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Capítulo 17 - Chapter 17 - "In house with Harry"

Fanfic / Fanfiction Please Remember Me - Capítulo 17 - Chapter 17 - "In house with Harry"

- Do you want to go back to the party? - Harry asked while playing with my hair. I shook my head.

- I'm tired. Let's go home - I said looking at his green eyes. He stood up and pulled me by my hand lifting me up, making me crash into his chest - Ouch! - I said laughing.

- Shhhh! - He said putting his fingers on my lips. I smiled at him and he kissed me again.

- I can’t get tired of kissing you - he said and I laughed - What?

- Nothing, it’s just I missed this! All this. Your kisses, your eyes looking at mine, your arms around my waist. I missed hear "I love you" coming out of your mouth - I said and Harry smiled putting his hands on my waist.

- I love you! - He whispered in my ear looking at me.


We got to our street and I stopped to say goodbye to Harry. I gave him a kiss and turned back walking to my house. I felt someone stopping me. Harry! I turned to him and saw him smiling.

- Stay with me tonight - He said holding my small hands. I did a wicked grin and he laughed – It’s not what you are thinking Philippa! I just want to sleep embraced to you.

- I wasn’t thinking anything! - I said defending myself. Honestly, I really was! I really missed the way his body felt against mine, his warm skin pressing against me, his lips kissing my neck…. Oh my God why am I thinking like this? It seems like I’m so desperate!!

- Yes, yes! - He laughed. Harry took my hand and led me up to his room. I looked around and smiled.


Harry appeared in front of me just briefs. I felt my heart getting out of my chest. His body clear-cut. He was perfect.

- I don’t have a pajama… - I whispered shyly looking at the floor. Harry walked over to his closet and pulled out a white shirt.

- Here - He said handing me the shirt to my hands.


- What are you waiting for getting out of the bathroom Philippa? - Harry shouted from the room.

- Arrgh, this is a little too short, you know? - I shouted back. I could hear him laughing loudly.

- Come soon my love - I slowly opened the door and peeked out. Harry was lying in bed smiling at me. I opened the door completely and walked to the bed. I felt his eyes roam all over my body, which made me blush. That look… I missed it… I could feel my body burning above his gaze. I laid down beside him and pulled the blanket.

- Come here - he said pulling me closer to him. I laid my head on his naked chest and he started playing with my hair.

- I love you "Smiley" - He said and I smiled.

- I love you too Hazza. Allot - I said and almost could see a smile getting formed on his lips. What happened then? I fell asleep in the arms of the man I love. I fell asleep in Harry's arms.

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