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História Precious Blood - Capítulo 23

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Capítulo 23 - Brave

Yui's POV
As soon as he said that, my eyes widened and my instincts kicked in. I started to struggle even more than before, unfortunately, making them more annoyed with me.

Kou didn't hesitate one bit to slap me. Hard. My eyes started to water as I looked back at the guys.

*knock* *knock*

Yuma pushed me and Kou aside as he opened the door.

"What are you idiots doing?" I heard a voice. Ruki.

"Just having our fun. We really didn't think that you would leave our Eve alone." Kou replied as he walked towards Ruki, releasing his grip on me.

"Yeah. I don't know what happened but she had an immediate panic attack as she saw me. Made me feel just a little bad." Ruki said as he put his hands in pockets.

As soon as he said that, my eyes widened. Rose is alone.

"What the fuck are you guys doing this for?!" I yelled as angry tears made their way down my cheeks.

"Oh? Kitten's got a dirty mouth." Kou said as he came to me, picked me up and threw me on the bed.

"We'll just have to take care of that." Yuma smirked and all the 3 guys advanced towards me.

Reiji's POV
"So. Who's climbing? We need to get the medicine to them as soon as possible and Rose is alone right now." Kanato asked.

"I'll climb. Hand me the bottle." Subaru said as I handed the bottle to him.

He expertly claimed the walls of the mansion and got to the balcony of the room where we observed Rose to be kept in.

Subaru's POV
Fuck! I guess I twisted my damn ankle. What a beautiful timing for this shit.

I ignored the throbbing pain and opened the balcony window of the room that my love, Rose, was in. I stepped into the room and closed the door behind me.

I turned back around and gasped. There she was, my darling Rose, tied to the damn bed with ropes like she was some sort of animal. I could she blood on her wrists and ankles where the ropes were tied, indicating that she did struggle.

I went closer to her but not before making sure that the door to the room we were in was locked. I climbed onto the bed and loosened the ropes a little so that she didn't have to struggle too much.

I gently caressed her cheek and she flinched.

'What the fuck did they do to you?'

She slowly opened her eyes and as soon as her eyes landed on me, they widened and she started to panic. I remembered what Yui said about her not wanting to see guys or not being able to be around one for quite sometime but here I was, placing a hand over Rose's mouth for her not to make any noise.

"Shh... Baby please. I'm here to help you. I promise I will get you out of this." I soothed and she just kept shaking her head.

For some reason I felt like she wouldn't yell or speak so I took my hand off of her mouth and as I expected, she didn't make a single sound.

"I will make sure to keep you safe but you will have to trust me with this, baby. It's risky but it's the only shot we've got." I whispered and she continued to frantically shake her head.

I closed my eyes and sighed. As much as it hurt me to do something that Rose didn't like or didn't want, I had to do this. I brought the bottle up to my mouth and took a little bit of the medicine into my mouth.

I leaned down slowly and captured her lips gently. I opened my mouth a little to let the medicine pour into her mouth and I heard her gulp.

I was about to pull back when she started to respond to my kiss. I smiled a little into the kiss and continued to deepen the kiss. Our tongues moved in perfect sync after I got the dominance.

I pulled away and saw her flushed face. Her lips were a little swollen and red from all the kissing and she was panting for air. I pecked her one last time before I made my way over to the balcony window again.

"I have to go now, love. But I swear the guys will let you out and I will be there. Waiting for you. Also, one last thing, love. I want you to scream as loud as I can after I exit this room, before you pass out. Please trust me, baby." I smiled and went out.

I claimed down the mansion and we all made our way towards the side of the mansion where we think Yui would have been kept.

Ayato's POV
"I'll go." I immediately said as we reached the part of the mansion where we think Yui would have been. Rose screamed. Loud. It sounded so painful and is was heartbreaking.

I took the medicine bottle from Reiji and climbed up to the room. I stayed in the balcony because I thought I could hear voices in the room. Those voices certainly did not belong to Yui.

"That was so much fun, kitten."

"Yeah, it's a perfect way to vent out all our stresses and frustrations."

"You make a great rag doll kitten."

"We should definitely keep you here with Rose for a longer time."

My blood boiled in anger as I heard everything that the douchbags were saying. I had to convince every single one of the cells in my body to keep cool so that I don't blow the damn mission up.

"AHHHHH!! STOP!!" I heard Rose's yell. Even thought I felt like she was reliving something that happened with Shuu, I had to stay focused and get this medicine to yui.

"Fuck." I heard someone mutter.

After I heard the lock to the room click, I opened the window hurriedly and stepped into the room.

The sight I saw, scared me and angered me at the same time. Yui was laying on the bed with her wrists and ankles tied down, red lines running across her abdomen. I felt tears prick the side of my eyes and anger was started to get out of my control but something stopped me. Yui's soft voice.


"Hey, baby." I said as I walked to her and sat beside her.

I caressed her bruises very lightly and she winced. My heart clenched in pain and I could feel my body burning.

"Stay still for me, baby girl." I took the medicine into my mouth and gently held her cheek as I attached our lips.

I opened my mouth and let the medicine pour into her mouth. I detached our lips when I heard and felt her gulp.

"A-Ayato. Rose." She whimpered in pain and fear.

"Shhh... She'll be just fine, don't worry." I said as I loosened the ropes on her body.

"We'll come back and get you the hell out of this place, baby. Please hang on." I said as I saw her drifting off.

I stepped out of the balcony and climbed down.

"They whipped her. They fucking whipped her." My hands clenched into fists and Subaru came up to calm me down.

"Now. We wait."

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