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now everything is getting started!!

Capítulo 6 - Is sushi the food of the Gods?

Chapter 6


After we entered the cafeteria, I could see how fine I would fit in here. There were a lot of animals around their masters, and everyone was talking and laughing like they were a big and happy family. But what won me over was finding out they had Japanese food. I could get use to this.


Gwen, Mia and I sat on the only empty table in the far corner.  After less than 5 minutes a guy came walking toward us and sat beside me. He was tall with black hair. It was so dark that it was almost blue. He had brown eyes and was definitely handsome. There was a black panther sitting beside the table, as if it was on guard. I guessed it was his animal, since there was no one else around us.


“Hey Gwen, Mia! Long time no see. Who is this new friend of yours?” he asked them without taking his eyes away from me. He grabbed a piece of my bread and put it on his mouth maintaining eye contact. It was actually kind of annoying. I could feel his gaze burning holes on my chest. I instantly did not like him at all.


“I am Kayla, and the last time a checked, I didn´t see though my book, so my eyes are up here dude.” That was ridiculous… I didn´t even know this guy.


“Oh boy, I already love this girl” Gwen said to Mia not trying to be discreet. But I guess he just decided to ignore that piece of information.


“Hello there Kayla. I am James. Is it your first day here?” he asked me, now looking into my eyes, like I hadn´t just said anything.


“Yeah, she is our new roommate. She just got here 30 minutes ago. And she is the daughter of the head mistress, so it´s better if you don´t mess with her.” Mia said, playing with her spaghetti and meatballs. Gwen was looking at him, as if there were horns coming out of his head.


“Nice! Your mom is awesome. The fox spirit is really respected here. I wonder what animal you are.” He was talking to me with too much interest. It was a normal question, but the way he said it made me feel like it was something too personal to go telling everyone.


“She doesn´t have her animal yet.” Mia said. If this was a cartoon movie, I think I would be able to see small clouds coming out of her ears.


“What? Is that so?” he mused “We have a junior with us then. I think you will need someone to help you through the change. I can volunteer if you ask nicely.” He had a flirting smile. If this guy started to donate his self confidence, It could help half of the teenage population.


“We are going to help her, so you don´t have to worry so much.” Gwen snapped at him. “Please get away from her. She is new and she doesn´t need your bad influence to start here.” There you go girl. I need to remember to thank her later.


“Oh Gwen, don´t be so grumpy. We had some trouble in the past, but we are ok now right? If you start saying this kind of things about me, Kayla will think I am actually a bad person, and no one wants that.” He gave her a puppy eye. It was not as good as Kevin´s, but even so it was easy to fall for it. Just a little. I know… I am weak.


“Ok, let me get some things straight. First, no one will ever influence me to do anything I don´t want to. Second, I already don´t like you James, and don´t worry, I won´t change my mind that easily. And third, please get away so we can eat in peace.” I told him before I popped a sushi inside my mouth and gave him a sarcastic smile.

He looked at me as if he was in shock. It was actually a funny expression on his normally confident face. He recomposed himself fast enough and went back to his normal self. “Hey, we have a hard one here don´t we? Well I kind of like the challenge, so do worry, I won´t go too far. And I´ll give you a month to fall for me.” He reached for me and stroked my hair. I slapped his hand away, and stood up.

“Seriously dude, I don´t know what your problem is, but I don’t really care anyway to try to find out. So if you could please stay away I would really appreciate it.” I told him. He was brave enough to smile back, wink at me and leave with his panther on his hills.

When he walked enough so he couldn´t hear us, I sat down and looked at Mia’s and Gwen’s pale faces as they looked back at me. “What?” I asked then, starting to eat again. Gwen was the first to speak up.

“Girl, in less than 3 hours here, you have already chosen our teacher as your soul mate, and you made James into your lap dog. I have a feeling that you will make our lives much more interesting.” She said, and Mia beside her just nodded, still in shock.

“Well, I am sure coming here will have the same effect on me.” I ate some of my fried rice. “Who was that guy and what is his problem?” Mia recomposed herself before answering.

“That was the most womanizer of all. He really dated most of the girls in this academy. Gwen included. He is just a jerk. The best thing you can do is to ignore him. He is not known for going after anyone. He just shows up and girls go falling for him at the same time. In a day or two he will give up on you, I am sure.” Mia said, as Gwen shook her head in defeat.

“I can´t believe I fell for that jerk. I think that at the time I was just lonely. It was a hard time of my life and he used that for his benefit. I will never forgive him, and I am sorry for all the girls that had their heads messed up because of him.” Mia rubbed Gwen´s back, consoling her.

 “Are you guys done eating yet? Hell is still in the room, and he always gets really pissy if he awakes and I am not close by. Can we go?” Gwen asked embarrassed while getting up.

“I am done.” Mia said also getting up.

“Me too. Let’s go.” I got up and we started going towards the door. Suddenly I walked straight in to a wall of muscles. I was mad for a second when I thought it was James again and before I could start screaming at him, I looked up and saw a pair of amazing green and blue eyes looking back at me.

“Oh, hum… I am sorry, I didn´t see you there.” I could feel my cheeks burning. I was never a shy person. But looking at him this close, and having my head on the level of his chest, just made me think how good it would be to put my hands in his chest and feel my body close to his. WHAT THE HELL IS MY PROBLEM??? That is so weird. He is my teaches, so I can´t even have this kind of thoughts. I just met the guy and I am already like this? That is just not normal. He was looking at me with a weird expression, as if he was curious or something. But that was gone before I could find out why.

“Look were you are going. Someone can get hurt from your lack of attention.” He side stepped me and kept walking toward the cafeteria. His lion right behind him. Giving me a long stare before walking away. And just like that my crush was dissipated into a wall of fury. Really? Was he really bringing the I´m-the-hot-dude-therefore-I-can-mistreat-people-however-I-want crap? Oh no, this is not a romantic novel. I won´t fall for this shit.

“Hey Gwen, do you smell that? I think love is in the air.” Mia said with a melodramatic act. It made me laugh.

“Oh shut up Mia. I just found out shifter guys are assholes. I think I can take that as a rule. I sad loudly, making sure he could hear me before leaving.

As he were in the hallway Mia turned and started walking in front of me, while turned to me “Ok so he is kind of rude. But that just sums up his hotness don´t you think?”

“Hum, yeah but no thanks. My last boyfriend was also hot, and rude. And that is a mixture I am trying to avoid at the moment. I think I am looking forward to someone nicer, you know? The kind of guy that holds you at night and whispers sweet nothing into your ear or stuff like that.” I said, remembering Kevin and how he almost made me feel like that. Almost.

“Ha! Gwen, are you thinking the same as me?” They looked at each other for a second with little evil smiles before Gwen grabbed my shirt and whispered in my ear “we have just the guy…”

I was confused for a second but then the confusion was replaced by curiosity. “And who might that be?”

“Hum, you will see soon enough”.

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