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História Scarborough Fair - Capítulo 1

Escrita por: e boobias

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hi guys, how are you? I hope well, do not forget the care and take care.

Capítulo 1 - Remember Me

The kids ran around the fire, with a certain distance, so they could not burn with the high flames. The melodies that people sang with their letters made the coterie become more enjoyable. Everyone clap palms in the place and some women with their calm and beautiful voices, they made each refractor was highlighted. Some men brought a wood-burning to the large fire and other beat small wooden branches in each other to also create a melody without appropriate instruments. But not everyone were bound, only the presence of who likes was enough. Since everyone knew and were most similar, almost never had troubles.

My simple clothes consisted of a brown tissue of light fabric, along with a long white sleeve shirt in my slim body, denounced that there was my place. Peasant women with their long and light and or tidy-worth dresses. Other peasants was carrying some things with robes similar to mine. I was a well watched person, he looked everything he could and capture the maximum in my memory. All they had their beauty, and I admired their differences. I loved my city and all its beauty, though I and my family lived in poverty. In a few days would have the famous fair that lasts for many days, so so in a way we would get some money and enough food. 

The night already hit us about us, but that was not a problem: for everyone, was even better. Everyone enjoyed the beauty of the dark sky with the contrast of the orange flames.

"Do you accept something to eat?", I realized that it was a little more away from all there, leaning against one of the tents already mounted in that valley. I turned to the voice that I felt that called me, seeing a young man with brunette hair, muscular and high. His face could not be seen very well, by the darkness of where we were. But still that's way, I knew who was.

Our hot bodies made a difference with the cold winter of the season. The lips hurried to touch and finally, a saliva wire that attached us in a way.

"You shouldn’t be here, and I still do not understand what you are looking for in this place.", I spoke with calm, looking around the place we found one another.

Sitting on my lap, forward and back, too small but moves to feel. It was like that with Jungkook.

"The movement of this place will only happen here for a few days, it should be happy for my courtesy of not wanting to pursue with my plans.", He said, as a member of the royalty, he had his privileges.

Our bodies leaning even more, as if we were in the merch. The bumps open while breaking in sounds for those who listen to us.

It turns out that when we had a relationship of what we needed to hide, he had not told me that he was from royalty, and was there to end our fear and get us the only ones and few benefits. As he was going up in the castle, he decided to stop what he was "doing" for the love that I felt for me. And a week later, I decided to end everything. After that, I was a good time without seeing him. 

In the small hut that there was there, in the middle of the forest, the only witnesses that they were able to hear and that of all the sins that I and he committed were the trees.

"Cursive yourself? My person still be doubting from his good heart.", I told, putting my hands inside my pockets of the pants, he gathered out in some way. He did not say for provocation, all of the place knew me to be sincere. As sincere and serene, who even with my serious level, people thought there was sarcasm in my voice, and I was just calm.

"I hate when you speak in this way.", He spoke to get closed on my face.

I looked at him for a while, Jungkook still medied with me and I was sure I also moved with him. But we were not to assume, we'd prepare. 

My hands supported on his neck and his in my waist. We felt the great waterpoint to hover about us, it was like a cloud in storm full of feelings about to fall. It did not matter.

"I do not think he should care."

"I think it was a bad idea to give me to come here.", The younger said, if you fit it into your large heavy and valuable mantle.

"I still do not understand what you're looking for here.", I repeated the sentence said before, of our little conversation.

"I'm going right away, we see in a few days when everything is ready.", He ignored my words and left my view stirring in his hands covered by white gloves.

I stood for a while, looking all having fun evenly. Thinking about absolutely nothing, my mind flooded from memories of months ago. I didn’t like to remember such things, I felt sad and betrayed somehow.

Although, Jungkook and I were different in various aspects, we complete us to some extent. We were a certain fun, even adults, and even what we do that at that time sounded like music

"Why are you here alone? It's dangerous if no one see. Is it celebrating with them?" — A peasant, and marked me, curious, his voice was sweet and light. Looking at best I realized like his physicist was thin and his handsome smile stamped on his face brought me tranquility, his white skin and blue eyes leaving me hypnotized.

"I'm just watching by far, do not worry.",  I answered with a smile aside to follow back to sit in one of the great pieces of tree that there was.

"I came to call you to sing your favorite. I learned from your preference and I decided, as a gift, sing for you."

Only there realized that one of the peasants who was known for his beautiful voice, he was in front of me, but he did not know if he was happy or sad, for this song was special for me. Since with her, I was identified my relationship with Jeon.

In response, only smiles once more, and when everyone at the wheel were already, the memories and feelings arrived in my mind where I just wanted to enjoy.

Notas Finais

like it? passing by to thank beta @jktopia and the project designer, who made this beautiful cover, @ Park_Dih7 thank you

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