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don´t worry it´s almost in the good part... hang in there

Capítulo 3 - Meeting mommy



The next morning I was up and ready earlier then I think I should. I’m pretty sure waking up at 4 am should be illegal. Still sleepy, I went to the car where my dad was waiting for me with all my bags in the back, the motor running and a little grin on his face while I hopped up the truck.


“Did you even brushed your hair this morning?” he said holding his laugh.


“What? You didn´t like my new hairstyle?  I wanted a new look to mach my new life. I really think it will be a total success in Europe.” I joked with him.


He roared with laughs. “If you ever start wearing you hair like that for real I think you would not stay my daughter for long.”


“Ok then, I think I can live with the same old boring hair.” I pretended to be mad at him while fixing my tangles with my fingers, not changing much of my baby-evil´s-nest hair.


After our little moment together, I turned up the song that was playing and we started singing along with Bon Jovi. The time past by too fast. After nearly 6 hours of car drive and 4 stops to stretch and pee, ans pretend to pee so I could buy some snacks, we got to the big gates of my mom´s academy, where she was head mistress.


The gates opened as we neared it with the car. And that was super freaky, but it´s okay because everything else here was creepy as well. If you imagine a giant old castle, the same kind that you see in Dracula´s movies, you can pretty much have the big picture of this place. I am sure that I am going to have many nightmares sleeping in a place like this. I am seriously expecting a coffin instead of a bed in the rooms.


Dad parked the car close to the main building, where a blond girl around my age was waiting for us. “Hello, My name is Anna and Mrs. Blake asked me to take you to her office, if you could, please follow me.” The girl had some manners. I can´t even be that polite with the Pope.


Before I took the first step my dad grabbed my arm and turned me around so that I could face him.

“Kayla, would you be mad at me if I leave you here? I really don´t want to see her now. She can be whatever, but I know I can trust her with you. I swear I will be back in a month to visit you, and I will call you every time I can.” He told me with worry. I knew he wouldn´t want to see her, but a girl can hope right?

“It’s okay dad, I got it. And I will be fine, I promise. It will only be a few years and then I will come back home right? It will be like I never left.” he nodded and I continued “so it´s fine. Go now, and I will see my way around here ´kay? I love you dad.” I hugged him. I was feeling like I would never see him again. Tears start rolling down my cheeks. Get a grip girl, you can do this, don´t be a chicken. With a lot of effort a pulled away from him, got my bags and started following Anna, without looking back. Only two years, I can do it, one step at a time.


We walked the whole time without talking. She was freaky. It was tense; I really wanted to go running after my dad and ask him to take me away from this weirdo and give me some ice cream. Great, now I am sounding like a 4 year´s old little girl asking her dad to look for monsters in the closet. I actually never did that, because I always thought the monsters were too scared of me to hide under my bed.


Anna suddenly stopped in front of a big door and knocked three times before a voice behind the door could answer. “Come in.” Oh, God, give me strength to meet my mother without jumping on her throat. I know I never met her before so I couldn´t possible know how she was but I already hated her.


Anna opened the door, and took a step back signaling for me to move forward. When I entered, I saw a beautiful woman working on her desk. She had black hair like mine, but her eyes were green. She was a little bit smaller than me and from where I stood I could see she had a lot of curves. Gee, my mom was hotter than me. That is not awkward at all.


Without looking at me she moved her hand showing me the chair in front of her. “Sit please.” She said, focused on what she was doing. Uncomfortably I sat. I waited two minutes more before she finished what she was doing, gathered all the papers and put in a folder, taking her time. When she was done, she finally looked at me.


“Well, how have you been, Kayla?”She talked as casual as possible, what made my blood boil instantly. I stood up fast and the chair fell on the floor. “How have I been? You haven’t visited you daughter in 17 years, and when you see her, instead of hugging her, kissing her or whatever, you just sit there working on some shit and say ‘how have you been?’ How do you expect me to answer that? ‘Yes mother I’m fine. I never had a motherly figure to look up to, but don´t worry it was not your fault, It was mine. I think I was a freakishly ugly baby, and that must be why you left. Oh and by the way, nice meeting you!’”


My mother looked at me for a long time with no expression at all. Really how did she do that? She had the perfect poker face. Note to myself, try to play poker and see if it´s genetic. If so, then I can run away to be rich as hell in Las Vegas.


She finally spoke up “Kayla, I know you are mad at me, and you have all reasons to, but I had my motives. And right now, we cannot get into each other’s nerves, so let’s try to be polite while you are staying here and I am sure we will get along just fine. Now if you want to get settled before we could talk more, I’m going to ask Anna to take you to your room, and meet your class mates. Tomorrow we can talk more. Now you can go.” She said dismissing me. I was so angry I wanted to scream, but I took a deep breath, got my bags and walked toward the door. Before I could put my hand around the knob, my mom called from behind me.


“Oh, and Kayla? Welcome to the Shifter Academy.”

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