História Shifter Academy - Capítulo 4

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Capítulo 4 - I want to be an elephant



So, let me get three things straight. First, yes, this is really an academy for shifters. Second, it might be hard to believe but they are real. And third, but not less important, I am one as well. I know, I know that´s totally freaky, but once your dad is someone who can became a huge black horse from nowhere you get use to it. I am a shifter, just like him, but I can´t transform yet. I will be able soon enough, when I turn eighteen and go through the change. So the thing is, we have an animal spirit, and they can get out of our body and create their own. Only the owner of the spirit can understand and talk to it, and every time we have to fight we can summon them inside our body and we become the animal, or fight beside them.


Some of us can´t have their animal beside them for various reasons, like my dad, so they can be kept locked inside our souls and just be called when needed be. But others have them out all the time, once they are an extended part of the shifter, with some of their own personality, so they keep them around as pets. That can be really tricky, if you animal is something like an rhino or a cow. My dad always kept his horse, Caine, locket inside himself, because he just got the dark side from my dad. Some of the spirits are just evil, but that’s ok, because they can´t do anything without our permission. Every shifter can change into only one animal. We discover which one it is from a dream we have on our eighteen birthday. Our animal is a reflection of our personality. Some like how their personality is transmitted. I did some quizzes on the internet to figure out what I am, but it told me that I was a dolphin. I don´t know how to react to that.


Once we change, we became immortal, but with the time we get old. It just take much more time for us. One year for a human is almost 100 for us, and the only thing that can kill us, is killing our spirit animal, but only when it is in their own physical body. We were first made to keep peace between animals and humans, since we can understand them both. But that didn´t work out well. Since we started proliferating, we found out most of us had wolf spirit, and soon enough they became a huge pack. The werewolves have a lot of pride, so they started thinking that humans are our inferiors, and stopped defending them and started to do exactly the opposite. So now, we have many academies around the world to train the rest of us to fight and keep the balance. Oh yeah, and kill some hairy butts.


The funny thing is that humans don´t know about us. Sure enough some have seen us transform occasionally, but to them, this is so ridiculously impossible that they, either have an “rational” explanation, or they became crazy trying to tell other people about us. Normally they end up in a nut hospital. That is sad, but there is nothing we can do. It is not like we will go out telling the world “Hey everybody, you know your friend, the one that had always hated cats and acted like a dog? Well, he actually is one, and he will probably try to kill you. But don´t worry, there are a lot of others who can transform into things way scarier to protect you.’ For some reason, I don´t think that would work out that well.


 Before today I have only known three shifters all my life. My dad, who is a horse, a guy who works in the shopping that is a raven and Kevin, but he never told me what he was and he said his animal was locked inside as well. I guess it must be something embarrassing, like a butterfly or something. I would totally tease him if he was…


I was so curious to know what other animals there were here. I knew through my dad that my mother was a fox, and everyone respected that, because it was one of the noblest animal spirits that exists. The most rare animals of all were the 4 big cats. They include, higher from lower, a lion, tiger, leopard and jaguar. Oh, one more thing. The coloration of their furs are not always the natural ones. Sometimes you would have a  zebra with dots, or maybe a black giraffe. You get the picture. I really hope my animal will be something cool. Maybe a bird, so that I could fly. That would be awesome. Or maybe an elephant. I would never have any problem reaching things too high. Take that, Kevin, I will never be a shorty again.

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so now everything is explained haha lets start the story, shaw we?

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