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I know it's been a while since I last updated, but I've been so busy with my exams and trips, somehow this chapter is done. Here you go!

Capítulo 10 - We made love!

Fanfic / Fanfiction Our rare love - Capítulo 10 - We made love!

Oh gosh!

 The day went fun, oh how I wish my family wouldn't be returning this soon. Alex and mrs.howard is more like my family, I mean, my family legit doesn't bother much about me, except for damien, he's a little too over protective. God I hope he behaves good with alex man.

Night is here, and mrs.howard being old, she slept off a little early. Its alex's and my last night together. Okay not last, I mean im 17, I obviously can have sleep over in my boyfriend's place uh.

I just freshened up and changed, and now Alex is having a shower. I know this night is gonna get wild. And im not sure if it's gonna go the way we expect, I mean its the first time, so you know! 

 The door is locked from inside, I've just got on alex's shirt, and of course my panty. Boy oh boy, alex just came out barebody showing his abs and all that sexy body. 

 He stares at me as he bites his lips, and grabs my waist in no minute. He starts kissing me roughly and uses his tongue. I get breathless as I wrap my arms around him, and he carries me, with my legs around his body.

 He lays me down on the bed, and unbuttons my shirt slowly as we kiss. 

 I'm already so damn horny, my hormones are literally dancing inside. 

 Alex kisses my neck roughly as he unhooks my bra then slips off my white laced panty. Too bad, he had to take those off of me, those were my favorite, oh well! I dont care as long as it's him taking them off.

 "Oh god!!" He starts licking my clit, I start moaning slightly. He stands up and slips down his boxers. Oh boy that's a ring for my body, He decided to tease me first, I took it in inch by inch.

 Since he was already laying down I started to ride, the atmosphere was filled with sighs! We're both completely horny then I layed down and he started giving me deep strokes, oh god I started moaning before he could go even faster. When he finished, that was the end, We forgot about mrs.howard,   but no worries she had been fast asleep all that while.

 Alex comes on top of me as we cross our fingers together, we're both literally exhausted, he gives me a rough kiss as he rolls to the side and hugs me tight.

We spoon up and slowly fall off to sleep, keep in mind we're completely naked without a cover.

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Okay I know that wasnt too long, but I didn't want to hurry it by writing any random scenes, so im gonna take a little more time to get the next chapter done.

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