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Here's the conclusion to the 2nd filler.

Sorry about the late update hehehe.

Capítulo 9 - Filler 2 part 2

"Lena", Kara spoke softly as she ran her fingers through the soft silky wavy black hair.

The Luthor sighed softly, she was curled up against the Super's warm body, she felt safe and secure, she couldn't help but want to just stay in place.

Kara breathed softly through her nose, she had an arm wrapped around the Luthor, her other hand was gently caressing the younger woman's scalp, the ravenette's head was resting under the kryptonian's chin.

"They didn't hurt you right?", Kara asked as she felt Lena's breath hitch.

Lena merely nodded her head, her emerald eyes had long ago fluttered shut.

the Super smiled weakly, she missed the CEO, she felt great relief that Lena felt the need to call her for help. Lena had some form of trust in her still. Kara felt the Luthor's body relax greatly, she felt the woman's breath grow softer, no doubt the heiress was slipping into sleep.

and Kara remained put, she remained still, her senses focusing greatly on the heiress's sleeping form.

"I'll always protect you.", She whispered.


Lena sighed oddly contently. She felt well rested, she felt comfortable and safe again. She somehow wasn't too surprised to find that she had been sleeping on top of the super, her ear over the kryptonian's thumping heart, she was curled up slightly, strong arms were around her body holding her tightly in place.

Kara had fallen asleep.

"Kara", Lena whispered softly.

The super remained deep in slumber, not stirring nor acknowledging the CEO's voice.

which was fine, Lena merely just wanted to say the name. She always felt like it evoked some form of security.

Despite feeling a bit betrayed at finding out her best friend and national city's super were one and the same, she couldn't bring herself to not crave and yearn for the blonde's illuminating presence, she couldn't help but want to talk with her and share her time with her.

She felt like Kara actually wanted her for her, like Kara accepted her genuinely. But with the secret finally out in the open, Lena doubts it, she begins to fall into her closed-off habits and begins to fall into insecurity and and uncertainty.

unconsciously Lena's hand began to tightly clutch the front of the Super's shirt.

she began to think those negative thoughts all over again, she began to think if maybe, maybe Kara had been lying to her this entire time, maybe Kara wasn't truly her friend.

Kara was most likely spying on her for Superman.

Lena screwed her eyes shut, as her hand balled up tightly, no doubt wrinkling the fabric of the shirt.

She was a Luthor, anyone and everyone that was in her life or made attempts to enter it, were usually only around her for their own benefit, only because Lena was useful.

not because Lena was lovable or friend and time worthy.

"God", the Luthor's emerald eyes snapped open and she frowned heavily. She shifted to get off of the super, and just as she shifted, Kara was startled out of her sleep.

"Lena, Hey-"

"I have to go, I-", as Lena shifted into a straddling position. Kara stilled her.

"Hey, Lena. Relax-", the Blonde said softly as she kept the woman in place, "Are you okay?"

Lena bit her bottom lip for a moment, she turned away, "Does it matter?"

Kara frowned, "It does. It really does", the blonde said sincerely, her hands were on the Luthor's thighs, holding her in place.

the heiress remained silent, not peeling an eye to the kryptonian that made her oh so confused about her feelings.

Kara's lips remained parted, she sighed in slight frustration, she softened her grip on the woman's thighs and softly ran her hands up to the CEO hips, "I don't know what I can do to make you trust me again, I don't know how to make you believe me.", the blonde stressed, she kept her gaze sincerely soft.

Lena nodded her head slightly, still averting any eye contact. "What's there to believe?", she said just above a whisper.

The super sighed softly, blue eyes kept staring at the side of the Luthor's face. "That I really do care about you, that I meant everything I've said to you, That I Love You."

at the last three words the Heiress snapped her attention to the blonde, eyes looking into those blue eyes with disbelief. "Kara-", lips parted to speak, but Kara leaned forwards and cut her off with soft lips against her own.

Lena's eyes widened for a moment, she grew afraid and hesitant, she wasn't sure if she was okay with this. If this had happened before the secret was unintentionally dropped, she would have accepted it quickly, if only Kara had been honest with her from the start.

But Lena was Lena. she was tired of being alone, she wanted to give this a go. To see how Kara would prove it.

emerald eyes fluttered shut, she relaxed greatly and allowed for the blonde to hold her.

"I love you, Lena. I'll do whatever I can to fix this, to prove it to you.", Kara said softly as she pulled away.

the ravenette merely released a small sigh, she opened her eyes slowly, she found watery blue eyes staring at her with sadness, "You get one, Kara.", Lena's lips parted to speak, "Don't hurt me more than you've already have".

Kara nodded, "I promise. From here on out I'll protect you better, You'll only ever get the truth out of me.", the blonde hugged the woman a tad tighter, "Everyday I'll show you I love you, everyday.", the blonde smiled sadly. Her chest felt some weight be lifted off.

Lena nodded and rose a hand to take the side of the woman's face, "The Day you really show me, I'll say it back", emerald eyes teared up, she smiled weakly.

Those three words wouldn't leave her lips until Kara proved that she deserved to hear them from her. Lena wasn't going to plunge herself deep into that, not yet.

"I like you Kara", Lena whispered softly as Kara leaned into her palms touch.

Kara understood, and she nodded, "But I get to say it right?"

"Say what?"

"That I love you.", Kara said as she leaned in and pressed her forehead against the ravenette's own.

for a moment the Luthor thought about it, she was afraid, afraid to hear those words and for it all to just be a lie, she was afraid of the hurt that would come once the 'I love yous' were proven false.

Kara could see the fear written on the Luthor's face. She merely sighed and tilted her head up a bit, she pressed a small chaste kiss against the woman's hairline.

"You can.", the CEO said hesitantly.

Kara remained silent as she felt the woman lean into her body more, she felt Lena's chin on her shoulder.

They remained put for a few moments, just basking in each others presence, Kara feeling relief that Lena was giving her a chance, and Lena was feeling all sorts of emotions, she was scared, but also relieved.

Both knew they'd have to work hard to make it work.

And Both were determined.


"Darling, Are you okay?", Lena's voice was slightly frantic, it was filled with concern as she sat her glass of wine on her coffee table, emerald eyes scanning the injured heroes body, "C'mere let's get you out that suit", the Luthor sighed softly as she took in her lover's battered form, she walked up to the woman and helped her inside her penthouse, hands began to help the super work off the damaged supersuit, she sighed and flinched as she Kara grunted and groaned from the pain of feeling the suit's fabric unstick from her bloody open wounds and angry cuts, blood decorated her body where the suit was torn. Lena was relieved to finally have her super home, she had been following the supers fight against some alien on the news. It was horrid. Kara and Superman were both beaten down brutally, but of course, the good guys came out on top at the end.

with injuries of course.

"Rao, Lena, I thought...I thought I was done for out there. Even Superman thought he was done for.", Kara grunted as Lena tugged the cape off.

Lena's eyes involuntarily teared up, she began to support the kryptonian to her bathroom. "God, It's all because of that Death trap you and him insist on wearing.", the woman's voice shook slightly, she as she and Kara made it to the dimly lit spacious bathroom, Kara groaned as she limped slightly. Lena always warned Kara of that dreadful cape, it was a death trap honestly.

"The cape?", Kara said as she chuckled painfully when Lena made her sit on the tub.

"Yes, I don't even understand why you and him find it necessary, I don't think style points are worth getting grabbed and yanked around.", The CEO went to the shower a few feet away from the Stylish Bathtub and slid open the glass door of the spacious shower, she leaned in a bit to avoid getting soaked, she turned to knob and started the shower, once the shower head began to spray the water, she touched the water to make sure the temperature was just right, she hummed softly and backed away, turning to the battered super whom still had some articles of clothing. the Luthor walked to her, and grabbed her by her arm gently as she helped her up from the edge of the tub, "Mind?", Lena asked as she touched the Super's bra strap.

Kara not hesitating, nodded, she turned slightly to allow for the woman to unclasp the bra.

Lena was quick to work off the bra stained with blood and mud, she let it drop to the floor.

the kryptonian remained composed, not bothered in the slightest about being exposed.

Lena felt herself blush slightly, she'd seen many female bodies sure, but none were Kara, and None were women she was with in a serious manner. the ravenette and the blonde have been together for nearly 3 months, but they've yet to even scrape upon the subject of sex, they've slept together, but it was innocent cuddling, at most, long makeout sessions. Kara would throw in some heavy petting here and there, but that was it.

Kara huffed slightly as she and Lena got to the shower, the glass door was open and the steam of the warm water was welcoming.

Kara sighed in relief, she was desperate for a nice warm shower, she was utterly filthy at the moment.

Lena noticed the heavy limp to the kryptonian's walk, she was concerned, innocently concerned.

Kara reached down and tugged her boyshorts off, they slid down her legs and pooled at her feet, "Rao, I just wanna get this over with, but if i rush I might hurt a bit more.", the kryptonian hissed slightly as she began to step into the shower, the water hitting her open cuts on her shoulder.

Lena winced when she saw the mud, dirt and blood running off of the woman's body.

"I…", Lena cut herself off, she sucked a breath in and spoke with more purpose, "I'll join you, Is that fine?", the Luthor asked when Kara stepped all the way in, hissing and groaning as if the water burned her.

Kara turned to her and nodded, "It's fine, I could use some help."

a soft smile curled those pink lipstick less lips, "I'll be back", the woman said.

Kara smiled back, she merely nodded and turned back to face the black granite tiled wall of the shower, the water hitting her exposed muscled back.

Lena left and went to the room, she began to strip and grabbed two fluffy towels and bathrobes.

Kara was left in the shower, hissing each time the water made contact with another part of her body, she was slow to fully enter under the showerhead, so far only her back was being hit and from time to time, her ribs. But that was it for now, she was too afraid of the pain.

"Kara, Darling you have to get under the showerhead.", came a soft voice.

Kara tensed slightly, she sighed and turned her head to look over her shoulder, "It...It hurts", the hero said in a shaky tone.

Lena blushed slightly and took off the towel that she wrapped around her body, she put it on the towel rack she had next to the tub, she slowly entered the shower, it slowly began to dawn on her, the fact that she and Kara were about to shower together, or rather, Lena wanted to help Kara wash off, and due to that, Lena just decided to just strip to nothing because she was bound to get soaked.

"It'll hurt, but you need to wash off, Honey", the CEO sighed again as she closed the door behind her and stood behind the very naked alien that she thought of as a goddess, or at least a godlet. She reached forwards and put her hands over strong bruised shoulder blades, she felt the water's spray hit the side of her very bare body, "Just relax", she said as she reached for a soft mesh body sponge, she brought it to the super's back and began to work it against the woman's tensing upper body.

"Nngh", Kara grit out through her teeth.

"Relax, Darling.", the heiress's voice was soft, as she looked down to their feet, she could see the mud, dirt and blood going down the drain, she sucked in a breath, she was concerned that Kara's wounds weren't healing as fast, and that Kara was still very much hurting. God, Lena thought to herself, this was what it was like to date a superhero.

What it was like to date a Super.

The Luthor sighed as she finished the super's back and shoulders.

Dating Kara was full of unexpected tears and fears. Lena was worried constantly and concerned for the supers wellbeing. Kara was nearly indestructible yeah, but not completely, Kara had a weakness, Kryptonite. And it seemed that the very deadly kryptonian mineral was popping up often in fights. Kara got hurt often, and people that would watch the many fights on the news would feel sick to their stomachs about seeing their super suffer. Lena would often find herself crying silently in private whenever Kara had gotten brutally beaten, there was something about watching Kara get up repeatedly after being mercilessly bashed and crushed that just angered Lena, the woman would silently beg to any god that would heed her that Kara would just stay down.

But Kara never backed down, even when it seemed that Kara was going to ultimately be killed in battle. the blonde was just so stubborn.

The Girl of Steel ultimately won all the time so far, but one of these days-

"Baby?", Kara spoke softly as she turned her body slightly.

"Huh?", the CEO hummed as she snapped out of her thoughts.

Blue eyes filled with concern gazed into Sad Green eyes.

Lena had stopped moving the sponge over the bruised skin, she stilled. and thus it made Kara turn to see what stilled the Luthor.

"Baby?", came Kara's voice again, it was gentle, the sound of the water hitting their bodies echoed around the bathroom, the Danvers woman turned around completely to face the oddly silent Luthor.

Lena's hands fell to her sides, she wore a sad expression.

Kara sighed and reached out, she took the side of the heiress's face into her palm, she felt Lena lean into her touch, "Princess, what's wrong?", the taller woman questioned, thumb caressing the cheek.

Lena looked up to finally meet the blonde's curious gaze. "You got hurt again", the woman whispered with a shaky tone. "You always get hurt."

Kara's gaze softened, she knew what Lena was thinking and feeling now. It happened a few times already, their talk.

Kara and Lena had been together romantically for 3 months already. Kara and Lena have shared many heart wrenching moments already, the first time was just a few days after Lena and her decided that they could try being more than friends, an alien came to national city to wreak havoc, and it took everything Kara had to take down the alien bent on destroying the city, Kara was fatally injured and was out for a good week. Lena, who wasn't supposed to know Kara and Supergirl was one and the same, had to wait for Kara to awake to reunite with her, the Luthor suffered greatly emotionally, and when Kara woke up, the blonde was quick to leave the DEO without a trace, she sought the Luthor woman out at the woman's penthouse. and When Kara found her, the woman was a mess.

it was all tears and sobbing from there.

Kara knew it stressed Lena out, she knew Lena worried for her.

"I'm fine. I'll heal, Lena. I always do.", Kara said as she stepped closer to the naked woman, she kept her hand on the side of the CEO's face, she smiled weakly.

Lena nodded, "That's not the point, Kara. You know I hate seeing you get hurt, you know I hate-", Lena's voice shook with a sob.

"Shhh", Kara hushed the woman, "I know, I know. But someone has to protect this planet", the woman said as she took her hand off the side of the woman's face, she placed both her hands on the woman's hips, she leaned forwards and pressed her forehead against Lena's own.

Lena whimpered softly, her heart ached, "Does it have to be you?", a question Lena had asked Kara multiple times by now.

Kara gazed softly into those emerald teary eyes.

Kara knew Lena would push her on the subject, she knew Lena hated the superhero thing, not because she was a super, but because she was always at risk.

Lena was always so pushy on the subject.

"Lena. You know I don't do this just because someone has to protect this planet, I do this for my family, for you. if something happens to this planet, you and everyone else I care about suffer as well.", Kara felt the sponge Lena had drop on her foot, she felt wet hands move to hold her face. Kara smiled sweetly.

"But your cousin's capable of handling stuff.", Lena brought the male super into the conversation.

Kara chuckled softly, "Still. There's two of us, it's better."

Lena pouted slightly.

Kara grinned as she Lena wrap her arms around her neck, she blushed slightly at feeling the Human's bare front come in contact with hers. Kara held her closer of course, the showerhead was still spraying them with water.

"Kara-", Lena's lips parted.

but before Lena could speak any further, Soft lips pressed against the Luthor's own.

Lena sighed through her nose as she felt strong arms wrap around her body, she moaned at feeling those abs of steels against her much softer flat belly. "Kara", Lena mewled softly when Kara began to back them up directly under the showers head, both got completely wet.

"What?", Kara growled lightly, it came out husky and sexy, it was unintentional and it was the first time Lena heard the tone come from Kara.

Lena moaned involuntarily, hands placed themselves over muscled shoulders, "Kara, we're in the shower", the woman said when she felt strong hands grab her by her hips, Her front was pressed against Kara's pelvis.

Kara blushed, she locked eyes with the Luthor, she remained silent.

Lena felt her back pressed up against the shower's granite tiled wall, both of them were under the showers constant spray of water.

Kara smiled sheepishly, "I...um...Sorry", the kryptonian apologized as she felt Lena's hand run down to her sternum.

Lena blushed slightly, she took in the way Kara's eyes had darkened for a moment, she knew what the super desired in that moment, she too wanted it, the bare physical contact.

"It's fine, Darling", Lena spoke softly as she then eyed a cut on the Super's cheek, it began to heal, she smiled, "Let's finish this shower and then get something to eat, yeah?"

Kara nodded as she took her hands off those addictive hips, "okay".

with that, both women shampooed each others hair and showered.

that was an almost first time for them...Sexually.

Kara was different in that Moment, Lena kept that in mind, Lena didn't have to be with Kara sexually yet to know that in bed, Kara would no doubt reign Dominance. Kara was gentle and came off as a softy, but Lena knew better.


Lena wasn't normally insecure about her body, she knew she had a great figure…

for a Human.

But Kara was beyond the Human expectations.

and Kara was Her perfect Godlet, and that made her nervous.

Kara was perfect, She was toned and muscled, while Lena was soft and squishy.

Lena blushed as she took a swig of her wine. She knew Kara was getting a bit anxious, she could see it in Kara's eyes, Kara wanted her. But Lena felt...insignificant.

Damn Kara and her abs.

Lena bit her bottom lip as Said blonde dropped by her penthouse after another fight with some anti-alien group that just so happened to not be CADMUS. The blonde was quick to take her super suit off and hit the shower.

this had become quite routine for the couple (much to the DEO's dismay). Kara never stood by after a fight, she was quick to leave even if she sustained slightly serious injury, the super was quick to return to her Human lover.

Of course the DEO and her sister didn't know where the blonde haired hero slipped off to, they asked Kara, but Kara didn't give them an answer, much less an idea. It annoyed Alex and J'onn, but Kara warned them to leave her alone, which surprised everyone involved, cause Kara was barely ever snappy.

but if Kara was Snappy, it meant that she was serious.

and they let her be.

Lena was aware that Kara had told people to mind their own business, and that was fine by her, she agreed, Kara deserved to have her privacy after all.

"Hey, Princess", came a husky voice, lips brushed the tip of Lena's ear, strong arms wrapping around the CEO's body.

Lena swallowed a moan and leaned back into the kryptonians hot body, "Hey, done already, Darling?", she sat her wine glass down onto a nearby surface.

"Yeah, I just needed a quick shower babe.", the blonde smiled as she felt the Luthor's hands on her forearms. Kara nuzzled into the side of the shorter woman's neck, she took in the CEO's scent. "So how was your day, princess?"

Lena tilted her head to the side to allow for the Kryptonian nose to have access.

"It was good, I managed to get that Deal and contract with Prince Industries.", Lena's breath hitched for a moment as she felt Kara kiss the side of her neck.

"Mmm, that's good.", Kara smiled as she murmured against the heiress's skin. She was always happy to hear about her girlfriend's day, and in all honesty, if Lena had a bad day cause she didn't get a deal with a certain company that she herself had connections to, she would have definitely done something to get Lena that contract. Kara was pretty familiar with many L-Corp partners, She was friends with Playboy Bruce Wayne, she had some 'sisterhood' thing going on with Diana Prince, She and the Oliver Queen of this world grew to be familiar as well. Kara was some form of 'power magnet' as Cat had put.

Kara was always willing to make things easier for her lover.

Lena moaned softly when she felt one of Kara's hands trail downwards and place itself on her ass. "Kara?", Lena sounded slightly surprised when she felt Kara's hand palm her.

Kara smirked against the CEO's skin, "What?", she spoke coyly.

the Luthor bit her bottom lip as she felt the kryptonian's dexterous hand still but keep the pressure against her ass.

Lena knew that right now, Kara was in 'the mood', Kara was getting frisky with her and had been getting frisky with her since the shower thing, Kara had grown quite confident, the blonde would grope her every chance she got.

The Heiress didn't have a problem with the blonde's actions, she liked it, Kara made her feel desired and wanted.

and what woman didn't love to feel wanted?

especially when the person giving you all those good feelings was a very desired person.

"Princess?", Kara shifted slightly, she stood up straight, she moved her hand to Lena's hip, "Think we can get some pot stickers?"

Lena nodded, "Of course, Darling. Anything else?", the CEO questioned as she smiled.

"Cuddles and Netflix?", the blonde said as she began to space away from the ravenette, Lena turned around to face the taller blonde.

"Definitely", Lena leaned up and pressed a chaste kiss against Kara's lips. She pulled away and smiled sweetly, emerald eyes looked downward and she saw bare shoulders, toned abs and toned legs. Kara was only in a sports bra and some boy shorts. Lena loved seeing the kryptonian in revealing things.

Kara smirked as she saw Lena oggle her for a moment. "Like what you see?", the super playfully teased.

Lena looked up to meet a lustful gaze, she blushed slightly, but remained composed, she rose a hand to place it over the tight abs of steel, "very", she whispered softly.

Kara growled lightly and she leaned forwards, she bent slightly and grabbed the Luthor by the back of her thighs and picked her up. "I wanna see something I like, baby."

Lena knew what Kara was referring to. and god she grew so nervous. "What do you wanna see?", Lena spoke with a cool tone, she was playing along with the Super's playfulness.

"I wanna see you without those clothes", the blonde spoke without restraint.

Lena recoiled slightly when she felt Kara's abs graze her center, not out of disgust, but out of fear and insecurity. She was turned on, yes. But she was scared. "W-Wait.", Lena managed to speak before Kara was about to set her on the couch.

Kara looked up to meet a scared Luthor's gaze. "Oh...I'm sorry I...I shouldn't have I-", regret washed over Kara's facial features and before Lena knew it, Kara sat Lena onto the couch and unwrapped the legs around her waist.

Lena stood up when Kara turned to move away, "Kara wait-"

"No It's fine, I think I actually have an article to write, I need to get that done before wednesday.", Kara said as she supersped into Lena's room and came back dressed in civilian clothing, her super suit was in a duffle bag. "I'll talk to you tomorrow".

Lena was baffled, Kara was quick to get up and go, and go Kara did, no kiss on the cheek either, Kara said her goodbyes and left.

Lena Huffed and slumped onto the couch, she ran a hand through her loose wavy hair, "damn it", she cursed, she wasn't mad at Kara, she was mad at herself.

Kara was being open with her, Kara wasn't holding back anymore, the blonde would butter her up every moment she got, Lena liked it, she enjoyed Kara's advances, but she was holding back.

Lena chewed the inside of her cheek, and just sat there in silence.

damn it.


Third time's the charm.


It's only a good two days after Kara's awkward leave that Lena finally gets it together, she goes to Kara's loft.

Kara and her have been talking, but only through the use of laptops or phones, instant messenger and chats. Kara was avoiding her through sad excuses, excuses that consisted about a few articles and exclusives Snapper put her up to. But Lena knew better.

Lena called Snapper herself, she asked him and he for some reason answered her, telling her that 'ponytail' was so awkwardly working on a few articles and exclusives, but that they weren't due for at least another week. Lena thanked the man and cut the call. The call of course wasn't the end of it, Lena got a text from the man asking about an exclusive, and she of course didn't reject the idea and allowed it so that the man could be happy and perhaps lay off of the blonde for a bit.

Lena sucked in a breath as she knocked on the door cautiously.

A good moment passed of silence.

Lena was almost going to back away and leave, but as she stepped back the door opened.

"Ms. Luthor!", Came a shirtless Clark Kent, he blushed and sheepishly stepped back into the loft, he called out to Kara, "Kar! we have company!"

"Oh boy is it the pizza man!", Kara whom was wearing nothing but a sports bra and some sweat pants scampered about, and as she saw Lena standing outside, she froze up for a moment.

Lena had an eyebrow risen.

"Is the pizza Here! I'm actually hungry- Luthor….", another voice trailed off, the owner of the voice just so happened to be fully dress, a female Lena knew oh so well, not personally, but through Lex's crimes.

Kara tensed when she saw Clark give her an odd questioning look.

Kara swallowed thickly and jogged to the couch, she grabbed a sweater, she put it on and began to walk to the door, "Uh, you guys handle the pizza guy, money's on the table, I'll be back.", the Blonde said as she gave Clark's muscled shoulder a pat.

Lois hummed, "Do call will ya'. Wanna make sure Lex Jr. Doesn't steal you away.", Lois crossed her arms over her chest.

Clark rubbed the back of his head and awkwardly hushed the Lane.

Kara rolled her eyes, she got to Lena's side and put her hand on the woman's lower back. "Lois.", She shot the reporter a short glance.

Lena however huffed, "Please, Lane.", she spoke with sass.

"Uhhh, well, uhhh be safe cuz.", Clark awkwardly waved.

Kara nodded and gave the man a short wave.

with that the door closed.

"So that article", Lena glared at the super, both women began to walk away.

Kara looked around and sighed, "I was working on it, but Clark and Lois came for a surprise visit. I mean I have a few days until it's due.", Kara began to fully wrap an arm around the Luthor's waist.

Lena frowned slightly, she looked away for a moment, "Right.", she sounded skeptical.

Kara sighed out, "Baby. I'm serious.", Kara whispered softly as she leaned down and pressed her lips against the Luthor's Cheek.

Lena sighed and leaned into the Super's side, "Really? Because I feel like you've been avoiding me.", the woman spoke honestly.

Kara tensed slightly, she looked around, "Can we go back to your place?", the blonde asked suddenly.

Lena nodded, "Of course."

the kryptonian nodded, she pulled Lena with her to a set of stairs.

"Where are we going?", the CEO asked as she realized they weren't going to the exit.

Kara sighed, "Roof, I wanna fly us over there, it's quicker...unless-", Kara turned to the woman.

the ravenette shook her head, "It's fine, I'll tell my driver to take the rest of the day off."


with that, both women were quick to get to the roof, Kara secured the CEO in her arms and flew to the penthouse.

Kara was slightly nervous, she had in fact been avoiding the heiress, She felt like Lena wasn't okay with her advances.

"We're here.", Kara spoke as she landed on the balcony, she gently put Lena down.

Lena sighed softly, she remained close to the hero, it was something that became instinct to her, she always felt assured and safe with the blonde.

"God, I can't seem to get used to that", Lena chuckled softly as she felt Kara keep a strong arm around her.

Kara hummed in acknowledgement. Both began to walk inside the silent penthouse.

"So. We're here.", Lena said as she put her purse down.

Kara stiffened slightly, she brought a hand up to rub the back of her head, she broke physical contact with the ravenette and stepped back, "Yeah...Umm, listen…"

Lena's heart began to race as soon as the word 'listen' came out passed those lips, she knew that tone as well, It wasn't going to be good talk Lena figured. For a moment Lena thought this was going to be a break up talk.

"Yeah?", Lena began to sadden slightly, she felt her heart began to ache. Maybe Kara realized that Lena wasn't so loveable after all, that Kara deserved better. That maybe them giving it a go towards the romantic side wasn't the best call.

"Um, I'm sorry...I...I didn't mean to push you", Kara said as she averted eye contact. She fidgeted in place.

Lena took a moment to process the Super's words, and she realized something as the super kept talking.

"I shouldn't have forced myself on you like that-",

Lena couldn't bare to hear anymore, she rose a hand to silence the blonde, "Forced yourself on me?", she sounded surprised.

Kara finally looked up, she nodded, "Yeah, I...I made you uncomfortable, and I shouldn't have done that, or said that...I just...I- I'm sorry.", Kara looked regretful and distressed, clearly she believed she had done something wrong.

but she didn't.

and it bothered Lena greatly, it saddened Lena.

"Kara…", She breathed out a bit shaky, emerald eyes teared up, "Oh my god, No, No, you don't have anything to apologize for", Lena sucked in a breath as she hastily stepped to her tense lover, "Darling, You didn't make me uncomfortable, You make me feel safe and comfortable all the time.", She rose her hands to the Super's face, she held the blonde's face gently in her palms.

Kara looked a bit confused, "But...I...You seemed uncomfortable. Actually when I started thinking about it, You always seem to get uncomfortable whenever I...ummm, get too touchy. I mean, I get it, it's one thing to date an alien, but another to-"

Lena leaned up and crushed her lips against the alien's own, she didn't want to hear it, she didn't want to hear what she made Kara think.

God, If only she had spoken to Kara about her little insecurity.

Kara hummed softly.

"God, No. This isn't cause you're an alien, if that were the case then I'd never have agreed to date you. Kara I...I…", Lena pulled away and gazed deeply into those watery blue eyes, she saw confusion and hurt, She had been hurting Kara by looking like she was rejecting her. "Kara, Baby. I love you", Lena whispered softly.

Kara's eyes began to widen, her cheeks burned the slightest shade of pink.

Lena blushed as well, she said it, she finally said it, 3 months into their relationship, Lena finally said those three words.

"Lena.", Kara stood still, lips slightly parted.

Lena smiled, "Baby, I love you. All of you.", Lena began to trail a hand down to the super's sternum, "You haven't done anything wrong, all you've done is made me feel wanted, and loved. I'm sorry I made you feel like that...I didn't mean to make you feel like you've been doing something wrong. You treat me with respect and love, You care for me and you're always there for me.", Lena sighed softly, eyes not leaving Kara's, she kept her palm against the side of the woman's face, "I...the problem Is me. I love all the attention you give to me, believe me, you really know how to treat a woman and I love that. But...Like I said, I'm the problem, and Maybe I should have said something before."

Kara nodded slightly, she was paying close attention. "What's been bothering you then, Lee.", Kara kept her gaze sincere.

"I…", Lena felt her cheek burn a little more, her heart began to race a bit, "I...I do, want to have sex with you, I really do.", Lena started off.

Kara rose her eyebrows a bit, she smiled softly. She remained silent.

"But...I just...I...You're...Ummm", Lena wasn't sure how to word it out.

"Say it, Lena.", Kara encouraged the woman.

"I...feel a bit, umm, Insecure?", she said slowly.

for a moment Kara just stared at her blankly.

Lena swallowed.

"Insecure?", Kara repeated.

Lena nodded.

And just like that Kara broke out in laughter.

Lena frowned "Kara", she spoke in a warning tone.

Kara piped down but continued to grin.

"Baby, why? You're perfect, beautiful in every way possible.", Kara spoke with a sincere smile, "I love you, Lee. You know that, And to me, Sex is...Um Not what I want to do.", the Blonde began to grin warmly. "I...I want to...make love to you."

the words were enough to give the ravenette goosebumps, she'd never heard that sentence towards her, never, normally it was always about 'sex', but to make 'love'...

Lena felt all her insecurities wash away just like that.

"God what did I do to deserve you?", the heiress felt warmth spread across her chest, Kara truly loved her.

Kara kept that warm expression on her face, "But I do mean it. Not because I want to get into those sexy panties you wear, but I say it cause I mean it, I want to make love to you, I want to hold you close, I-mmph", Kara smirked slightly when lips crashed into hers.

Lena now held the super's face in her hands.

that was it.

it was all clothes losing and heavy kisses from there.

they spent a good portion of the rest of the day in Lena's bed.

Both content.

and never had Lena felt so worshipped and wanted until today.

"That was amazing.", Lena said as she laid curled against the super's body, strong arms wrapped around her, holding her securely.

Kara smiled weakly and nodded, "Yeah, It was, wasn't it.", Kara sighed contently as Lena rested her hands against her stomach, the heiress's head was under her chin.

"I love you, Kara", Lena whispered softly, she pressed a chaste kiss against the kryptonian's chest.

Kara's heart skipped at the three words that slipped passed Lena's lips again. This was the third time Lena said them.

Kara smiled, "I love you too, Lena, so much.", she whispered.

the two women couldn't have felt any happier. Lena had an amazing experience, it had to be the best sex- Love making, she's ever had...it was, obviously, all she's ever known was sex, but today, Kara had given the term for physical sexual pleasure a new meaning and name. Lena wasn't just physically loved, but also felt loved in a whole new way, the blonde hadn't looked at her with Lust, she looked at her with affection and love.

Lena willingly opened herself up not just physically, but also emotionally, she allowed Kara to 'see' her. She trusted Kara to keep her safe. "Goodnight, Darling", Lena said as she snuggled into the supers chest.

Kara smiled as she unwrapped an arm but only to bring the sheets up to cover herself and Lena, "Goodnight, Princess.", she wrapped her arm around the ravenette again.

Kara was utterly happy.

Lena was here, back in her arms.

Kara felt Complete.

Kara closed her eyes and drifted off into sleep.

This was no doubt the first of many Shared nights.

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