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Personagens Any Gabrielly, Bailey May, Diarra Sylla, Heyoon Jeong, Hina Yoshihara, Joalin Loukamaa, Josh Beauchamp, Krystian Wang, Lamar Morris, Noah Urrea, Personagens Originais, Sabina Hidalgo, Shivani Paliwal, Sina Deinert, Sofya Plotnikova
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Gêneros: Ação, Comédia, Festa, Mistério, Romance e Novela, Suspense, Violência
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Os personagens encontrados nesta história são apenas alusões a pessoas reais e nenhuma das situações e personalidades aqui encontradas refletem a realidade, tratando-se esta obra, de uma ficção. Os eventuais personagens originais desta história são de minha propriedade intelectual. História sem fins lucrativos, feita apenas de fã para fã sem o objetivo de denegrir ou violar as imagens dos artistas.

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Guys, this is the chapter of the day, I hope you enjoy it, sorry for the spelling mistakes.


I wonder if the chapters you want are bigger, smaller or good.

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Capítulo 4 - 2 more

Fanfic / Fanfiction Romance between intrigues - Capítulo 4 - 2 more

Bailey- Hey man wake up

Josh- Um, but already, what time is it?

Bailey- 10 minutes left

Josh- And you woke up early why?

Beiley- I don't know, I just woke up. Now get up

I sit on the cams still a little sleepy, rub my eyes and get up.

Josh- What class do you have in the first schedule?


Josh- Um, are you going to have training today?

Bailey- Yes, today also the coach will introduce the girls

Josh-Hum, Sina is right too?


Josh- Be careful not kkkk

Bailey- I should say that to you kkkk

Josh- What do you mean?

Bailey- Do you think that really fall into that conversation, it was in the face that you were going to kiss

Josh- I won't lie, iamso really .....


Josh- But ...... I'll take a break

Bailey- What do you mean?

Josh- I'm going away, see how far I can see things better

Bailey- Are you sure?

Josh- Yes, it will do well for me and Any

Bailey-So that's right, but see if you don't waste it. I believe you then

Josh- Thanks man, but what about you and Sabina?

Bailey- Bro, I think it's just my thing, I think I'll never get what I feel for her

Josh- But will you give up or will you ask?

Bailey- Never give up, and ask? I don't think I have that much courage

Josh- Could you talk to Any

Bailey- Yeah, I'll think, but in the meantime, let time go

Josh- Yeah. Who would say

Bailey- What?

Josh- That we would become friends and be liking girls who are friends

Bailey- True, crazy kkkk. Shall we get ready now?

Josh- Bora

[{(Break ... of ... time)}]

Josh off.

Heyoon on.

I'm so used to waking up early in Korea that I don't even need an alarm clock, although I'm still a little confused by the time zone. But still .... I call Hina we get ready to go to science class, it's lucky we have the same classes.

We went to class when I realize Hina is a little nervous I think I decide to ask

Heyoon- What is it?

Hina- What was what?

Heyoon- Are you acting like you're trying to run away from someone or are you looking for

Hina- To tell the truth ... Yes, I am

Heyoon-Iiiiii who is it?

Hina- It's a boy I met in fencing class

Heyoon-Humm, has he been studying here for a long time?

Hina- Not really, he's one of those who passed the test

Heyoon- And why didn't you soon introduce girl, where's he from?

Hina- It's from China

Heyoon- That's cool !. If he's thinking, he's just coming our way- he approaches

Krystian- Hi Hina- She turns very slowly

Hina- Hi- she's all locked up, I have to work it out

Heyoon- Hi, we don't know each other yet, I'm Heyoon from South Korea, Hina's friend

Krystian- Satisfaction, my name is .....

Heyoon- Your name Krystian, Hina spoke very highly of you- lie she spoke now

Krystian- Glad it went well. But then, Hina?


Krystian- What is your class now?

Hina- Sciences

Krystian- Mine too, look what a coincidence- If there is a silence of seconds, Hina caught, oh my God

Heyoon- Look what a good thing, so we can all go together

Krystian- Great, are we?

Let's go

We went straight to the classroom. I sit behind Hina and Krystian by her side, I think so far I've been sailing. The class is normal until about 20 minutes, when the teacher warns:

Teacher: Attention students, leave it all and let's go to the auditorium, orders from Principal Urrea

I did not understand very well, by the way, nobody was, we just went to the auditorium. Everyone is wondering what the director wants. Once there I found Any, Josh, Bailey and Noah.

Heyoon- Hey you two, guys are over there

Krystian- What guys?

Hina- They also passed the test, they are from different countries

Krystian- Hmm, cool

We went to them and sat next to them.

Heyoon- Hi guys

-Hi- answer

Heyoon- Where's Sabina?

Any- He had to leave but already come

Heyoon- Alright then

Any- Who is this? - whispers in my ear

Heyoon- It's Hina's "friend"

Any- Hummm kkkk

We are back to normal. The auditorium filled more and more. After fully booked, the director goes on stage. I hear Any ask for Sabina, really, she's not here yet, and I don't notice Diarra's presence either, I'm afraid of that

Principal- Attention students, as many here know we have a welcome party where the singing class group along with the dance group hold an opening as one- if the whispering starts everywhere- Silence, continuing, as you know who makes this opening is our beautiful Diarra, but this time will be different, as you know we did the tests for other students from other countries, and then, in the words of the singing teacher, who will represent the class will be the students Any Gabrielli and Noah We all clap and we look at the same ones who were surprised- going on, and the dance is Josh Beauchamp, who will pick his friends and set up his dance team. Congratulations to the students and that's it for today.

As soon as we clapped our hands we talked to them who were thrilled, Any cried with excitement. We all greeted each other and decided to talk to the director ....


Heyoon off.

Sabina on.

I don't know why, but I take the opportunity when everyone is going to the auditorium to go to the pool, I think because it's my big dream I'm very anxious.

I run between the students praying that some teacher won't catch me. In the meantime I run into two girls

Sabina- Sorry !! - didn't even hear the answer, I just ran

After so much running I get to the pool, her size is frightening, I don't even want to imagine the depth. I have this dream of swimming, but I just can't swim.

I walk around watching her and all the equipment that is used. I am fascinated. Everything was going well until I heard an inconvenient voice


Sabina- No, I just came to see if you were ok

Xxx- I don't think so. What are you doing here at this time?

Sabina- It doesn't interest you

Xxx- It may not matter, but now you will know what is good for cough

Sabina- No! No Diarra! ”“ I'm thrown into the water and I'm starting to struggle

Diarra- You're not the bully, now get out of this one. Kisses

Sabina- Diarra No hmmm ...

I'm starting to get tired of struggling. I lost my senses


Sabina- Cof I was awake I don't know how, but I just spit water

Xxx-Are you ok?

Sabina- I think so, I just spit some water

Xxx- But why did you jump? - asked another

Sabina- It was actually that daughter of Diarra's mother

Xxx-I don't know

Sabina- Don't even want to. But anyway, thank you, I think if it wasn't for you these hours I was floating

Xxx- It was no big deal. But then, what's your name?

Sabina- Sabina

Xxx- Nice to meet you, Joalin

Sabina- And You?

Xxx- Hi, I'm Sofya

Sabina- Nice to meet you get up all wet- Wait, seeing you now, you're the girls I bumped into when I was coming

Joalin- That's right kkkkk, we found it weird and decided to come

Sofya- Actually ..... We were kind of lost

Joalin- Sofya !!

Sofya- What?

Sabina- No problem, I'm also a novice here at school, but I already have a good knowledge in a few days

Joalin- Good thing, we saw everyone going but we didn't know where, no matter how much the teachers led us

Sabina- Normal in the early days. Where are you from here?

Joalin- Actually we are from outside, we pass the test among the 10

Sabina- I think it was a coincidence

Joalin- Why?

Sabina- Why am I too, and we already have a group with outsiders

Sofya- Good, can we join

Sabina- Of course atchin

Joalin- I think we understand kkkkkk

Sofya- I think you better get dry and change your clothes

Sabina- It may be, but first I'll talk to that .......

I come out like a hurricane from the pool area and the two behind me

Sabina off

Narrator on.

In the auditorium

They are all gathered talking to the principal, thanking and praising the College. While on the other side, Diarra is enraged that she is not chosen to open the presentation. She decides to go there

Diarra- What do you mean, director, I won't do the opening

Director- Hi Diarra, that's right, Noah and Any will do it, if you prefer you can join the dance team- everyone looks at each other

Josh- It'll be a pleasure to have you on the team

Diarra- Yeah, but there is a catch, only if Sina and Shivani come in too

Josh- That's fine with me, the more people the better

Director- See, all settled. Now ..... Where were you at the time of warning

Diarra- I ..... I ....

Sabina- I was throwing myself in the pool- enters Sabina all wet with Sofya and Joalin behind

Any- Miga what situation?

Sabina- Ask this one who threw me there

Bailey- My God, you really are bad

Sabina- Really, I didn't realize

Heyoon- Calm down Sabi

Sabina- How will I be calm when I'm literally thrown into the pool and I'm all wet here

Hina- And how did you get out?

Sabina- This angel here named Joalin jumped for me to save- everyone looks at her and sees that she was all wet too

Josh- But you can't swim?

Sabina- That's beside the point now- everyone starts laughing

Director- I'm not funny, you see how serious that would be. The two of you in my room now

Diarra- But director ....

Director- But nothing, over there now!

We went to the Director's office, I'm angrier than anything, if I could fly this chicken. They go to the principal's office and the rest of them stay there talking.

Narrator off

Bailey on.

As soon as Diarra left, her friends also left, I believe they would look for what to do. Due to break the ice

Bailey-What do you think will go to Sabina?

Josh- I have no idea

Heyoon- Hope you get well

Hina- Yes, but now ..... Congratulations boys for choosing

Heyoon- True, I'm proud

Any- Thank you, I was even surprised

Noah- Me too, I never thought I was going to be chosen

Krystian- And also congratulations to Josh right

Josh- Yes, thanks

Sofya- Congratulations Josh, and you both

Josh and Noah- Thank you

Any- Thanks, but .... You arrived with Sabina and we don't know

Sofya- A, I'm Sofya and this is Joalin- I look at Joalin and she bye

Bailey- Welcome girls and you too right we haven't been introduced yet

Krystian- My name is Krystian and from China

Any- A then .....

Hina- Yes, he also passed the exam

Any- Good to know. And you girls

Sofya- As you already know, I'm Sofya from Russia

Joalin- And I Joalin from Finland

Heyoon- Wow, very interesting see how we are different but also so alike

Josh- True, so we learn from each other

Hina- Yeah

Noah- Hey guys, the chat is fine but we shouldn't be in class

Josh- I know, I know, but first, Heyoon, you agree to help me in the dance, I believe you can do it.

Heyoon- Of course, it will be a pleasure

Any- Great right, now let's go. And Joalin, you need to change clothes right

Joalin- Yes, of course, I'm going with Sofya

Any- So alright

Josh- Yes let's go

I realize Any was a little jealous, but that I comment later. After that we left desperate for the rooms and everything returned to normal

~~Meanwhile in the principal's office~~

Bailey off.

Narrator on.

Director- You know Diarra how serious was what you did, just imagine what could have happened

Diarra- But it didn't happen

Director- Good thing. And you young lady, what were you doing in the pool area after hours?

Sabina- I was just looking, it's my dream to do swimming

Director- But it has opening hours. That is not repeated again, and I hope that the girls will get along well, the fight in the cafeteria is not enough now

Sabina- But it was her fault

Diarra- I ...

Director- I don't want to know who started it or not, I just want it to stop now. I just don't suspend you guys for it's early in the year and it's near the event and I'm full of stuff. Now get back to class and Sabina, go change your clothes before

Sabina- Obvious- she says angrily and gets ahead

[({Break ... of ... time)}]

Narrator off.

Bailey on.

It's all over now, and it's time for afternoon training. I'm on the court with the teams to get started. Across the block, in the women's team, I see Sina, I hope she looks for trouble. We're just waiting for the coach, who luckily just arrived

Coach- Good afternoon students, as we are in the first week I'll take it easy, but don't get used to it. So that there is a good relationship between all I will make doubles, the female team with the male.

Oh my God, I hope you don't stay with Sina, anything but that can happen.

Coach- Bailey with Fernanda, and Paulo with Sina- I celebrated and set off fireworks in my mind

Sina- Professor I don't want to do with him- didn't have to be her, aff.

Trainer- So reverses, Paulo does with Fernanda and Bailey with Sina- What?

Bailey- But coach ....

Trainer- Now and then, start before I change my mind-Apparently I spoke too early

It was up to her that she had a tremendous mocking face. I wonder what you did wrong.

Sina- Look who stayed with me

Bailey- Hi Sina

Sina- Hi, let's play good, I have nothing against you- she was right, I have no reason

Bailey- Good, come on

We start by tapping each other and then with high steps. We exchanged some subjects until excited. Soon after it seemed like we were serious, a dribble started so agile that I was not even aware, when I least expect it leaves me on the floor

Sina- Ui, I see Bailey is not so good at ball

Bailey- You who think

Sina- No no, I'm sure- the whistle blows to go- even more loser

I get up and go to the locker room, I do not know but I do not feel angry with Sina, she is even a good person, I think the spoils she is friendships. Since training ended a little early, I decide to go to the dance room

/ × _ × \ ..... / × _ × \

I arrive in the living room and see that they are all there (except Diarra's group), everyone is rehearsing, from what I see Josh is really good for dancing. In the corner I notice that Sabina and Joalin are sitting, I decide to go there

Bailey- Hi girls, why aren't you rehearsing too?

Joalin- I prefer to stay right here

Bailey- And you dabiba? Actually, you had no swimming?

Sabina- After what that cow did I lost the urge to swim

Bailey- I'm sorry, it was your dream

Sabina- Alright, I think it was good, so I have more free time

Joalin- Why don't you dance with the boys?

Bailey- Good idea

Sabina- I dance but just for me, I'm not exposed

Bailey- Get out of this

Xxx- Hey you guys !! - we heard a scream that caught our attention

Sabina- Hi Josh

Josh- I need two people here, can anyone good?

Joalin- Go there

Sabina- Okay I'll go

Bailey- this, come on, I wanna see

Sabina- Who said that to you, you come along- she pulls me by the arm I didn't have the slightest reaction- Okay, we're here

Josh- Perfect, now stay there, is that cool Heyoon?

Heyoon- It could be, now I know, lean against Bailey's back- oh my god, I don't believe it

Heyoon- Great

Josh- Yes it is, but still people will be missing

Noah- But Diarra, Sina and Shivani are not missing yet?

Heyoon- True, I think they are enough

Sofya- Yes, but in the meantime, why don't Joalin come

Joalin- I'm not right here

Any- There's Hina and Krystian too, but will they come across?

Heyoon- I talk to Hina and she convinces Krystian

Any- So cool

Bailey- So guys, I'm seeing you guys excited but I don't know how to dance very well

Josh- No problem, I teach you

Bailey- Thanks man

Noah- So I'll enjoy it, I'm still confused in a few steps

Sabina- Calm guys, today is the first rehearsal, we have a good time and we will make it

Sofya- Sabi is right, let's calm down first

We went and stretched and made small movements, even Josh was a little confused. We decided to go peel and leave for tomorrow.

After bathing and having dinner, we did some lessons we had. I comment about Sina and how cool she was.

Josh- So I enjoyed her away from Diarra

Bailey- It's really good. But hey man

Josh- What is it?

Bailey-Did you see Any jealous of you today when you called Heyoon

Josh-See too much, why would she be jealous of me?

Bailey- Why do you like it obvious

Josh- Get out of this, we talked about that. I'm focused now on the dance

Bailey- Okay then, let's go to sleep?

Josh- Bora

We packed things up and went to sleep, the day was tiring today. I lie down and soon take the ....

Notas Finais

And that was it, I hope you enjoyed it and until the next day I don't know when

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