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História Romance between intrigues - Capítulo 15

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Hello, every 15, another chapter, I hope you like it and I apologize for the big chapter.
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Capítulo 15 - Pre prom

Fanfic / Fanfiction Romance between intrigues - Capítulo 15 - Pre prom

A few weeks later

During the past weeks things were much more certain, in the morning they concentrated on classes, preparing for exams. In the afternoon they took their dance classes, did their best to learn the choreography as soon as possible so they could be carefree on the day of the event.

In the middle of it all, Josh was talking a lot with Any through messages, they were very close, Hina and Shivani were talking more and more, once in a while Shivani would go to Hina and Heyoon's dorm and keep talking.

Lamar and Sofya were doing well, they talked so much that they were already without a subject. Noah and Krystian spent parts of the day together, always talking about music and styles. And during those days, a miracle happened:

One day

The football training was over, everyone was in the (separate) locker rooms, Bailey was always last to pack some things and train some more. That day by chance Sina appeared in the locker room

Bailey- What are you doing here? Here is the men's locker room

Sina- I think I know

Bailey- So what are you doing here?

Sina- With picking up something the coach asked for, it seems that after that last rain there was a problem and one that burned, and we know that the doors are automatic

Bailey- Hmm, if that's what I'm thinking she's at the end of the closet in the corner

Sina- Thank you- she goes and gets it

Bailey- You're welcome, but this time you don't do anything stupid

Sina- How?

Bailey- What did you do last time

Sina- This has been weeks

Bailey- But the damage would be lasting!

Sina- Listen, I didn't want to kiss you, was that a mistake? Yea...

Bailey- I'm glad you recognize

Sina- Let me talk, I feel really bad, because it's hard to believe, I didn't do it freely and spontaneously

Bailey- So you mean someone forced you? Account another

Sina- I'm not going to argue, I just came to get the piece, and as I already did, I'm going to- at that very moment the lights in the locker room go out- Seriously!

Bailey- Right now !!

Sina- (Run and knock on the door) Somebody open !!

Bailey- Even if you wanted, you can't open it, only with energy

Sina- What a hate

Bailey- I say, having to stay here with you

Sina- As if I wanted the same thing, but since we are here, I would like to apologize, really

Bailey- How can I trust?

Sina- Because it will never happen again, at least if it depends on me

Bailey- So ... Alright then, but let's not get too close, just in training or by chance

Sina- It's okay with me

Bailey- Okay then

At the same time the light comes back, what a coincidence.

Sina- It looks like it was good to be at peace, but anyway, I have to go

Bailey- See you later

She leaves and Bailey finishes her exercises and goes. A few days later they discovered that everything was planned between their friends, it was a master idea, and that it worked very well, now things are at peace, at least between the two of them. Diarra was still playing with Sabina, quite a rival.

Now, at this very moment, everyone is on exams, the first week without extracurricular classes has started, but it was for their own good, so it was better not to complain.

Any had to stop her project in half, but she won't leave it behind.

Hours later


Josh- Wow, it didn't start and I can't take it anymore

Noah- Also !!

Joalin- It seems like hours go by in slow motion

Krystian- Hours become days and minutes become hours

Any- Or worse, the "good" is that we are not taking extracurricular classes

Bailey- True, I wasn't going to put up with training, dancing and studying

Hina- Kyle thought well

Noah- Actually it's always like that

Heyoon- Let's see the good side, after that we will have the ball, and we will have a lot of fun

Sofya- True, the good thing is that we are already ahead

Lamar- But time is lacking

Savannah- You think

Sabina- For that the hours fly by- all the girls agree and the boys look at each other

Josh- You know it's a spring dance, right?

Diarra- It's still a dance- it appears out of nowhere

Any- Humm, I have to agree

Josh- Where did you come from?

Diarra- Natural talent

Noah- Sit down!

Diarra- No thanks, I just came here to say that we need more male voices for singing lessons. It seems that the teacher has something in mind and needs the voice of boys

Any- She didn't tell me anything

Heyoon- For me too

Noah- Much less for me

Diarra- She thought about it now, is it then, is any boy here interested?

Noah- Josh !?

Josh- No, I'm fine

Any- Krystian?

Krystian- Sorry Any, I like to sing but ...

Any- Alright

Heyoon- What about you Bailey and Lamar? !!

Bailey- Is that ...

Diarra- At least try

Sabina- True, it could be that right- everyone looks at Sabina- What is it?

Joalin- Did you speak out of nowhere?

Sabina- And ...

Sofya- You understood, right? - whispers to Savannah and Hina

Bailey- Okay I try- everyone celebrates- But with one condition

Noah- What?

Bailey- Lamar also has to go

Lamar- It doesn't hurt to try

Diarra- Eba !! I liked you, see you in a week

Everyone- bye !!

Savannah- Until she is nice

Sabina- Not everything is as it seems

Everyone finishes eating, and just in time the bell rings, time for another test. They leave the trays and go to the rooms. Accepted projects, now it's time to go back to the tests.

A week later

The tests are over, and they are already in the classroom for the next test, they are tired, but they were happy to be able to return to the old routine, only this time with a few different things: there is the ball, the dance classes and singing and ... (speakers)

Director- Attention students, our school has adopted a new method, you spent a week in another colleague's room, but calm down, just one of you, so you can get acquainted with other people. The list with the name will be in the hall at the time of the break. Have a good day.

Everyone was left without understanding and with a little fear. What if they stay with someone who doesn't like themselves? It would be a very difficult single week.

Any- Oh my God, who will be with me?

Sabina- And how do you know that you are going to stay?

Any- I don't know

Sabina- Dios mio

Sofya- Is the director always so random?

Savannah- I hope not

In the next room

Noah- What happened to my father?

Josh- If you don't know imagine me

Heyoon- Yeah, how do you do it out of the blue

Joalin- What a meaningless idea

Bailey- Not so much

Krystian- But why is that now?

Noah- I don't even know

Front room

Diarra- Did the director go crazy ?!

Shivani- What do you mean? Does not make sense

Hina- (with Shivani) This is going to be the biggest job

Sina- Truth, and outside that many will not like

Lamar- Truth saw, I'm one of them myself

Everyone is angry at this measure of the director, but do what ... Orders are orders.


Heyoon- My God, why is that now?

Noah- I have no idea

Josh- Is your dad always random like that?

Noah- Not always

Joalin- This idea was very unexpected

Krystian- Certainly, who does this people

Sabina- I agree

Any- But the important thing ... Have you looked at who to exchange with?

Sofya- Not yet, how about you?

Lamar and Bailey- Neither

Savannah- Will we like it?

Josh- Hopefully- they were eating when Hina and Shivani arrive

Hina- Hi guys, so ... Can shiv sit with us today?

All- Agree

Sabina- What did you have with your friend?

Shivani- You can say that we are not very well

Any- Well ... feel free

Hina- Uhum, and people went to look at who we will be with for a week, and I wrote down

Everyone- Who ?! Speaks!!

Hina- Calm- laugh- Noah will stay with Josh,

Noah- It's not that bad, it's really good

Josh- Yes Mano

Bailey- Oh my God, I was sent to the corner

Josh- Nothing like that- laugh- then you will come back forgot

Bailey- Truth

Noah- But while, he is my-laugh

Sofya- People just me who ship

Joalin- No-laugh

Heyoon- What shipp would it be?

Any- Joah?

Savannah- It didn't match much

Krystian- How about Nosh?

Shivani- It was perfect

Josh- (laughs) But there is already a shipp, my God

Sabina- That's the question, is Nosh real?

Noah- Yes (laugh)

Josh- No (laughs)

Hina- Well ... Then you decide, let me finish. Sabina with Joalin, Any with Heyoon, Bailey with Krystian, Sofya with Savannah, Shivani with me ... And Lamar with a boy I don't know.

Lamar- Wow, I was the only one with none here

Hina- Don't worry, he must be nice

Sabina- Thank God I didn't have Diarra

Noah- Speaking of which ... Who did she stay with?

Hina- I didn't look

Noah- And Sina?

Hina- Annn ... I don't know the girl, one Carol

Noah- Hmm

There is a strange atmosphere in the air, some of them there knew that Noah liked Sina, and those who did not know did not understand anything. But until Shivani breaks the ice.

Shivani- But then ... It had to happen right next to the ball

Sofya- True, and just a warning: BOYS invite us first, please. Thanks

Bailey- Ok, but you know that some of you are going to have to go with another boy, right?

Savannah- Why?

Bailey- Have you seen how many of you are for the five of us?

Any- Worse it is, but even so it doesn't matter, whoever calls us, it is better to go early

Heyoon- I agree, but people! The bell rang and we didn't even hear it! - everyone runs.

A week later

The sun came up a long time ago this Wednesday, everyone is already in their classes, and oddly enough, all the boys are in the same class, and they took the opportunity to discuss an issue that is ...

Josh- Who are you taking to the dance?

Lamar- I will definitely go with Sofya

Krystian- You don't count, you're going out with her

Bailey- True, but what about you Krystian ... Who are you going with?

Krystian- I thought about calling Hina

Josh- Did you know !!

Noah- Why don't you show more interest?

Krystian- What do you mean? It's just a dance

Lamar- Come on ... The way you look at her

Noah- And she for you

Krystian- You are seeing things

Lamar- Ok then ... But what about you Bailey?

Josh- Do you still ask? Of course it's Sabina

Bailey- I was thinking about that hypothesis, but I don't know ...

Noah- But think fast, because there is another boy wanting to call her too

Bailey- Who ?! You know?

Noah- I don't know, but if she goes with someone else you can go with Joalin or Savannah

Bailey- It may be, today I still decide, but and you two

Krystian- Are you going to call Sina? - everyone looks at Noah

Noah- No, I haven't forgiven yet, even though I knew it wasn't for her, I thought about calling Diarra but she's different.

Lamar- So who's going to call?

Noah- I thought of Heyoon ...

Josh- Wow, she is very nice and beautiful, it will be nice

Noah- That's why. But what about you ... Are you going to call Any?

Josh- Probably yes, we have been talking these days and we get very close

Bailey- Are you more confident?

Josh- He's halfway there, but I want to keep defending, prevention is always good

Krystian- But she doesn't seem to be that type

Josh- I said the same thing in the past

At the time everyone is silent and minutes later return to pay attention in class.

Hours later the two hours of classes together are over and yet they are still at the door of the room deciding that I would call for the dance, until some girls arrive

Joalin- And then boys ... What are you doing standing there?

Josh- Thinking a little

Krystian- A little too much

Hina- Thinking about what exactly?

Noah- At the dance, and speaking of that ... Heyoon, do you want to go to the dance with me? -Heyoon has no reaction but then comes back

Heyoon- Of course! - the others are exactly without any reaction

Noah- Really ?! Wow, that's fine

Heyoon- See you later, girls? - They're still standing- Girls!

Joalin- Or yes, of course, let's go

Hina- Let's go

They come out laughing and commenting without disguising it. And the boys still look at Noah without believing.

Josh- What courage

Noah- My belly had 1,000 butterflies

Krystian- Lend half

Lamar- Not even to call Sofya have so much courage

Bailey- But you guys already left

Lamar- Even so

Josh- I know the conversation is good but we have to go

They go to their third class of the day, and I'm sure there would still be a subject.

Narrator off.

Josh on.

I'm afraid to call Any to the dance, maybe a fear of not. I know subconsciously says that there are other girls, but my conscious says that she is the only one available.

Professor- Mister Beauchamp?

Josh- (I leave my thoughts) Hi professor

Teacher- If you don't want to pay attention, you could at least disguise

Josh- Sorry

The class goes on normally ... But my mind only thought about one thing: Do I call Any to the dance or not?

Hours later

Sabina- Yeah, right ... It looks like someone here already has it for the dance- We look at Noah and Heyoon

Joalin- Not only them but these too- points to Lamar and Sofya

Sofya- But what's the use if you haven't called yet ...

Everyone- Uiiii !! Hey!

Lamar- So ok!

He gets up leaving everyone curious, until he takes a deep breath drawing everyone's attention and says ...

Lamar- Sofya, do you want to go to the dance with me? - at that moment everyone screams and applauds, Sofya went all red, but then she got up and ...

Sofya- Yes !! - another reason for euphoria, hug and sit back

Savannah- Wow, after that I was even ashamed

Any- I say, I'm going to the dance alone- Just hearing this makes me want to get up and call her out loud

Sabina- Seriously! Do you have Patrick- How ?! I get very angry, who was this. I notice the boys look at me

Any- Ah please, I prefer to go with one of the boys- Wow, this is music to my ears

Savannah- Podemor can go together if you don't have anyone

Sabina- Great, the three of us are going since I also have no one to go- At that moment I kick Bailey who doesn't hide and gives a shout

Hina- What was Bailey?

Bailey- Feel something biting me, but it's okay

Joalin- But then, there are still three boys available at the table, all that's missing is courage!

Savannah- True, but come on, it's going to play- when she gets up she is interrupted by a boy, with a cool face

XXX- Hi Savannah!

Savannah- Hi!

Xxx- So ... I was wondering if you would like to go to the dance with me? - we all looked at each other in surprise and started laughing softly

Savannah-But of course it does

Xxx- Really ?!

Savannah- Why not? - Laugh

Xxx- Okay, see you around- He says goodbye with a smile

Sabina- Yeah ... Apparently it will be just the two of us

Heyoon- What's that in Savannah ?!

Savannah- He's taking classes with me, sorry girls!

Any- No problem

Noah- It looks like almost everyone is engaged- laugh- but anyway, shall we?

We all go

Josh off.

Krystian on.

While everyone talked, I was silent, thinking if calling Hina to the dance was a good idea, I don't know why but something tells me that the answer is good, but my shame is getting in the way.

Until without realizing it I stayed behind and I am taken away by the thoughts by the voice of Hina calling me

Krystian- Hi! Sorry, I think I thought too much.

Hina- Perceive- laugh- But let's go if we won't be late

Krystian- Sure- the same one was going to- Hina!

Hina- Wow, what is it? Did something happen?

Krystian- Is that ... Do you want to go to the dance with me? - he left with the force of fear.

Hina- Wow, was that it ?!

Krystian- Era

Hina- And why didn't you speak before?

Krystian- A little shame

Hina- But ashamed of what? Of course I want to go to the dance with you

Krystian- Sure?

Hina- Yes ... But let's go if we won't be late

Krystian- Truth

Krystian off.

Narrator on.

As Noah Urrea said, "It looks like almost everyone is engaged." Yes ... In fact, time is short and the boys don't waste time, as the girls are talking all the time helped something.

And in relation to the new project, Kyle and the singing teacher were very anxious, they already had some voices for that, now only a few more were missing. Diarra had already convinced Bailey and Lamar to take the test, but there was still one more to go.

Hours later, after morning classes and lunch, there is more class ahead, but they didn't miss a thing. Heyoon, Hina, Sabina and Any had arranged to go together, but as always ... Any would go first to singing lessons and then to dance lessons. And she wasn't the only one, Heyoon was so focused on the dance that she had forgotten about singing.

Hours later

They are all on their way to class, first they would go with Any to the corner room, then they would follow. Most of them were there, including Noah.

Teacher- Miss Gabrielly arrived, we were about to start

Any- Bye girls

All- Bye when they were about to leave

Teacher- Wait !! - the girls are scared- You don't have to audition to sing, looking like this you seem to know, and Miss Jeong, you are already singing no

Heyoon- Yes, I do, but there’s a time I don’t come, and when I come I prefer it when there’s no one

Teacher- Got it ... What about the two flies there?

Hina- I don't even dream

Teacher- Wow, how horrible are you? What is your name?

Sabina- Sabina and I don't think so, I have a dance class

Teacher- That's it! I'm sure Mr. Kyle won't be bothered, and apart from that you can go with Any

Any- True, if you want ...

Heyoon- Shall we go? It won't hurt for a while

Hina- You can go, I'm already going

Sabina- Okay, bye Hina

Hina- Bye

They enter, the happy teacher of life for having got two girls who were missing.

Diarra- Seriously she will sing

Sabina- You here ?! No wonder I didn't want to enter

Teacher- Girls, stop it, don't take it personally. Today I dismissed Mr. Urrea so that we can be alone here, I already separated the songs into parts

Sabina- And how will it be?

Teacher- Well ... I was thinking about starting with Miss Jeong, could it be?

Heyoon- Sure

Teacher- Great, so let's go

Meanwhile, on the other side of the school, the boys were together to go to their classes. The only one who broke up was Bailey, who went to football training. The other four headed for the dance hall.

Once there they find Hina, Sofya, Joalin, Shivani and Kyle

Kyle- Finally arrived

Josh- Good afternoon, where are the rest of the staff?

Kyle- Diarra and Any are in the singing class, and this time it looks like the teacher got Sabina and Heyoon

Noah- Aaaaa, that's why she dismissed me

Kyle- But since we don't have all of them, at least I'll show you the idea of ​​the choreography for you to get familiar with, okay?


Time after

Any- Sorry for the teacher delay

Kyle- Okay, come in and get warmed up, I have important garlic for the four

Sabina- I was scared! - she says and turns around- Wait, even Bailey and Sina are already here

Sina- It was faster than we imagined

Bailey- Yeah ... The coach is taking it easy these days

Kyle- Thank him for me, but now come on, those who already know their places can go. You girls will be like this, Any you stay in front, Heyoon you stay in the middle, Sabina and Diarra you get in the corners

Any- After ...

Kyle- Well ... From what I talked to the singing teacher, Heyoon should start, then when she starts you guys look at her. Then Heyoon, you'll look like you're pulling them and then pushing, and wow you follow her right, ok come on!

Hours later

Kyle- Guys, with a little more training and it looks good, they are excused.

Everyone was excited about the choreography, but they were dead married, went straight to their dormitories, after taking a shower, fell asleep, just entitled to a good night.

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