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História Precious Blood - Capítulo 14

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Capítulo 14 - What About Us?

Subaru's POV
"I'm dropping and picking her up today Subaru." Laito said and my eyes widened.

"What?! No, I'm perfectly fine now." I said in a slightly loud voice.

I felt Rose's hand on my arm and I looked towards her. She slowly closed her eyes and nodded towards me. I just let out a sigh.

"I swear if anything happens Laito..." I trailed off and Laito just nodded.

"Get some sleep now. You've got to go in sometime." I said as I cupped Rose's cheeks and placed a kiss on her forehead.

She blushed and immediately ran up to her room as I saw Ayato taking Yui to hers.

Author-Chan's POV
After Yuki went to her room, she immediately dived into bed and fell asleep. Yui and Ayato were doing some... Things. Let's not talk about that, yeah?


"Why are you getting so close to her, Subaru? You know it won't work out between you." Laito asked.

"Are we seriously still on this? I don't care. It must have become pretty obvious that I love that girl with my whole heart." Subaru replied looking at Shuu.

"And I suggest no-one decides to mess with us and what we have going on." Subaru glared at Shuu.

Shuu clicked his tongue and walked up to Subaru.

"You know Subaru? It isn't going to be that hard for me to get Rose from you because I know for a fact that she doesn't have any feelings for you. I was the one who took care of her at first." Shuu said through gritted teeth.

"Listen to yourself. At first. You took care of her at first, not anymore. I won't even let you get near her." Subaru sneered and left for his room.

Somewhere outside their mansion, the guys didn't notice the four brothers listening to their conversation with smirks on their faces.

"So.. Subaru likes our Eve huh? It's going to be a big problem for him when he doesn't find her after work today." Ruki said with a smirk.

~5 hours later~

Rose wakes up from bed, feeling weird. She can't pinpoint what it exactly is but it definitely isn't good.

She disregards the feeling and gets her lazy ass out of bed and ready for work. When she is fixing her hair, she hears a knock at her door and so she let's out a small 'come in'.

The person at the door, opens it and comes inside the room, revealing himself to be none other that Laito.

"Hey there, pretty little thing. Ready to go?" He said as he made himself comfortable on Rose's bed.

"Y-Yeah. Let's go." Rose stuttered.

"You are 100 times more adorable when you stutter." Laito said as he teleported in front of Rose which caused her to let out a shriek.

"Cute." Laito mumbled and grabbed Rose's chin, tilting it towards his face with the grip of his thumb and index fingers.

He brought her face closer to his and stared into her eyes with nothing but pure lust. He let's out a smirk as he sees Rose close her eyes tightly and waiting for whatever was going to happen.

He let go of the poor girl and walked towards the door.

"Now I know why Subaru likes you. Let's go sweetie." He says as he steps out of the door with Rose following close behind.

~During the car drive~

"Who is Akio?" Laito suddenly asked.

They were in the limo with their driver this time because Laito doesn't know how to drive and he would prefer not to know anyway.

"How do you know him?" Rose asks with wide eyes.

"I have my ways. Now, answer me. Who is he?" Laito pressed.

"H-He's my coworker. Nothing else." Rose said as she looked down at her lap.

"Stay away from him." Laito simply ordered.

"What? Why? He's just a friend." Rose countered.

"If you don't want anything to happen, then stay away. Keep that Daisuke guy around you." Laito said as he recalled the events that took place when Rose was getting ready for work.


"What the fuck?!!" Subaru yelled as he was about to throw Laito's precious phone.

Laito leaped towards him and took his phone away safely and kept it in his pocket. He had just shown Subaru a video of two of Rose's coworkers talking. It was Akio and Daisuke.

~In the video~

Daisuke pins Akio to the wall and you can clearly see the rage in his eyes.

"Leave her alone, Akio. She's not one of your play things and I won't let her to be." Daisuke sneers as Akio only smirks.

"Like in fuck I'm going to do that. Did you see her? Oh how I'd love to have her squirming under me, begging for me to stop." Akio says with a psychotic grin.

Daisuke let's out a growl and punches Akio, square in the face.

"I knew it! You perverted little bitch! If I see you again with her or anywhere near her Akio, I swear that I will tell the guy who came to pick her up today!" Daisuke yells and Akio's grin vanishes.

"What did you say?" He said as he got up and walked towards Daisuke who was now a little scared but refused to show it.

"Did I fucking stutter?!" Daisuke retorted and was now being pinned to the wall.

"You open you mouth and I will make sure that you won't ever be able to open it ever again in your pathetic life. Understand?!" Akio yells and starts to choke Daisuke.

"A-Akio. L-Let go." Daisuke was now desperate for air and was trying to breathe properly.

Akio's grin returned to his face and he let Daisuke fall to the ground. He looked at the guy as he was trying to get his breath back and was holding his neck with both hands. He was really struggling and Akio's grin turned into a smirk.

He walked up to Daisuke and grabbed his hair, yanking on it to make him look at him.

"Remember to keep it shut." He said and kicked Daisuke one last time before leaving the poor guy, in pain on the cold, hard ground.


"How the fuck is he still working there and no-one has figured anything out except for this Daisuke guy?!" Subaru questioned angrily and Laito just shrugged.

"I can't go no matter what or Rose will be really mad at me. I want you to take care of Rose, Laito. I can't believe that a time like this has come but I'm trusting you." Subaru says as he looks at Laito with pleading eyes.

Laito's eyes widened and he nodded. He would never think that a girl like Rose would make a guy like Subaru go all soft.

Laito left the room with a genuine smile on his face, thinking that his brother has finally found someone and he couldn't be happier that it was a person like Rose.

~End of flashback~

"O-Okay but I'd like to know why at least." Rose stuttered out.

"Because of your sexy and cute self." Was what Laito wanted to say but refrained himself.

"Subaru will let you know when you go back home today." Laito said as they reached the work place.

"I'll see you later then sweetie." Laito said and Rose nodded.

Rose's POV
I opened the door and stepped out, watching the limo drive away.

'I guess I have to watch out for Akio then. It won't be that hard, right? I'll just hang around Daisuke. '

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