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História Pokémon - No more Masuda - Capítulo 1

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Capítulo 1 - First day, first near death experience

Pokémon breeders, you have probably heard about this type of trainers already, they are the ones that make their Pokémon breed countless time in order to get a specific result, and then release the ones that are not able to conform, and they call it the “Masuda method”. I, number 511, was part of the unlucky ones; the trainer that hatched me received one of my parents when they are just a Chimchar from some fat person on a lab-coat. At that spot, the trainer decided that they wanted a shiny Chimchar because “it would be cute to have a little pink monkey” and started the breeding process right away.

With each passing day, more and more of my brothers and sisters where being put in this world in. The trainer’s hopes to find the one. When i came to be we were almost an army of baby monkeys, and I received my name, or better yet my number, 511, probably the amount of my siblings hatched before me. The trainer was carrying around five eggs with them, counting with mine, and the only none monkey with them was a recently evolved Volcarona. I was happy to have and be with a trainer, but that happiness would not last long.

 When the 512th egg started to hatch, the trainer paid no mind to it and just kept riding their bike, until they heard the crackle of an egg that soon turned out to be a level 1 pink Chimchar. The trainer’s face lit up with glee, they immediately rushed back inside of the daycare and started, one by one, releasing all of my siblings into the wild, at that moment I was so confused as to why would someone do that  to the Pokémon that they spent so much time working for.

While I released, the last thing I heard my trainer saying was “Whoa, she even has perfect IV’s”. What could those words mean; I would not be able to know that until much later. Well, it really wasn’t the time to be thinking about that, I was released into the wild, as a level 1 Chimchar and had no idea what to do and only 3 moves, what could I do to survive?

Lvl: 1
EXP: 0/10
HP: 12
Atk: 6
Def: 5
SpA: 6
SpD: 6
Spe: 6

Nature: Lonely

Ability: Iron fist

Scratch 30/30
Leer 30/30
Thunder punch 15/15

The trainer released us in a relative weak route, but there are some Pokémon that look particular strong, they live the most around the water so I should probably stray away from there. As I was the last one released, I could watch what my siblings were doing and so I could learn what could be safe and dangerous. The first thing I really have to is secure some food I may have to wait for two Pokémon to engage in battle and eat what is left of the loser if I don’t find any easy berries.

Suddenly, I hear yells and noises of 2 Pokémon battling, I go to investigate and find an Illumise and an Oddish in the middle of a scramble, the Illumise is trying to Tackle the Oddish while it shakes it’s head rapidly, in a way that looks like it’s trying to get something off it’s foliage. The Illumise’s Tackle is successful but in return, a purple cloud, that turns out to be Poison Powder, fully submerges them. The Illumise is now receiving the poison damage but does not seem like it will back down any time soon.

The Illumise once again tackles the Oddish that, at this point starts puffing its cheeks in preparation for another attack. Right after enduring another hit, the Oddish spits another purple substance on the Illumise, this time a liquid; it appears to be the attack Acid. Both of them seem geared to end one another and neither is giving signs of retreating, up until the third time they clash, where the Oddish’s Acid seems to be stronger than before and leaves the Illumise really hurt. Seeing how it has no escape, having lost a battle that they started, the Illumise sits on its knees and bends forward looking down to the ground and waiting for the Oddish to attack and end their life. However, the Oddish simply walks away and lets the Illumise alive, well, as much as it could have, in count of the poison that Illumise is suffering from.

Seeing how I won’t have another opportunity like this any time soon, while hiding in the bushes, I leer at the Illumise in hopes to scare it into leaving itself open for an attack, it works, I can see that it can feel my presence but does not know where I am. I sneak around it and ready my fist to hit it with a Thunder Punch, it being the strongest attack I know. I get in a solid hit in the back of the Illumise’s head, but it seems that my punch only annoyed it more than it did damage. The Illumise is visibly angry with me and starts to dash in my direction while I try to run away from it.

I run through the grass, I climb a tree, jump down from it, wave through some trainers, but nothing seems to stop this Illumise from chasing me down. Out of a sudden, I find myself trapped behind a fence with no way to escape. This is the end, this is how my short life ends, I am not sad, nor relieved, and I only feel… anger. I am not angry at my parents for giving me life, I am not angry at my sister that got to live a good life in my place, I am only angry at my trainer for making me and my other siblings go through this horrible way of living just so they could get a cute pink monkey.

The Illumise is getting close and I have already accepted the fact that this is how it ends, the Illumise starts charging at me with full force, I close my eyes and tighten my muscles as to embrace for impact, but it never comes. I stay with my eyes closed for what it seems to be hours, but it was probably mere seconds, still fearing for the attack, I try to peek with one of my eyes. When I open it I search all around for the Illumise, but it’s nowhere in sight, I open the other eye and look everywhere except down in search of this vanishing bug that was about to kill me.

I start asking myself if I had just imagined it all, If there even as an Illumise to begin with. At least I am relieved that I will live to see another day. While leaving the area that I trapped myself into, I trip in something, I thought it might just have been a rock or something like that. I really cannot blame myself, I just got out of a life or death situation, when I turn to look on what I had tripped onto, the fear I had felt comes back rushing through my spine. It’s the Illumise, but it doesn’t seem to be moving that much, I get a twig that is laying around on the ground and start poking onto my almost killer, no reaction, I try turning the body around using the twig to no avail, I finally gather courage to touch them with my own two hands and flip them around. They seem to be with a weird white foam on the mouth and do not react at all, and then I remember, that Oddish had poisoned this Illumise during their battle, I must have forgotten that when I started getting chased, and all that chase must have given just enough time to the poison act completely on this Ilumise’s body.

I am feeling grateful towards that Oddish and if I ever meet them in the future, I will make sure to thank them, since it is only due to their poison that I will be eating tonight. With the realization that I survived my first “battle”, a feeling of power rushes through my body, I feel stronger as if I had leveled up or something of the like. I pass a sigh of relief, but when the air leaves my lungs, a little burning sensation comes as well. A little spark of fire comes out of my mouth; I instinctively cover my mouth with my hands and realize I have learned Ember. I do not know how I did it, neither how I am aware I did, but I am sure of it.

Lvl: 8
EXP: 307/420
HP: 27
Atk: 17
Def: 12
SpA: 16
SpD: 14
Spe: 17 (1 EV)

Nature: Lonely

Ability: Iron fist

Scratch 30/30
Leer 30/30
Thunder punch 15/15
Ember 25/25

End of chapter 1

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