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História Precious Blood - Capítulo 9

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Capítulo 9 - What Happened To Mommy?

Rose's POV
~In the dream as she is passed out~

My head hurts so bad. I can't breathe properly.

"Daddy?" I try to call out but it turns into a whisper.

My throat hurts really bad. I am sitting on a chair. I try to move my arms and legs but it hurt so bad. I slowly open my eyes, squinting at the bright light in the room.

"D-Daddy?" I call out once more but no response.

I open my eyes completely and lift my head up, trying to look around as I spot two people tied to chairs. They had a cloth tied to their mouth and their hands and legs were tied up too.

"D-Daddy? Mommy? Why are you sleeping now?" I try to voice out a little louder.

Daddy groans and lifts his head up. He opens his eyes and his eyes widen as he looks at me. He starts to wiggle around.

"No Daddy. Stop. That will hurt you." I say as he starts to cry.

"Mommy is still asleep." I tell to him as I look towards mommy.

"Oh looks like you're awake. Took your fucking time." A man says as he walks in through a metal door.

I furrowed my eyebrows at him as he used the no-no word.

He looks at me and smiles. He walks up to me and crouches down to my eye level. He pats my head and holds my cheeks in his hands.

"Hey there, beautiful. What's your pretty name?" He asked me with a kind smile.

"You already know it. Why do you ask?" Three other guys enter the room.

"You used the no-no word. Daddy said that people who use the no-no word are bad." I say and he chuckles.

"I'm sorry, my doll. I won't be using it again okay? Now tell me, what is your name?" He asks and I smile widely.

"My name is Rose!" I say enthusiastically.

"That's a very pretty name baby. You know, your mommy did a very big mistake." He says as he looks at mommy, who is awake now, with a nasty gaze.

"Mommy do bad?" I ask as I looked at mommy.

"Yes baby. Mommy left the man who was in love with her and married another one." He says.

"That man was very good. He was very sad that mommy left him. He didn't eat or drink from the time mommy got married to the other man. So tell me sweetheart, should mommy be punished?" He asked me.

I thought for a while before looking at mommy, not realizing that he was referring to himself.

"I think mommy should be punished. Mommy made that man sad. How is that man now?" I ask.

"I knew you would not disappoint me. That man is fine now, baby. Don't worry. I will punish mommy." He says as he looks at mommy and stands up straight.

"She's a 6 year old, Javier. Do you think she should go through this?" One of the man asked.

"She herself said that her mom should get punished." He said.

"Don't hurt mommy but you can scold her. Mommy is intelli." I say and the man chuckles again.

"Do you mean intelligent, baby?" He asks.

"Yeah! That!" I say.

"But my hands and legs hurt." I say as I frown.

"I will remove the ropes soon, baby. Just a few more minutes. Don't struggle or it will hurt even more." He says as he smiles at me.


"You should have been mine. My little angel. But it was all your fault! You bitch!" The man screamed.

I am scared.

"Please don't shout. My ears are hurting." I say, wincing.

"Close her ears." He says to one of the man.

The man walks behind me and closes my ears.

"Just for sometime, baby doll." He whispers before placing his hands over my ears.

The man was yelling at mommy and daddy. After yelling, he walked away and came back with a black and shiny thing in his hands. He said something to the man behind me, making him let go of my ears.

"Baby, do you know what this is?" He asked me.

"No. Rose don't know." I say with a pout.

"It's fine baby. Do you know what it does?" He asks.

"No." I say again.

"I will show you baby." He says with a grin.

"Watch mommy okay?" I nod my head as I look at mommy carefully, trying to see what the thing does.

Suddenly, there was a loud sound and I flinched. My head and ears hurt so bad and I started crying. There was red ketchup coming out of mommy's tummy.

"Aww.. Baby. I'm sorry. Daddy is so sorry baby." The man says as he comes up to me and unties me, taking me into his arms.

"No! You are not my daddy! Leave me alone!" I screamed as I thrashed around in his arms.

He wasn't letting me go so I bit his arm. He yelled and threw me on the floor. I ran to Daddy and tried my best to remove the ropes but cut my hands a bunch of times. The man who was holding me, helped me to remove the ropes. I looked at him with wide eyes.

I looked towards my mommy to untie her but the man had already done it for me. I smiled at the man and started rushing to mommy but daddy held me back and brought me into his arms.

"Mommy is sleeping baby. Let's not disturb her." Daddy says as he is crying.

"Why are you crying daddy?" I ask as I look at him with curiosity.

"It's nothing baby. My eyes are just burning." He says as he stands up and heads out the door.

"Get the fuck out and make sure I never see you!! You stole my love. You traitor!!" The man, Javier, yelled.

I shut my eyes tightly as I held onto daddy tightly.

"I'm sorry my love." I heard daddy whisper.

"No mommy!!!!"

~End of dream~

"Mom!!" I yelled as I broke out in a cold sweat.

I looked around, while panting, to see Yui beside me. My head started to hurt really bad. It was unbearable. I held my head in my hands and tried to shake it away. Stupid move.

I shut my eyes in hopes that it will just go away. I didn't realize that I was yelling. I could feel someone shaking me but I couldn't open my eyes at all. The pain was getting worse by the second as I saw the face of a woman pop up in front of my eyes and a name flash.

I opened my eyes suddenly as I felt like I couldn't breathe at all.

"Cordelia!!" I yelled as I felt someone rubbing my back to calm me down. 

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