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Here's a new chapter! (Not a Filler)

Capítulo 10 - Closure

Blinding bright lights.

Blue eyes dilated as they tried to clearly focus on the bright massive sun lamps.

"Nnngh", a small throaty groan rumbled in the bed bound figure's chest.

The sound of a constant 'beep' echoed around the brightly lit room. Blonde eyebrows scrunched upwards at the feeling of a breathing mask.

'Where am I?', the blonde thought for a moment. Unsure of where she was at, at the moment.

and then her memories began to run and she came to her senses.

Blue eyes widened suddenly, and the owner of those eyes shot up with enough strength that the bed bent inwards, all the wires and cables that were attached to her snapped off her body and the ones that didn't were ripped off.

only one thing ran through Kara's mind at the moment.



"Kara was always just there. She always believed in me, even when it truly looked like I did something.", Lena smiled sadly as she sipped on some herbal tea.

"Little Danvers always stuck up for you.", Maggie gave the Luthor a Dimpled smile, "That girl had it bad."

Winn smiled as he shook a knee slightly, he gave Lena constant smiles, The male knew that Lena wasn't doing so good emotionally, he and Maggie have been trying to up her mood.

"She really did, Kara always rambled on whenever someone brought you up, it all makes sense now.", Winn chuckled as he took a swig of his beer.

Clark sat quietly, drinking his iced coffee with an extra espresso shot, a newspaper in the other hand.

Currently the superfriends had united at Lena's home, they were just staying around the Luthor woman. They all noticed how the large spacious luxurious living space was pretty dull in color, save for certain areas of the home No doubt Kara had taken to decorating.

a picture frame that hung on the wall next to a picture of no doubt a young Lex and Lena with their father had gotten many of the superfriends attentions. The picture was of Kara and Lena, Kara was standing behind the Luthor, hugging her from behind, and Lena was wearing a gracious genuine smile, both women smiled so wide, their pearly white teeth showed, both seemed to glow with happiness.

Lena looked so utterly happy.

Just as Happy as a Young Lena Luthor looked in the picture that was taken with a young not so crazy Lex, and a very much alive Lionel Luthor.

Lena looked amazing.

Alex's eyes would dart to the picture every few minutes, it broke her heart as she began to understand a bit more of Lena. The innocent Lena from all those years ago, before Lex went mad and Before Lionel had died, had been destroyed by life and circumstances, never being allowed a chance at happiness.

until Kara came and just accepted her without hesitation.

Kara was able to mend the broken and sad Luthor's heart.

"Kara and I had a Bumpy start.", Lena said suddenly.

everyone looked at the Luthor.

James and J'onn hadn't said much, they merely sat quietly eating takeout.

Winn, and Maggie sat across the Luthor, Alex and Clark both sat closest, Eliza sat next to Clark, making her third closest.

"I know you all are probably still taken aback by everything, Especially with finding out that not only had me and Kara been dating, but I got pregnant.", Lena sat her cup of tea down, emerald eyes traced the rim of her cup for a moment, she looked up to meet a few gazes.

James looked on, lips parted to speak, "Definitely, It's not like her to hide something so big".

"I wasn't really surprised about you two getting together", Winn chimed in, "I'm just surprised that she didn't say anything about it. I mean, You're important to her, she should have said something."

Lena smiled weakly.

"I think a question that's been on my mind since we all found out is, Were we going to be told at all?", James piped up again.

the room fell eerily silent.

The group all shot glances at each other.

Lena remained calm and composed.

Clark wasn't intervening at all, he sat silently.

After a good moment of silence, Lena spoke, she answered the question.

"I...Can't exactly answer that.", Lena said with slight uncertainty.

Another moment of silence swept by.

"What were you two going to do? Run away together?", James spoke again, he almost spoke sarcastically.

Clark finally looked up and sat his coffee down, he shot a glance towards Lena, Lena nodded as if telling him she was fine.

It would seem that No matter what occurred, it had become clear that Clark would be in the picture somehow, it clearly struck something inside the Superfriends.

especially James and Alex.

Eliza even seemed Hurt.

Lena shrugged, "If that was what she wanted to do.", the Luthor said without hesitation.

Maggie could feel the room's vibes grow heavier by the second.

James clearly looked mad to some extent, "So you'd just let her-"

Lena swallowed thickly for a moment, she released a sigh, "You don't seem to get it."

James narrowed his eyes, "get what?"

everyone merely looked on between the two.

"I only do what she wants, She chooses, I only Follow through. If she wanted to pack up and go, who am I to stop her? She has a say in how me and her approach things, In fact, she has most of the say, I don't exactly have people to leave behind, she does, So she chooses.", Lena grew serious, every word she spoke it with purpose, "I get it, You all felt or maybe feel some type of way, but maybe that's because of yourselves, Kara knew how you people looked at me, she knew how you people would treat me, I could careless, but Kara cared, She didn't want to be rejected by the family that took her in when she came to earth, and friends she made along the way, she relied heavily on your opinions, and thoughts."

Clark sighed softly.

Alex felt a pang of guilt.

Eliza listened on.

"Kara knew that if she told you guys about me, You'd all jump at the chance to separate us. She knew I would be rejected right off the bat.", Lena kept her gaze strong and hard, "Me and her started off on the wrong foot, we took a while to finally get it together, we fought and argued quite a bit in the first weeks we began to date. But we were able to get passed the issues and begin to see eye to eye on stuff.", Lena sighed softly, "I think she knew that if she told you, you guys might have succeeded in breaking us apart, we were both already in bad positions.".

Eliza sighed softly, "Would that have been for the better?", the woman questioned suddenly.

Lena now looked at the older Danvers, she frowned slightly, "Maybe, in that time frame it might have been.", the Luthor admitted. She knew that if Kara's friends intervened back then when she and Kara weren't exactly strong enough trust wise to push through the tough stuff, They would have easily been broken apart. Lena wasn't afraid to admit that it was hard at first, hard getting a grip on the fact that she had fallen in love with a Super, her family's mortal enemy.

"what about now? are you and Kara...okay?", Eliza pressed.

Lena nodded, her eyes almost sparkled, "Clearly. I wouldn't be willing to have Kara's child if we weren't okay.", the Luthor smiled sadly, she looked away for a moment, emerald eyes looked out the balconies glass door to the horizon, "My purpose for bringing all of this up, is just so that before you all jump on Kara when she wakes up, you all can try and see why Kara did what she did."

It was becoming clearer and clearer to everyone. It truly was. Alex saw it before everyone else did, and it hurt. Maggie and her spoke about it, Maggie comforted her, but Alex needed Kara to forgive her, forgive her for not being as open minded as Kara might have needed her to be.

Kara was doing things on her own, Maybe Kara needed her, from how Lena put things, it all began to make sense, Kara was moody just 6 months ago, she was that way for a good month of two, and after that she just got anxious and giddy about things.

"God, I feel like shit", Alex whispered softly as she rose her hands to bury her face into them.

Maggie rose a hand to rub the Danvers' back.

Winn looked slightly sad.

Lena breathed softly through her nose. She never would have expected herself to be in this situation, but it was happening, she had to clear the air before Kara woke up, she hoped Kara would wake up. She wanted everyone to understand that Kara just didn't want anyone to reject her, especially with the already great amount of emotional stress they had at the time.

J'onn kept his gaze soft and filled with sympathy, he knew that Lena didn't intend to hurt people, she just wanted things out there.

She didn't want Kara pummeled with questions.

"It's Kara's life, And maybe we pushed her too much into things she didn't exactly choose.", Clark said. "She just wanted to deal with things on her own, she wanted to be with Lena, and...Even though it's a bitter pill to swallow, Kara was right, we would have all reacted with animosity, Kara had every right to try and pursue the woman that made her happy, but we would have gotten in between…", Clark felt his chest tighten slightly, the passed few weeks since finding out about Lena, Clark saw a whole new side to Kara, Kara was happy, the way she put Lena's safety before her own, The way Kara just lit up every time Lena told her she loved her.

Lena noticed everyone slip into thought, clearly she was able to shake them up.

James seemed to grow a bit sympathetic.

Alex looked ashamed.

J'onn stared at Lena with sympathy, "It was her identity that caused problems between you two?", he half questioned.

Lena sighed again, she felt eyes settle on her again, she nodded, "Yes.", she admitted honestly.

The room fell into another moment of silence, save for Lena's voice cutting through it.

"I was ashamed. I hated her, I hated myself.", Lena said, "I made attempts to get her to go, I argued with her, I pushed her as far away as I could. But she kept coming back, she kept trying and she kept…", Lena paused for a moment as she sucked in a breath, emerald eyes teared up, "I loved her...as Kara Danvers, I did. And then after the invasion-"

"After?", J'onn hummed, everyone else seemed to raise eyebrows at this. "You've know she was supergirl since then?"

Lena nodded, "My mother...she...she exposed Kara's identity to me during the raid, After Caitlin and those other scientists from earth 1 left to help Mr Allen and Mr. West. It was only Me, my mother, Henshaw and Kara, When the DEO was breached, Kara saved me and it was then my mother exposed Kara. and well...I just…Snapped. I felt lied to, Like she didn't trust me enough, even though I trusted her, I loved her…"

Clark knew what Lena meant, it was exactly what had pushed Lex over the edge, Lena felt betrayed.

Clark thanked Rao that Lena was able to come back from that.

Lena released a heavy breath, "After that, I spent some time thinking. I hated her for a bit, but I was able to get over it, but that wasn't the end of it, I still struggled with shame, I felt like a disgrace, I found love where it wasn't supposed to be, I allowed my walls to fall without thinking of the consequences. I tried to put space between us, but she was persistent, even when I threatened her, she didn't care, she just wanted to be with me, and it was a good month or two fighting and doubting."

"what changed?", Eliza asked.

"My thoughts. My feelings.", Lena bit her bottom lip for a moment, she turned to Eliza, "I was able to accept things, my feelings, The fact that I had fallen in love with a super.", The Luthor smiled bitterly, "She made me happy, she made me feel things I never thought I'd feel. even when we were at the bad stages of our relationship, She still showed me she loved me, even if I pushed her away."

James sucked in a breath as he listened.

J'onn was observing the girl, he knew she was being honest, she wasn't coating anything with lies. Lena was saying it how it was.

the room fell into silence again.

Lena looked down again. Emerald eyes on the left over tea in her cup.

Alex could see a distant look taking over Lena's face, she felt her chest tighten. Everything Lena said, made her guilt rise, because she began to get a grip on maybe just how much Kara might have needed her then.

since the first day Eliza officially met Lena, Eliza knew that Lena wasn't exactly in a good place emotionally, and probably never had been, until of course Kara came along, Kara seemed to have filled something inside the Luthor, a place that Lena may have had vacant since Lex and Lionel left her.

Eliza looked at Alex, she could tell how Much Alex was blaming herself at the moment, Alex looked guilty and ashamed.

they all messed up in one way or the other, Eliza felt that she messed up due to not thoroughly digging into the blonde.

Alex, James and J'onn messed up due to not being open minded.

Maggie and Winn along with Clark were in the clear.

they all knew where they stood.

Clark sighed out heavily, he didn't feel as guilty, he felt okay, Kara came to him first, he didn't freak out too much, he was only nervous, but as he finally got to know Lena, he saw how good she was. His dark blue eyes looked to the Luthor, he noticed the distant look on her face, he knew she missed Kara, Kara was her rock, Kara was a physical form of stability for the Luthor.

Lena loved Kara.

even if at first it hurted them both.

Clark smiled softly, He felt warmth in his chest, He felt happiness for Kara, she fought for Lena, and she got her.

Communication was where everyone failed.

and this would be the last time that happened.

Alex looked up from her hands, Lips were parting to speak, but as they did, a loud thump came from the balcony that made everyone jump.

"-Nghhh!", came a grunt.

Lena shot up from her chair so fast her chair fell back.

Clark spun around to see whom had crashed onto the balcony.

Eliza, J'onn and Winn along with Maggie and Alex all jumped off the couches.

Shock dawned upon their facial features.

except Lena's. Hers was filled with relief

"Kara!", Lena yelled out as she ran out of the living room area and out onto the balcony to a kneeling Kara whom shot up to her feet to lean against the glass.

Kara looked up, she had teary eyes, "Lena! Rao I-", before Kara could continue Lips crashed against hers, Kara's eyes fluttered shut when she felt soft hands cup her cheeks. She wrapped her arms around the heiress's body. a smile curled Kara's lips at the feelings of the heiress's growing belly against her own.

Lena pulled away, tears had already left her eyes to roll down rosy cheeks, "Baby, you're okay!", Lena's tone was shaky and almost came out as a sob.

Kara grinned weakly as she put her hands securely on Lena's hips, she kneeled down and pressed her forehead against Lena's tummy, "Rao, you got bigger", Kara said as she slipped her arms around Lena's waist again.

Lena smiled softly, she brought a hand down and settled it over Kara's head, fingers running through blonde hair, "I did, Baby, I did.", tears dripped off of Lena's chin.

Kara smiled as she pressed a small kiss against the woman's stomach, "Rao, Tell me you've been healthy, Lena, Please.", Kara sighed as she looked up, a tear or two fell onto her face from Lena's chin.

Lena was going to answer, but was beaten to the punch.

"Don't worry Cousin, She's been fine", Clark came out with a grin and tears in his eyes.

Kara grinned back, as she looked at him, "Kal, You've been watching her?", She smiled thankfully. She began to get up, she kept Lena's body close against her own.

Kal's smile weakened slightly, he approached Kara and hugged her, "It's great to see you, cousin."

Kara returned her cousin's hug with an arm.

Lena smiled, she felt happiness flood her again, she rose a hand to place it on Kara's sternum once Clark pulled away from the hug.

Kara grinned with teary eyes, "Are you okay, Kal? You didn't get hurt either right?", the blonde asked.

Lena cuddled slightly into her super's side, she released a content sigh.

Kal smiled, "No I didn't", he knew what she meant by the question, Kal knew that, that night Lillian pulled that gun out and took aim, Kara was going to take the bullet no matter what, and she did, Kal knew that Kara saved him.

"That's good", Kara's eyes nearly sparkled, "I think Lois would probably kill me to be honest", She chuckles softly as she wrapped both arms around Lena protectively.

Clark grinned.

the three stood there for a moment, only shifting when the others inside the penthouse made their presence known.

"Kara", came a concerned voice.

Kara looked up, Clark hummed and stepped aside to allow for Kara to see the others. Clark was beside Lena now.

It was almost ironic.

Two supers, and a Luthor.

Kara's eyes glanced about the faces.

Maggie and Winn both looked on sympathetic, Alex looked a mix of hurt and sad, James wore an unreadable look, J'onn and Eliza looked relieved.

"Alex...guys.", Kara tensed slightly, almost protectively.

Lena felt the super's hold strengthen slightly, she felt the muscles tense, instinctively she whispered softly and ran her hand down to the super's tensing stomach. "It's okay", she whispered.

Kara eased up slightly, eyebrows knit together for a moment.

Alex could see Kara's demeanor grow intimidating.

J'onn sighed softly, he could read what was going through the blonde's mind, "We don't mean any harm. We want to talk."

Eliza took in Kara's figure, she looked pale, but healthy at the same time, "Kara, honey", the woman spoke softly.

"Can we talk?", Alex spoke softly.

Kara without hesitation answered, "Later", She said with a softer expression, "I just...want to be with Lena right now, alone.", Kara looked into Alex's eyes.

Alex and everyone else all understood.

The kryptonian just wanted to be alone with her mate.

anyone would want to be alone with their significant other after waking up from a coma like state.

Clark turned to Kara and smiled softly.

Lena remained still by Kara's side.

"Alright, whenever you want, you're free to come by the DEO or just my place", Alex said softly and turned around.

everyone else including Clark began to go back into the penthouse, they gathered their stuff and left.

after a good moment of silence, Kara sighed softly and turned to Lena, "They know right"

Lena looked up to meet Kara's slightly sad expression. "Yes. Clark and I spoke to them after My mother hurt you.", she rose her hands and settled them on the super's face, she held the blonde's cheeks.

Kara frowned slightly, "Did they mistreat you?", she spoke a bit aggressively.

"Not really, Clark set them in place, and when I told them the baby was yours, they all refrained from pressing me.", Lena explained as she felt Kara hug her closer.

Kara nodded as she leaned forwards and pressed her lips against Lena's, to which Lena returned with a needy sigh.

"Are you unsure about us?", Lena asked as she pulled away slightly, she pressed her forehead against Kara's own, Emerald eyes spilling into Sapphire ones.

"Never. I Love you, You and our baby are my life, I'd never choose anyone over you two. It's either they fully accept the situation or get out of my life-", Kara sighed again, she unwrapped an arm from Lena's waist and pressed her palm softly against the Luthor's stomach, "-Our lives.", Kara corrected herself. "I know I need to talk to them about this, About why I didn't tell them.", the blonde closed her eyes as she kept her hand against the baby bump.

Lena smiled softly, "Relax.", the ravenette moved her hands to the blonde's hair, fingers tangled in the blonde hair that grew in the back of the super's head. She wanted to ease the super, she knew how protective and aggressive Kara had grown to become, and along with that, Kara had developed a temper, but of course, never towards her. "Go see them later."

Kara nodded softly, "Later. Right now, I want to be here, with you", Kara opened her eyes and effortlessly picked Lena up, she smiled sweetly when she felt Lena wrap her legs around her waist. "I love you,Lena."

Lena closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip for a moment, "I love you too, baby. So much.", tears finally wet the Luthor's long eyelashes.

Kara hummed softly, she turned her body and began to walk into the penthouse. She felt utterly relieved, Lena was okay, and so was Kal.

"I'm so glad you weren't hurt, Baby. I don't know what I would've done if you and the baby got hurt.", Kara whispered as she walked towards the couch.

Lena whimpered softly, she trembled slightly, "You got hurt, Kara. You suffered kryptonite poisoning. I thought I lost you, I thought I was going to have this baby without you beside me.", Lena brought her hands to her face and buried her face into them.

Kara nodded, her facial expression was soft, "Even so, Lena. As long as the baby and you are okay.", blue eyes gazed lovingly at the crying ravenette, "I'm willing to throw my life away should I have to, you come before anything no matter what, and that's something I'm going to express to everyone else."

Lena sobbed softly, "Kara", she whimpered softly.

Kara made it to the couch and sat down with Lena in her lap, "Shhh, it's okay, Princess.", a smile curled the super's lips, she closed her eyes and leaned forwards, she pressed her forehead against the crying ravenette's hands and breathed softly, merely basking in the feeling of the Luthor's body in her arms, she felt the baby bump in between their bodies, she felt her chest fill with warmth, "We're fine now, Don't worry."

Lena nodded, face still buried in her hands.

"I'll always protect you, Lena, always."


"Babe, you alright?", Maggie spoke softly as she hugged Alex from behind.

Alex nodded silently, she was stuck in thought, she had been since she left Lena's home, it'd been a good few hours now, the sun had set a little over 2 hours ago.

"Do you think she's mad?", Alex finally parted her lips.

Maggie shrugged as she buried her face into Alex's hair, "I don't know, Alex. She didn't seem mad. She's just doing what anyone with a pregnant spouse would do. She's just protective of Lena."

Alex sighed out heavily, she leaned into the detective's body, "She needed me, but she couldn't come to me, I wasn't there for her."

Maggie understood what was going on, she knew that Alex was hurting emotionally. "Relax, babe. When she comes, you'll talk it out."

Alex nodded and released a shaky breath.

and as if on cue, the window opened and in came a Blonde haired woman. Shoes made contact with the hardwood floor.

Maggie and Alex separated quickly.

"Kara.", Alex sighed out. she nervously fidgeted, Maggie turned to Alex.

"I'll call you tomorrow, Bye Babe.", Maggie then shot a glance at the serious looking Super, it was definitely her time to go, "Bye Kara.", the detective then turned around, she walked to the door and left without another word.

the door shut, and silence filled the room.

Kara had her arms crossed over her chest.

Alex merely stood in place, the silence only seemed to thicken.

"I've been dating her for half a year.", Kara finally spoke, saying what she should have said before this mess happened.

Alex's eyes met Kara's.

"She told us…", Alex managed to say back.

Kara sighed out as she began to walk to the living room. "She's gonna be my bond mate. And...I wanna marry her too, I've been saving for a ring". the blonde plopped down onto the couch.

Alex nodded, she began to walk over to the same couch Kara was on. "I see.", Alex breathed out as she finally sat down.

Kara had her hands on her knees and kept her gaze on the tv that was currently off.

Alex sighed out heavily, she had to get to the point, it was killing her with anxiety. "You could have at least told me she was pregnant, Kara.", the brunette manage to speak her thought.

Kara chewed lightly on her bottom lip, "I don't know. You probably would have flipped out."

Alex scoffed and turned to the blonde, unshed tears in her eyes, "and you think I haven't flipped out within the last few days?"

Kara turned her head to meet her sister teary gaze, "I...I just...I didn't.", Kara sucked in a breath and released it, she swallowed thickly and kept Alex's gaze, "I knew what you'd say, what you'd do. I didn't want to hear it, I didn't want to hear the 'all Luthors are Bad' speech. I didn't want to sit through nagging and bad talking about the woman I love. and I didn't want to hear anyone's opinions and thoughts, I wanted to do this on my own, I didn't want someone to talk me out of going after Lena.", the Blonde rose a hand and ran it through her wavy blonde hair. "I didn't want someone's opinions to influence my decisions this time."

Alex sighed, she understood it all, Kara just wanted to get something on her own. and Alex was and everyone else were like blocks in her way.

"I wanted to tell you, every time...all those times, when things got hard...when I thought I couldn't get Lena to forgive me, to trust me, I wanted encouragement, it would have helped.", Kara's eyes grew a bit tear, she sighed out heavily, "And I wanted to tell you even more when I found out she was pregnant...But...I just didn't want to deal with the disappointment.", each word Kara spoke, sent pangs of guilt in Alex's chest.

"Kara, I wouldn't have been disappointed if you told me she was pregnant, I mean...She's willing to have kids with you, that's big, that would have been more than enough reason for me to trust her more.", the Brunette gave the blonde a watery sad smile.

"I just...I don't know.", Kara licked her lips slightly, "I thought….I just...didn't want her to get hurt, I just wanted to protect her from bad looks and words from the people in my circle of friends and family."

"I get it...I do.", the brunette rose her hands to wipe her tears away, "I messed up in not giving you a chance to make decisions on your own. I should have been there for you when you needed to talk about what was happening between you and Lena...you were there when Me and Maggie went through the rough patches."

Kara smiled softly, "I don't know though, I mean...Me and Lena kinda had a 'big' patch to work out, you may not have been willing to stand by anyways.", she chuckled a bit bitterly.

Alex's eyebrows furrowed for a moment, "Did she use kryptonite?". the woman knew Lena expressed herself sadly about those dark 2 months at the beginning of Kara and her relationship of rebuilding.

Kara snorted slightly, "No...she just...Got handsy once, it didn't hurt of course, but It's understandable, I should have told her I was supergirl, all her life she's been lied to and hurt, I wasn't any different then, I lied to her, I trusted her, yet I lied and Lied my ass off for months."

Alex rose an eyebrow, "she hit you?"

Kara rubbed the back of her head, "Is that all you got from that?"

Alex nearly snorted, "Yes and no?"

Kara chuckled as she hummed, "Like I said, It was my fault, she didn't want me around, but I insisted, I mean, Sure she snapped pretty hard, but I mean...I messed up."

"I can't believe she hit you", Alex muttered.

Kara narrowed her eyes at her sister, "Alex"

"Fine, Fine.", Alex sighed.

the two sat in silence for a moment.

Thoughts running through both women's heads.

"So. Lena's pregnancy...How have you Managed to keep that a tightly kept secret? even from the press.", the brunette just had to ask.

"Me or Kal would fly Lena to the office, she'd stay away from public places, she wore baggy stuff, and if she had to go out, She had Jess, me or Kal scope a place out for her.".

"Perks of knowing the Supers", Alex said with a smile.

Kara smiled back, "Well...she doesn't just know us, she's family."

Alex nodded, "She is…"

Kara turned away for a moment.

The brunette spoke again, "So, you want to marry her.", she asked.

Kara nodded, "Yeah, Kal's working out the Kryptonian ways, and I'm working on the earthly ways."

The agent nodded, "You really love her huh?"

the super turned to the Danvers woman, she nodded, "I do, I love her so much."

"I'm glad.", Alex said, her expression was genuine, "For you to protect her like you've always done, You really do love her, and I know she loves you just as much.", Alex reached out and put her hand over Kara's, "I'm happy for you Kara."

a smile curled Kara's lips, "Thanks.", Kara felt her chest lighten up, she felt weight off her shoulders. she felt free.

Kara knew that if Alex still didn't approve, she'd struggle a bit, she'd get over it, but with time.

The kryptonian was trying to not be so dependent on other's opinions, Cat even told her to let those habits go, that other people's opinions aren't always so good to rely on.

"So, You've made me an aunt and mom a grandma.", Alex began to touch upon the subject of the baby.

Kara blushed slightly, "Uh...Yeah"

Alex began to grin, "You know, since I found out Lena was pregnant, I've been wondering...How-"

"Don't ask me that!", Kara yelled out in embarrassment.

"But I'm Curious", Alex whined slightly.

Kara's cheeks were red with embarrassment, "Uh...I-I don't know either okay, We just...you know...did stuff and it happened."

Alex rose her eyebrows and wiggled them teasingly, "You made a Kara Jr.-"


Alex began to break out into laughter.

Kara joined in sheepishly.

the mood grew much lighter.

suddenly, for a moment...

Everything was okay.

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