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História Precious Blood - Capítulo 27

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Warning : The entire chapter up ahead is going to be smut and I'm warning you because smut isn't really my speciality. I should be saying that kids under 18 shouldn't read this but hell, do want you want guys... Anyways... On with the chapter.

Capítulo 27 - Take Me (M)

Author-Chan's POV
"Please... Take me."

As soon as those words left the girl's mouth, something in Subaru snapped and his possessiveness went way over the peak level.

He was making sure to stay gentle and calm throughout the process which was starting to prove to be very difficult because of how wrecked the girl already looked.

"No. Please. Don't hold back. At all."

That's all the consent Subaru needed to rip Rose's clothes off and discard them somewhere into the room, they'll find it later anyway.

"I'm going to prep you, baby." Subaru moaned as he leaned down and started placing wet kisses onto the girl's neck.

Subaru brought his hand down and entered two fingers into Rose's warm heat.

Subaru's POV
As I slipped my two fingers into her, she looked a little uncomfortable by the sudden intrusion.

"It'll get better, baby. I promise to make you feel so fucking good."

I worked my fingers in and out for a few minutes until I started scissoring them to stretch my baby open. I didn't want to hurt her after all.

"Subaru please~"

"Please what?"

"Please fuck me."

Oh fuck.

I ripped my shirt open and threw my clothes onto the floor. I brought Rose's legs up and lined my now fully hard cock to her entrance.

I looked at the view beneath me and I could feel my cock twitch at the excitement. Rose looked so gone. Just for me. Only I could make her like this.

Even though I wanted to completely wreck her and make her feel me fully, I had a slight feeling that Rose didn't want to get pregnant so soon. So I pulled out a condom from the drawer from the table next to my bed and slid it on.

I slowly pushed into her heat. I had to shut my eyes close because of how tight she was. I didn't think I could even move because it would probably make me cum in seconds.

"Oh, you're so tight, baby~"

"Ahh~ I-It hurts Subaru." Rose got out before she wrapped her hands around my neck and pulled me down for a kiss.

I started to thrust into her warm heat slowly so that she could get adjusted to my size. I dominated her mouth while kissing her to try and distract her from the pain.

After a few minutes of excruciating slow thrusts, Rose was still very tight. She took the initiative to break our kiss for air and panted as she brought her hands to my cheeks and held my face gently.

"F-Faster. Please go faster." She whispered and I had to obey.

She placed her hands back round my neck as I slowly picked up my pace. I thrusted into her, going even deeper and faster than before.

"AH~ R-Right there!" She moaned out loudly and I continued to abuse her prostate.

I could feel the familiar feeling in my stomach as my thrusts became faster but sloppier as I chased my high. I leaned down and smelt Rose's neck before bareing my teeth and sinking them into her flesh.

"Ah~ Faster please. G-Go harder- Ah~" Rose moaned out as she pushed my head further into her neck, making me taste her delicious blood.

After I finished, I slowed down my thrusts a little and looked at the wrecked girl beneath me. She looked so divine but we had to finish this.

"Bite me." She looked at me with wide eyes before nodding.

I brought my neck to her mouth and started to thrust again. She opened her mouth and I could feel her teeth on my skin, hesitating to bite.

"Bite." I said and she sank her teeth into my skin.

Since her teeth weren't as sharp as mine, they hurt way more. I hissed in pain but urged the girl to continue as I sped up my thrusts, causing Rose to suddenly bite harder and draw blood.

She pulled away only to let out amazing lewd sounds which were music to my ears.


"I-I'm cumming, baby. I'm gonna-" I got cut off as I came in the condom.

I thrusted into her a few more times to come down from my high and then pulled out. Rose was panting hard. I leaned down and placed a kiss on her lips before she started to drift off a bit.

I quickly got off of the bed and disposed off the condom and cleaned myself before taking a wet rag and cleaning Rose up too. I dressed myself up before taking some of my smallest clothes and dressing Rose up too. They were still pretty big on her and she looked adorable.

After I was done, I layed down next to Rose and pulled her into my chest, drifting off to sleep, excited for her to wake up the next morning.

~The next morning~

I woke up to slight movement beside me. I opened my eyes and looked down to see Rose looking up at me with teary and big doe eyes.

"What happened, baby?" I asked, completely forgetting about the fact that I had turned her the night before and assuming that she had a nightmare.

"My teeth hurt, Subaru." She spoke in a small voice. And that's when I remembered the events of last night. A smirk made it's way onto my face and I placed a kiss on her forehead.

"That's because you developed your fangs, baby. Don't worry, it'll go away soon." I said, referring to the pain.

She just nodded slightly and buried her head into my chest again and snuggled closer to me. She looked so cute that it was taking me every single cell in my body to not just fuck her here again.

I inhaled her beautiful scent and hummed in satisfaction.

"You look so cute in my clothes, love."

"Just for you." She smiled and looked up at me again.

I smiled back at her, kissing her when I realized how lucky of a man I am to have someone like Rose in my life.

"We better wake up." She suddenly said.

"What? No."

"Come on, Subaru."



"Not at all. Goodnight, baby. You should sleep too."

"Oh, you big teddy bear."

"Love you too."

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