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História Romance between intrigues - Capítulo 11

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Another chapter !! I hope you like it and have a good reading. Remembering that because the chapter is small, this month will be two chapters, which will be a day ...

Capítulo 11 - A different day

Fanfic / Fanfiction Romance between intrigues - Capítulo 11 - A different day

The rain possessed, and a beautiful sun shines in the sky of Los Angeles, bringing that gentle and calm breeze. Everyone is waking up looking like zombies for going to sleep late at night, but they still get up and take their baths and breakfast. Everyone is ready for another day, which is expected to be better than yesterday.

Narrator off.

Josh on.

Well ... I hope that today nothing surprises us anymore, my plan with Any was yet to be elaborated, but I was already dying to put it into practice. Passing through the corridors we could hear small comments in the air.

Josh- Apparently you are well known

Bailey- Hi?

Josh- What were you thinking about?

Bailey- Thinking about how strange it will be to sit at the same table as her and pretend that nothing happened

Josh- Don't think about it now, I believe that when you get there nobody will talk about it

Bailey- So be it, but then, did you talk to the boys to meet us here?

Josh- Noah doesn't answer, Lamar is right with him and Krystian said he's waiting for Hina and Heyoon

Bailey- Wow ....

Josh- Yeah, are we going to the room then?

Bailey- Since you have no other option

We were going to the classroom when we bumped into ....

Bailey- Sina?

Sina- Hi Bailey

Bailey- Hi Bailey? You still have the courage to talk to me after what you did! - he gets a little excited

Josh- Hey, take it easy, it's getting a lot of attention- There is silence for a few seconds

Sina- I'm sorry

Bailey- And is it? Well, feeling sorry isn't going to make things change- he says and leaves just like that

Sina- Bailey! - call him and he will come to me sorry- he ignores her and starts walking again

That caused a stranger mood than it already was, things wouldn't be okay until Bailey said everything to Sabina, and Sina had a chance to explain why she kissed him.

Luckily classes ran by, but luckily, none of them took classes together, but I felt that the worst was yet to come.

Josh off.

Narrator on.


Everyone is sitting at the table looking at each other's faces waiting for someone to break that ice, but any word could go wrong. Until....

Lamar- And then guys, are excited for the weekend

Heyoon and Savannah- Very !!

Any and Joalin- For sure!

Sabina- You can bet that she did- she thought a thousand times about giving up, but she couldn't

Lamar- And you 5

Krystian- Me? I'm already there

Bailey- I will also go

Josh- Uhum, it will be fun

Noah- If the goats let

Hina- Why?

Noah- They are evil, they mistreat you until you serve them- everyone laughs at him

Savannah- Stop being dramatic Noah

Sofya- He is so exaggerated right- laughter

Noah- You still don't know them

Any- Wow, what a fear, will they serve the Super Goat

Noah- Have you heard of it too?

Krystian- Stop it, Noah, and are we going?

Heyoon- But no ...- just in time the signal rings- Never mind, let's go

They go out and throw the rest of the food in the trash, each went to his office.

Later .... As the morning of classes was over, the afternoon was for extracurricular classes, Bailey went to his football, hoping not to be with Sina. Josh went to the dance room to get some exercise, since they were without a teacher; where Heyoon later arrived. Lamar and Sofya exchanged messages to get to know each other better, they were looking forward to the meeting. Joalin, Krystian and Hina were each sleeping in their dormitory. Any was preparing to go to the music room, she was preparing something .....

Narrator off.

Any on.

Any- Vamos Sabi, at least to keep me company

Sabina-Ah no, I prefer to stay here, I have my company

Any- What if I take him along?

Sabina- It will be difficult but I will survive- she says and throws herself on the bed

Any- So, okay, but why don't you go to the dance hall?

Sabina- I'm not really into it, and I think I'm going back to swimming

Any- Are you going out because of him?

Sabina- Not exactly, but yes, I'll give one more chance to the pool, I won't let that one ... Aff, da Diarra ruin my dream

Any- So, but think about it this time, if you can't get out of line

Sabina- Okay, now go quickly

Any- How sad, expelling me, I'm going to cry- I look like I'm crying but I start laughing

Sabina- Stop drama- laugh too

Any- Okay, bye, think well

Sabina- See

After leaving I believe she put on the headphones, turned on the air conditioner and went to sleep. I went to the music room hoping it was empty. Once there, my wish was granted, there was no one, I could work in peace.

I am already halfway through the project and it is getting too much. A few minutes I hear the door being opened

Noah- Sorry, I didn't know there were people, I can come back later- he was about to leave

Any- That nothing, enter

Noah- Okay, what are you doing?

Any- I have a project, but what about you? It's ok?

Noah- I am, why?

Any- I'm talking about ...

Noah- Ah yes, I'm getting better, it still hurts, but not like before

Any- A pity, I was glad you settled with Bailey

Noah- Also, with the truth, things become clearer

Any- For sure

Noah- But anyway .... Can I know what project this is or is it super secret?

Any- No, I thought about passing the song that we performed for my language

Noah- Wow, does she even have a name?

Any- I don't remember ... Let's put Legends, since it is repeated

Noah- Good .... But how's it going?

Any- It's fine, it's not being difficult

Noah- Can I see?

Any- Sure look- he looks for a few minutes

Noah- Wow, my God how hard

Any- Yeah ... There are a lot of rules, but if you want I can teach you, at least its parts

Noah- I want to, come on

Any- Okay, say: See you ...

Noah- See you ...

Any- Te ...

Noah- Te ...

Any- Find .....

Noah- Enwkgiuetrar

Any- Almost there- laughter- But we can improve a little

Noah- It's very difficult

Any- Just a little bit, let's go again

Any off.

Narrator on.

They stay there, the rest of the afternoon, Any trying to teach and Noah killing himself to learn. Each one at least spent the whole afternoon doing the same thing, Diarra was talking to Shivani, Sina didn't leave the room for anything, not even for training, it was really bad, but she had an advantage in not having a roommate ; and Savannah, nobody saw her all afternoon.

After dancing, playing, teaching and learning a new language, they went to their dorms to be able to end the day. Savannah showed up, but God knows where she was.

Narrator off.

Josh on.

Josh- How was the training?

Bailey- Was it good, and the exercises?

Josh- It was good too, Heyoon came and helped me

Bailey- Good, she's really cool and fun

Josh- Yes .... But then, did Sina appear?

Bailey- I had already forgotten, but luckily not, the coach thought it was strange since she is not missing

Josh- Is she depressed?

Bailey- I don't know .... But I don't care, so far there was no justification for what she did

Josh- But she didn't even have a chance

Bailey- And I don't want to hear it either, at least not now, because now I'm going to take my shower

Josh- Go quickly because I also want to take mine

He goes into the bathroom and it doesn't take long before he leaves and I can take mine. Bathed and exhausted, we had dinner and stayed on cell phones until we fell asleep.

Notas Finais

... on the 15th of this month, I hope you enjoyed it. (NOTE: If you found something out of context, Google translator's fault). I like to know your opinion. See you soon

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