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On the previous chapter, Tommy was two, but in this one, he's eight already.

Capítulo 4 - Chapter 4- Always a Lost Boy

Fanfic / Fanfiction Pan's Lost Boy - Capítulo 4 - Chapter 4- Always a Lost Boy

"Peter! Peter! I need you!" Yelled Tommy, terrified. Peter rushed into the room, also terrified: "Are you okay?" he said. "I had a nightmare where Captain  Hook captured me and you didn't care, and you just left me there. "You know I would never do that, how could I?" Peter gave him the sweetest smile, followed by Tommy's smile and a hug.

In the morning: "Wake up everybody, I have something to say!" No, this was not Peter, it was actually Tommy. The lost boys ran to where he was and he started his speech: "I'm eight years old now, and I believe I have the my own rights!". "Alright, what's your 'right', then?" Asked Peter, ironically. "I hate having to stay 8 whole hours in the humans' world, so I decided I'm moving to Neverland forever!" said Tommy, super confident. "Yay! Peter, let him stay with us! He's old enough to stop growing!", cheered the lost boys. 'Tommy can I have a talk with you...?" All the lost boys stared hearing him. "ALONE!" he shouted, and they all laugh awkwardly and ran.

"Tommy, I'm going to be completely honest with you right now, I'll listen to my heart, okay?" Peter started, with a tear appearing on his eye. " Listen Tommy, when I first found you by the trash, I picked you up and stared at those beautiful hazel eyes and saw that little, innocent baby, thrown away with no respect, I looked at you and said: 'Peter Pan that's what they call me. I promise that you'll never be lonely.' but I also thought: 'I won't be able to give him the life he deserves, but I can help him find his own path.' Peter started crying. Tommy put his hand on his shoulder and whispered: "It's okay Pan, I'm here." They hugged and Peter continued: "The moment I said that, I had a plan: I would raise you to be smart and generous, and that's what you turned out to be. Then, there would come the time that I would have to tell you....... You deserve to have a real life, so you need to grow and have your family." Peter dried his tears. "But Peter, I..." 'No! You have to leave!" Peter interrupted. "You can't make me! I'm not leaving this place! Never!" " But you have to!" "No! Neverland is home for lost boys like me, and lost boys like me are free here!" Tommy left the room, running and crying.

That afternoon, Tommy didn't go to the humans' world, and both of them stayed on their room all day, and both of them stayed up all night. Pan stressed, confused, and crying. Tommy, looking up and thinking.

In the morning: Both of them came to breakfast looking down and quiet. The lost boys looked confused and asked: "What happened?"
Tommy got up in the chair and said: "I need another life... Because I don't deserve this one, it's way too good." Pan half-smiled. "Neverland will always be my home, I will be a lost boy forever" They all cried and shared a big hug. The lost boys understood what was going on and all of them went to the edge of the Neverland's cliff and shared emotional words with Tommy. Tommy finished the goodbye with the phrase: "I will never have such a wonderful family."

After a lot of crying and hugging, Pan said: Think happy thoughts" in a crying voice. Pan and Tommy jumped and flew away with the wind. When they got there, right by that same garbage can, Tommy said: "Forever a lost boy in my heart, I'll miss you." They both cried A LOT. They hugged and Peter left, disappearing slowly through the clouds.

Notas Finais

What did you think? I cried while writing that!

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