she just fell over, submitting to the spining, burning room.

only opening her mouth to release shrieks of terror as the shadowy figures that began to morph into her field of vision began to torment her.

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