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guys, thank you so much for reading it this far, and if you have anything to say about it, good or bad, please write it in the comments, because i need your advice to write better in the next chapters... also, if you see any grammatic mistakes ( that i am sure there are plenty) please let me know!!

Capítulo 5 - Is it the love of my life?

Chapter 5


When I was done thinking things over, I noticed where Anna was taking me. It was a big building in U shape, with a walkway in the middle of it, and many trees everywhere. I could see some students walking around with their animals. There was a short girl with a pigeon on her shoulder, an old guy who I guessed was a teacher riding a horse and a… oh god don´t tell me that is a dude walking with an aquarium and a gold fish because that would be….yep, it is an aquarium. Ok then.


When we entered the hall, I could see many doors. Man, this place is huge. “The girl’s dormitory are on the left wing and boy’s rooms on the right wing. The class rooms are on the main hall. You will be able to locate yourself pretty easily with you roommate´s help.” Anna told me with not much interest. I wasn´t paying much attention to what she was saying, because at the same time a guy just walked behind her with a big white lion beside him. I couldn´t take my eyes away from the beautiful animal. I could see how powerful and yet careful it was while talking to its master. It´s not like I could hear him talking or anything like that, but he was staring at him without breaking eye contact, so that means that he was transmitting thoughts. Or he was in the middle of a not-blinking contest with the guy.  If just noticing him there I took a good look at the dude. And I was right. He was the hottest thing I have EVER seen in my whole life, like drop-dead gorgeous. He was almost two feet taller them me. With broad shoulders and a short brown hair. He was really strong, and I knew that hidden inside his shirt I would see a beautiful six pack. I hope one day I will find that out. But the best thing about him were his eyes. He had one green and the other blue just like his lion. They were vibrant colors and brought a big contrast with his gold skin. He had a look almost feline like, dangerous but yet sweet. And the best of all…. He had dimples. They were hidden behind his to-be-made beard. Who might be my best wedding bride? Should the flowers be purple? No, I guess blue to match his eyes. shit, am I drooling?


When I was done checking out the new guy, I turned my attention back to Anna. She was bored, I knew. Not that I care. “Ok, so, which one is my room?”I told her, walking in from of her. “Number 202. You can let your bags there.” She said and just like that, she left. Ok, bye, I thought, I´m sure as hell won´t miss you.


I entered the room 202, the number Anna said, but I really wasn´t ready to see what I did when I went through the door. There was a tiny blond girl with blue eyes that I really thought should be 13 years old wearing a pink dress. Seriously, she looked like she was in a cosplay, pretending to be Barbie or something like that. She was on top of huge rhino while reading a book. Beside her there was a black haired girl on the computer wearing a lot of eyeliner and dark clothes, with a small black bunny, laying on the ground beside her.


“Hum… I…. I mean…” I really did not know what to say. Come on, is not like I expected to see a rhino in my room, “Oh hey, you must be our new roommate. Nice meeting you. My name is Mia, and this is Gwen.” The blond girl said while pointing at the other girl. “I guess this must be really weird huh? Oh well, the rhino is my spirit if you are wondering. Her name is Rin, and the bunny right there is Hell, and he is Gwen´s spirit. Welcome to the shifter academy. Is it true that you are the daughter of the head mistress? They said she gave up on you, is it true? Oh god, I’m sorry I didn´t mean it. Me and my big mouth, I was just trying to say that even if…” “Mia, shut it.” Gwen interrupted the bubbly girl talking. Damn I don´t even remember the first thing she said. “I am sorry for my friend. Please come in.” Gwen said without turning around.


I walked inside the room and dropped my bags on the floor. “Hi, nice meeting you guys. My name is Kayla. Yes I am the head mistress´s daughter, and yes again, she really gave up on me, but it´s ok.” I sat down on the only empty bed guessing it was mine. “I live with my dad in Florida.” I told them. Gwen stopped with the computer. She looked down to Hell, her bunny, nodded, and then said. “Hell wants to know where it´s your animal spirit.” Well, they didn´t waste any time.


“I don´t have one yet, my eighteen birthday is in 2 months. So I will go through the change here. But mom wants me to start the training earlier, so I would be ready faster to go home I guess.” This really sucks. I just found out I will be the youngest of all in here, since everyone just starts training after they go through the change.


 “That´s awesome. Then you will change here with us right? What do you think is your animal?” Mia said. Rin, the rhino, from nowhere stood up and started jumping up and down like crazy and making a lot of noise.


“Hey Rin, sit down, and stop making such a fuss.” She stopped as if listening to what the animal was saying. “Ok, I understand that you are excited, but if you don´t stop I will be forced to take you inside of me until you come down, got it?” She said. And with that Rin stopped and sat down beside Mia.


“What happened?” I asked her. I don´t know if I will ever get used to this one sided conversations.


“She was happy because there is a possibility of your animal being a rhino, so she can have a friend to play.” Mia said. It was so funny to see this huge and scary animal acting like that. I expected that from the bunny, but not her. I looked down at him. He was really quiet, and didn´t do much of nothing. And paying closer attention, Gwen wasn´t doing anything either. I think the animals really did have a lot in common with their leaders.


“Yeah, maybe. That would be totally cool.” I told Rin. And with that she started jumping up and down again. Mia sighted, closed her eyes and Rin dissipated, becoming a little light ball, floating around. The light started going towards Mia´s chest, and in one smooth movement, it went inside of her.


“I am sorry, they told me that I could keep her with me in her physical form if she didn´t cause any trouble, but she gets excited too easily. She is a lot like me, so I always have to lock her inside of me, until she is calm again.” I was in so much awe for what I just saw, that I didn´t have anything to say. I knew they could do that because my dad told me, but knowing and seeing it are two different things.


Gwen looked down at Hell, and laugh. “She is not stupid. She is just too happy for her own good.” She said. “Hey! That´s not nice Hell. Take it back.” Mia said, with a sad face. Gwen got up and went beside Mia to hug her.


“You know Hell is mean, but he likes you and Rin a lot.” She looked back at the bunny and sight. “Shut up, or I am going to take you for a walk beside James´s panther.” The bunny went still with wide eyes, and as if thinking better, laid down on the floor and in less than thirteen seconds was sound asleep.


“So, how does everything work here?” I asked them, trying to change the subject.


“Well, it´s almost time for dinner. Since today is Sunday we don´t have classes, but tomorrow we will. They just dropped your schedule before you came. It´s on top of your bed. Why don´t you check it out to see if we have any classes together?” Mia said, while getting up and sitting beside me. She reached for a paper on top of my bed, and gave it to me. I read it with Mia peaking from behind me.




(7:00-7:30)        Breakfast

(7:40-8:50)        1 period- biology 3

(9:00-10:10)      2 period- shifter history 2

(10:20-11:30)    3 period- strategy

(11:30-12:00)    Lunch

(12:10-13:20)   4 period- spirit control

(13:30-14:40)   5 period- fighting 2

(14:50-16:00)   6 period- study of species

(16:10-17:00)   Dinner


That is so awesome. I used to study most of those things with my dad, and I think I can say I am pretty good at most of those subjects. The only thing I guess I will stay behind is fighting, since my dad never tried to teach me. I tried to learn it by myself, but it was no good. Let´s just see how it goes.


“Yey, we have first period together. You and Gwen will have third period, and then we will all meet on the sixth period. It couldn´t be better.” Mia said, bouncing up and down much like Rin did just minutes ago.

“Let me see this.” Gwen said. “True, we do have all of these classes. You are having fighting 2? You are so lucky to be having Mace as your teacher. When he transforms into that lion of his, I swear I feel like fainting.” she said lost in thought. Wait, Lion? Mace? Teacher? WHAT?


“Gwen, are you telling me I am having that super sexy guy with the blue and green eyes as my teacher? How it that possible? He could not be much older than me. I am sure of that.” That was so weird. And of course I wouldn´t learn anything with him there. It will be so humiliating.


“Ha, you are here for, like 20 minutes and you already have a crush on Mace? I think that is a record.” Gwen said mocking me. “But don´t worry, every other girl here does too. And about his age, he is really not much older then you. Just two years ago, he was a student here, just like us. But they found out he was the best between the students and some teachers too. And once the fighting teacher had an accident, while hunting wolfs, your mother asked him to be the temporary teacher, until they could find another. It turned out that he was better than they expected, so they made him stay and know he is one of the bests, but extremely professional. The girls here do anything but throw their pennies at him, but he never budged .”


“Oh, this guy must be really good then.” I wondered. A thought past through my mind. “Just asking for no apparent reason. Does he have a girlfriend?” as soon as I finished the sentence, Mia and Gwen were both laughing so hard that Mia fell to the ground and Gwen started holding her stomach as if it hurts.


Gwen composed herself while Mia was still on the floor wiping the tears at the corner of her eyes. “It is going to be so much fun having you around.” She stood up. “No he doesn´t have a girlfriend, but don’t get your hopes up. He cannot get involved with students, because of the academy’s rule’s.  If he ever did, he and the student would be expelled from here, and would never be able to come back. No pressure there.” That sucks. Oh well, it is not like he would be interested on me, but even so, having that minimal chance was all a girl could ask for.


“Let´s go downstairs to have dinner? We need to show you around. Then you can maybe see the other guys that we have here. There are some hot ones that can take your mind away from Mace.” Mia said while holding the giggle. I was starting to like these girls.


“Ok, what are we waiting for?”

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