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História Romance between intrigues - Capítulo 13

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Good reading guys, I hope you like it, and if something went wrong it was not my fault lol. And at the end there is a question for you. Thank you.

Capítulo 13 - Welcome

Fanfic / Fanfiction Romance between intrigues - Capítulo 13 - Welcome

Monday, the week begins with many subjects to be told and others to be commented on, and we cannot forget plans to be put into practice, after so much emotion it seems that for a moment all this confusion had passed, but not even that much.

Now it is 06:43 AM, they leave their dormitories and go to their lockers, Josh and Bailey in the middle of the way meet Joalin and Sofya, and go on talking, their lockers were not close but it was in the same row. Once there they meet Heyoon, Any, Sabina and Savannah

Josh- Hi !!

Girls- Hi!

Sofya- How are you? These three were talking and apparently the weekend was very good

Sabina- Really, it was amazing, especially in one part that came up with a random song

Joalin- True, I had never seen anything like that

Savannah- I'm just sad that I lost

Bailey- But I hope there are other times

Any- True, I already want another

Heyoon- Yeah, but it wasn't just our weekend that was good- everyone laughs

Sofya- The truth- laugh

Josh- A couple had a great time

Any- But then, tell us how it went

Sofya- Calm down, let's wait for the others to speak once

Bailey- Yes, and by the way, where's Hina and Krystian?

Heyoon- Hina was waiting for him, he takes too long to get ready

Sabina- My God, for all this to stay inside the school

Savannah- Good question


Josh- Yeah ... What's your class now?

Any- French

Joalin- History

Savannah- Mine is too, we can go together

Joalin- So let's- say goodbye and leave

Bailey- Mine is history

Any- Look Sabina, yours is not the same

Sabina- Yeah ... But I remembered that I have to drink water- back and leave, he lowers his head

Josh- She'll forget sometime

Btailey- But when?

Sofya- Don't worry Bailey, mine is from Geography, we can go together

Bailey- Ok- say goodbye and go

Any- We just have to laugh

Josh- Yeah- laugh- But what is your class?

Any- Mathematics

Josh- A so I'm going

Any- Okay, good class

Josh- You too- already leaving- When are you going to put the plan into practice?

Any- Well remember, write down my number so we can talk better

Josh- (Anota) Done

Any- We solve everything out there

Josh- Okay

Any- Okay, bye, if I'm not late

Josh- Bye

Each went to his side, but the same thing followed both. Hours passed after that, now it is in the third hour and Bailey, Any, Heyoon, Sabina, Josh and Noah are in History class

Teacher- Well ... Now to reinforce this chapter, please form pairs

Heyoon- I'm with Any

Noah- Me with Josh

Bailey- What about me ?! Can teacher trio?

Teacher- No sir May, join with another colleague, Miss Hidalgo is alone

Sabina- But I don't want to do it with him, teacher

Teacher- But here it is not about what you want, but mine, let's go you two

Bailey- But teacher.

Teacher- Without more, I want it ready by the end of the class

They were, and by the force of hatred and obligation, they were doing it together. The whole room watched and wondered why it was so. And their luck was two hours.

END. The two hours are over, now they would have to see each other again on the patio and sit at the same table, but the mood would be different. Everyone sat at the table, which was already a little tight, everyone ate and waited for someone to talk

Josh- Do you think I can't get that song out of my head?

Hina- Also, it's like gum

Joalin- I keep repeating

Savannah- Add I'm so sorry I lost

Noah- A pity, it was a unique experience

Any- True, will it be again?

Krystian- I hope so

Heyoon- And if you have Savannah around, everyone laughs

Bailey- But ....- beats the table like a drum- There was someone who also had fun

Heyoon- Yeah, now everybody, come on Ms. Sofya and Mr. Lamar, tell

Sofya- Ah people, it was incredible- says embarrassed

Krystian- Where did they go

Lamar- At The Grove

Joalin- Uhuuu, what a luxury

Josh- Yeah, it was very special in

Lamar- Yes, it was worth it

Aaaaaa !!! - everyone but Sofya and Lamar scream

Any- I wanted someone to take me to The Grove

Sabina- Ter has, but ....

Iiiii- everyone is surprised

Any- Have you ever drank friendly water?

Savannah- Ai Ai, here everyone is faster than immediately-gets up

Sofya- Where are you going?

Savannah- Wait, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and ....


The bell rings and makes everyone go back to their classes, not too excited but they go, the afternoon still had more to come.

Hours later, classes finished and lunch is over, they are ready for extracurricular classes.

Josh- Are you going to the dep dance room?

Bailey- Yes, I want to distract myself a little

Josh- Okay, shall we?

Bailey- Come on

They went to his classes, Bailey went to his soccer field and Josh to his dance class, in which he was the teacher himself. The girls were ready too, Heyoon and Hina were in Any and Sabina's room.

Any- Come on Sabi, stop it

Heyoon- Yeah, you will leave because of Bailey

Sabina- It's not because of him

Hina- And why would it be?

Sabina- Because I want the other chance to swim

Any- Are you sure?

Sabina- I have, go quickly if you are not going to be late

Any- Okay then, good class, come on girls

They leave and Sabina is alone in the room. Heyoon and Hina went to the dance room, where they meet Krystian, Lamar, Sofya and Joalin

Heyoon- Jeez !, the fantastic quartet

Sofya- Yeah

Krystian- But it's more like two candles

Joalin- I agree- says and goes to the Krystian side

Lamar- Wow, now I understand

Hina- Normal, but where are you going?

Sofya- To the dance room and you?

Heyoon- Also, we can go together

They talk to the dance room. Once there they find Josh who was doing some stretching. And then join him.

Meanwhile, on the way to the singing class, Any finds Noah and they talk. Until when they least expect it they arrive

Teacher- Glad the landlords arrived, now Miss Sylla is missing

Noah- UE, and where the Diarra got in

Teacher- Even I wanted to know

A few minutes pass and she didn't arrive, so the teacher went on with the class. Meanwhile ... Sabina had nothing to do in the room, so she really decided to go for a swim.

Once there, there was no one, classes were only on Wednesday and Friday, yet she stayed there to pass the time anyway.

But what I least expected was the unwanted company of ....

Sabina- What do you want Diarra?

Diarra- I swim, it's better to get out of the pool if you don't want to drown

Sabina- You don't need to tell me, what do you want anyway?

Diarra- I said, nothing

Sabina- So get out

Diarra- But first I want you to know that who is the best here

Sabina- And who is it?

Diarra- How about you see under water- says and pushes her into the pool- Who knows then you can see me better, good luck

Once again Sabina was in that situation and this time she didn't have Joalin to save, she couldn't take it and was drowning, but luckily someone jumped into the pool in time, she was out of breath so a mouth-to-mouth breath was made, which luckily she spit out all the water

Xxx- Thank God you are well

Sabina- Thank you very much, but .... Pear is you

Xxx- You're welcome

Sabina- I don't want to see you Bailey, and how you were here at the time

Bailey- The training ended earlier and I wanted to come and talk to you, apparently I arrived just in time

Sabina- Yeah, even if I don't want to talk to you, I have to thank you, I owe you

Bailey- Have it, but I already know how to pay

Sabina- How?

Bailey- Let me explain about last week

Sabina- Bailey I ...

Bailey- Please

Sabina- Okay

They go and dry off, then go to the bleachers and start talking, it is better for privacy not. Now everyone is in the dance room, despite taking some separate classes, they always meet in the dance room, literally everyone was there, except Sabina and Bailey, but even Diarra, as if nothing had happened.

Josh- Well guys, how about we do something free today?

Any- How so?

Josh- Everyone could take a free step, the rule is, they can't stop

Everyone- Okay

When they were about to start the army, someone knocks on the door, it was the director

Director- Class license, am I getting in the way?

All- No

Director- Less badly, as you know the fencing classes are over, and as I can see the only students are here, I am even more relieved

Noah- But what brought you here, father?

Director- Well, I wanted to invest in something that is being used by many, and in order not to overload Josh, he decides to hire a choreographer- everyone gets excited

Josh- Who ?!

Director- You can enter- he enters- students I want you to meet Kyle, he will now be your choreographer- everyone is going crazy- Well I will leave you alone-he leaves

Kyle- Hi guys, as you know my name is Kyle and I'm happy to be with you, I see that we have a lot of students

Any- And still missing one

Josh- And Sabina?

Any- She said she wouldn't do more

Kyle- Wow, so let's start? - when they were going to start someone enters

Xxx- Sorry, I didn't know you had a visit

Kyle- Okay, you still don't know me, my name is Kyle, I'm the new choreographer, and what are you called?

Xxx- Bailey

Kyle- Welcome

Bailey- I was already part

Kyle- Ah so you were the one missing, you can join- he goes to Josh

Josh- It took man

Bailey- I was busy

Josh- Ok

When least expected another person enters

Xxx- Oops! We have company

Kyle- Okay, I'm Kyle the new choreographer and you are?

Any- She's Sabina

Kyle- Ah yes, I'm glad you came back, you can join, will anyone else arrive by surprise?

Noah- I don't think so

Kyle- So come on, I'll start ....

The afternoon apparently was well resolved, with a little intrigue but nothing that could not be resolved. And they danced the most, after that each one introduced himself and talked a little about himself.

Hours later, each one was dead tired in their dormitories, each worse than the other, some even went to sleep earlier. But there was something that is not Josh's head

Josh- Hey

Bailey- Hi

Josh- It was not a strange occupation.

Bailey- I don't understand

Josh- You said it took you a while to be busy, and soon after Sabina arrives

Bailey- I didn't even pay attention

Josh- And it was? And who do you think deceives?

Bailey- Okay- laugh- we're fine, we talked and we got along

Josh- Really? What a good thing, but how so?

Bailey- Could it be tomorrow? Today was a tiring day

Josh- You can, I'm tired too

They go on and off the lights and set the alarm clocks, the day was surprising today, but now it's time to get some sleep.

Notas Finais

Thanks for reading this far, and as we know the holidays are coming, where should they spend their holidays: Brazil, Korea, Philippines, India, Mexico or LA?

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