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Capítulo 7 - Coffee first, question later

Chapter 7

The next morning I woke up late, and I almost bit Mia’s head off when she tried to wake me up by throwing a pillow at my head. I took a shower and putted on the uniform they let on my bed last night. It was a normal black shirt, with the academy symbol (a red star with a wing coming from inside of it) and a short red skirt. I let my hair down, and after doing my makeup, I ran after my roommates on the cafeteria.

They were already eating their waffles when I got there. I went to get an apple and sat beside Mia.

Are you ready for your first day? This is going to be so awesome. We will go to the first class together ok? You are going to love Mrs. West, she is the best.” Mia said. She has a little bit of syrup running down her chin but I guess she just didn´t care as she kept eating.

“Yeah, ok. This is going to be cool. I can´t wait to start strategy and fighting classes. Those are my favorites.” I regretted my words as soon as they came out of my mouth. Evil smiles spread in both their faces then.

“They are your favorite classes all right. I can see you are happy to study here. What could be the reason? Something wild or feline like?”Gwen teased me.

“Shut up you guys. I am serious, I always loved fighting, but I never had the chance to really learn it. It will be a good opportunity for me, and that has nothing to do with Mace.” actually after knowing what a jerk my soon-to-be teacher was, it cooled my blood a little bit, but not enough to make me hate this classes.

“Ok, ok we got you. Let’s start walking towards our class before you get as red as this apple. ” Mia was grinning from ear to ear as she stood up. I tried to punch her in the arm but she dodged. “We got to go Kitty, hurry up. Gwen, we’ll see you at lunch.” She waved at her, and walked off. I stuffed the last bagel in my mouth and hurried after her.

We entered the classroom, and there were only two empty chairs on the far left corner, so that´s where we sat. I could feel some people staring at me, and it was kind of uncomfortable.

 As if Mia could read my mind she said. “Don’t worry. It’s your first day. It’s normal for everyone to stare, and it doesn’t help the fact that your mother is the head mistress. They will get used to you faster than you know.” Her comment made me feel a little better, remembering that this awkward feeling would go away in no time. I smiled hesitantly at her and started unpacking my stuff, and by stuff I mean my notebook. Because I forgot to bring a pencil. That is a very good way to start Kayla. You’re awesome.

Mia, sensing my discomfort toward missing objects landed me her own. It was purple with some fluffy stuff over it. No comments there. I hope no one sees it, or I will start with a terrible reputation.

The teacher came in and the whole class went silent. She was a elegant woman. She was not exactly beautiful like my mother, but she seemed like a real nice person. She had blond hair and brown eyes. I could not see her animal but if I could guess I would say she is some kind of rapine bird. “Hello everyone. Today we have a new student with us. Get up please Mrs. Kayla, so we can see you better.” I did as she said. “Please, introduce yourself to the class.”

I looked around and everyone was looking at me expectantly. “Hello, my name is Kayla Blake, I’m from Florida, and I don´t have an animal yet, but I will in two months. This is my first time with so many people like me, so… yeah.”I was so nervous that I didn´t even know what to say, so I sat down. I could hear everyone whispering things. “So, she is the head mistress’s daughter?” “If she doesn´t have an animal yet why is she here?” “Man she is hot.” “I don´t like her already.”

I didn´t like most of these comments. But I have to say that the ‘hot’ part did wonders to my ego. “Alright class, everyone settle down and open the book on page 354, we will remember what we learned last week, and then we will go to big animal’s anatomy on chapter 32.” The teacher said, changing the subject, and I was glad for that.

“So, we all know that the bigger the spiritual animal is, the longer it takes to transform. Who could tell me why is different from the transformation to smaller animals?” a girl in the front row raised her hand. “Yes, Katherine?” she was a small girl, almost Mia’s size, with short gray hair. I guess she bleach it.  Her eyes were a deep blue, almost purple. She had a gray brownish owl on her shoulder. And just like that I knew who the nerd of the class was.

“That is the result of the materializing process. It takes more energy to collect the atoms in the air to create the physical substance of a massive body then when transforming into a smaller animal, because dissipating it’s a much easier procedure. God damn it!! How many difficult words in a sentence. I could try to explain like that but I would probably just say stuff like ‘flow’ and ‘little balls of energy’ or something like that.

“thank you Katherine, I could not have explained better. So, if there are atoms…” and that was how class went for an hour straight.

When class was over, Mia showed the way to the next class. I was kind of lost after I walked I while. It was further then I thought. I never had any sense of direction, so I always got lost wherever I went. I think I should start carrying a GPS with me. It would be safer for everyone.

“Hey, it looks like you are lost, do you need any help? I am more than available to do so.” I knew that voice, and I wasn´t happy about it. I turned around and James was five inches from my face. I took three steps back.

“I am fine thanks. I don´t need your help, I got it.” Before I could rip the paper away he took my schedule from my hands and took a look at it. He smiled. Why did he smile?

“So, look at that, I guess we will be seeing each other every day on second period. I think it must be destiny talking to us. Are you sure you don´t want help? I am going to the same class as you and if you are late, Ms. Russell won´t let you come in, and everyone would have a bad impression of you on your first day of class. Do you want that?” He told handing me back the paper.

Damn he was right. It was bad enough that everyone knew who my mom was, and I am pretty sure the guy behind me saw my fluffy pencil. I didn´t want everything to get worst. Reluctantly I nodded at him.

“Fine, you won. Just this time. I will just let you help me because I don´t want to call too much attention.” He threw his head back and started to laugh.

“It´s too late for that Wildcat!” He started to walk and I followed him in silence. What is it with everybody and the animal nicknames?  

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