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Capítulo 16 - Chapter Sixteen

"Bruce, I'm not sure about this…" Joker said timidly as Bruce helped him put some boxing white bandages on his left hand, his right hand having them all set up already

"I think this might help you overcome this fear you have of me when I'm angry or practicing. Don't worry, I won't hurt you, I'll mostly just try to block you… and I'll tell you if you hit me painfully… and if you get triggered or anything I'll stand by you ok? I promise. Now let's just give it a try!" Bruce said confident, trying to cheer Joker up a little

They had talked more openly about what happened last time, Joker being honest for the first time about feeling intimidated when Bruce was angry, even outside the gym and without his Batsuit. It made Bruce upset it took him so long to get that out his chest, but he understood it was not an easy confession.

After that Bruce started to suggest they practiced together a little, sometimes you have to fly before you walk, according to him. It was the first time Joker agreed to put some boxing gloves on and try to fight Bruce in a sportive way. Joker was afraid to get triggered like last time and also, deep down, neither of them wanted to hurt each other for real.

"Here, try these ones, I think you'll like them… They are good to protect your wrists… and they don't stink as much as the ones I'm gonna wear… yeah, I should wash those… one day" Bruce said trying to make Joker a bit less nervous

When they were both with their boxing gloves on, Bruce noticed Joker was looking anxious to the bone, so instead of pushing him to start he got closer and gave him a kiss without saying anything. As they kissed Bruce's gloved hands touched Joker's back, massaging him a little, it soon became a very involving kiss.

"If you want more, you'll have to fight for it" Bruce said after he broke the kiss abruptly, winking at him and getting in position to start

Joker laughed briefly and said "Oh I think that's the motivation I needed after all", his aura changing from a darkening haze to a bright spark of competitiveness and determination on his eyes

Bruce told him to begin when he wanted and after Joker studied him for some moments, he tried to give him his first punch. Bruce dodged easily and made no mention to punch back.

"Nice! Try again" Bruce said, encouraging him to continue and making a mental note not to forget he had to take it easy on him. His reflexes were highly trained to fight back, it was hard to control that impulse.

Joker seemed to remember who he was fighting against but didn't give up. He moved around for a short while and tried again and again. On his fifth try, he actually hit Bruce, who blocked him with his arm.

"Good! That's it, J! I bet you can do that again" Bruce said, still in an encouraging way

Joker was starting to get tired after some time so Bruce said he would stop dodging completely and start responding to his punches, a bit of close combat could be good for them. He let Joker get closer and soon he gave him a fast punch in his ribs, making Bruce frown painfully.

"Bruce! Sorry!" Joker said widening his eyes

"It's fine, don't worry! I let my guard down and you saw it! You're doing well!" Bruce said feeling his ribs hurt more than he anticipated. The punch was good, but most of the pain came from another punch someone gave him three days ago with brass knuckles. Clear sigh he should learn how to protect that area better, he thought to himself. Still, he said nothing to Joker about it, he could handle it.

As they got more comfortable with the proximity, they started to leave some of their fear of hurting each other behind and things got a bit more interesting. Bruce eventually hit Joker with a very light punch, mostly to indicate where Joker was vulnerable during the fight, he barely put strength on it. Joker got scared, it was visible on his eyes, but Bruce told him to focus and continue and so he did. Their combat started to get faster and it was fun while it lasted. Bruce said it was enough when he saw Joker's shirt was pretty wet from sweat, he knew it wasn't because it was too much for him physically, his health was good now, he was sweating because he was nervous.

They sat together on a metal bench Bruce had in the gym after he gave Joker a towel.

"Here, drink some" Bruce said offering some cold water from a bottle

"Thanks" he answered feeling his heart was still accelerated

"How are you feeling? I think you did great! Way better than I expected" Bruce said while touching Joker's shoulder, smiling a little

"Do you think so? If it were for real I would be fucked, you hit me a thousand times more than I hit you. But don't worry, it didn't hurt, I'm ok" he said before drinking more water

Bruce looked away for a moment, smiling to nowhere, which made Joker ask him what that was about.

"J, hasn't even been a month since you passed out in this floor after what happened and today you were able to fight against me. I'm surprised you hit me at all, I train all the time, for years! It's ok to be nervous, I don't think I could have done better in your place. What you just did requires a great deal of strength and courage. I'm… I'm actually very proud of you" Bruce said looking into Joker's eyes, who was caught by surprise by his works

"Wow, really… I think this might be the nicest thing you ever said to me. I always think I make very small progress considering the time I'm trying to get over things. It's just really good to hear that" he said in a grateful way

"You shouldn't feel like this at all, you're not dealing with simple things. You could have taken years to be where you are now and it would still be considered good progress. You're a better fighter than I'll ever be"

"Well, I wouldn't have gotten this far if I didn't have a good reason to fight for" Joker said getting closer to kiss Bruce

Bruce thought it would be just a kiss, they had sex the night before and maybe Joker wouldn't be in the mood after being exposed to stress, right? Well, no. Apparently, Joker had all this adrenaline rushing in his body and he wanted to make good use of it before it wore off. Bruce didn't complain when Joker started to touch him under his shirt in a needy way or when Joker kissed his neck close to his collarbone, making a shiver spread across his back and make him moan.

"You're so easy to convince, Bruce, or maybe you're just a perv. I like it either way" Joker whispered in his ear while he started stroking Bruce over his clothes, not taking long before he was hard and biting his lips with the pleasure coming com each touch.

"Not my fault if you do me so well, I just can't resist" Bruce whispered in Joker's ear, taking his hand away from his erected member to start teasing him as well.

Bruce noticed Joker was staring at his erection under his clothes as he made him lay on the bench and got on the top of him. Joker started scratching Bruce's back and grab his ass strongly while the man on the top of him would kiss him all over and rub their hard members together. Joker started to do something that resembled a slap on Bruce's ass, he never did that before, he seemed a bit shy about it, even with Bruce responding nicely to it.

"Do it… slap me, don't be sweet, I wanna feel it" Bruce said to Joker's ear, sounding extremely turned on, it was almost a moan, almost like he was begging for it

"Where… In here?" Joker asked filled with malice after he grabbed Bruce's shorts, making them rub between Bruce's butt and squeezing his cock and balls tighter against him. His skin was exposed now, all his junk feeling the fabrics as they moved against each other

"Yeah, hit me… Just… Do it" he said in a drunken way, he was starting to think he could come undone like this, the friction was already too much

Joker slapped him hard. The noise turning them on even more.

"Ahhhhhh" Bruce moaned loudly, it was painful, but the good kind of pain. The kind of pain that sets all his senses up, the kind of pain that makes him feel like begging for more.

"So you like some pain" Joker said before licking Bruce's neck and pulling his hair strongly. "Wouldn't it be a pity if I decided not to give it to you?" He teased in a devilish way

"Do it again, please!" Bruce begged

"How about a little trade, Brucie? I'll hit you more if you let me fuck this ass of yours the way I want and if you obey me until I come, hun? Sounds fair to you?"

"Yes, I'll do anything you want. Just do it again" Bruce said before kissing his partner in a needy way

Joker hit him a good amount of times. Every time the sound filled the gym, a moan coming from Bruce would follow and echo inside. Bruce asked for more and more, it was actually surprising he didn't came for the way he sounded. He asked Joker to stop when he reached the boundary between a pain that turns him on and a pain that just hurts. Joker caressed Bruce's red skin after he stopped and kissed him roughly afterwards. It was his turn now.

He undressed them both and sat on the beach, his hard member giving Bruce ideas he would have to leave for another day since he traded his voice on how he wanted to be fucked for some good slaps. Hell, it was worth it.

"Get ready, you'll suck me until I say it's enough and you know me too well by now" Joker said holding Bruce's chin as he kneeled down between his legs.

Bruce had become quite good at this. He knew Joker was crazy for it and now he wasn't going to feel sorry for him if he got tired. Bruce was sort of curious to know how long it would be "enough" for Joker. He started sucking without teasing him, Joker liked it to be direct at first and lots of tongue movements before Bruce deep throated him. Joker seemed to be getting close to his climax, so he told Bruce to stop, kiss him and start again. He asked for it multiple times, each time being able to hold back less and less.

"Alright, I can see you're taking our trade seriously. Good. Now get some lube in the locker and sit in my lap facing me, I'll prepare you for the rest of it"

Joker had his legs a bit spread and Bruce sat on his lap, leaving a gap between them that Joker used to access his butthole. Bruce learned to relax his muscles more and became more tolerant to pain back there, so preparation wasn't so time-taking as in the beginning. Bruce was starting to ride Joker's fingers inside him, getting some of his initial arousal back. Joker stroked him with a strong grip and gave a slap on the side he didn't hit before. Joker considered sucking Bruce but he didn't want to leave that position. So he kissed and bit his neck as Bruce moved his butt trying to get the fingers to hit him in the right spot. Joker made his way to Bruce's nipples and licked them with the tip of his tongue, making the man on his lap gasp in pleasure.

"You sit in my cock now and you better ride me the same way you were just doing with my fingers" Joker hissed as he gave Bruce a last good grab and slap on his ass

Bruce turned around to sit on Joker's cock slowly. Joker grabbing his hair again as he got closer to sit on him.

"Oh fuck!" He moaned when he felt Joker's tip inside, only moments before Joker's whole cock was in.

They waited a moment for Bruce to adapt to the intrusion, with Joker stroking him in a delicious way and holding his neck with some strength. Bruce felt trapped by Joker, he had his cock inside him, Joker's arms around his body putting pressure in the right places. The idea every move he made would get Joker to come inside him was too good for his cum fetish.

"Move your hips" Joker ordered biting Bruce's neck from behind

Bruce started moving, not taking much in and out but moving around a lot. He could feel Joker was in pure ecstasy for the way his cock was hard inside him and the way he moved and moaned under him.

"Fuck, you're so tight today… Ohhhh, yeah… keep doing that" Joker said as he had one of his hands on Bruce's jaw and another still stroking him.

Bruce felt Joker's rhythm accelerate, he was getting desperate to come, Bruce could feel how difficult it was for Joker to continue stroking him as he buried himself deeper and deeper. He contracted his hole as much as he could to make Joker come and give him what he wanted, eventually putting Joker's fingers on his lips to lick and suck them a little.

"Ahhh Bruce, I'm coming… Fuck!" He said loudly as he filled Bruce's hole with his cum. Each of the three thrusts making Bruce's balls squeeze against Joker's.

As soon as Bruce felt the hot cum in his ass didn't take him more than a couple of Joker's strokes to find his release too.

"Oh Joker, don't stop moving… ahh…ahhhh" Bruce moaned while coming in his partner's hand and making it drip to the floor.

They said nothing for some moments, Joker's hand still on Bruce's cock, his cock still buried inside his partner. They were panting silently, processing everything. Joker released Bruce's cock from his grasp and gave him a soft kiss in the back of his neck.

"Get up slowly, I'll help you" Joker said

Bruce accepted the help and went to the bathroom, Joker giving him some privacy but noticing his skin was still very red from before. When he returned he sat close to him again.

"Today was quite something don't you think?" Bruce said finally

"I really liked it too, still catching my breath! I didn't know you liked pain during sex, I imagined you would like a slap or two like most people, but that face you made… Wasn't expecting it" Joker answered

"To be honest, no one ever did something like this to me before, I would always be the one who slapped, pulled hair and gets to be more dominant. But I feel different with you, I feel I can be both. I feel comfortable with you telling me what to do and how you want things, somehow it turns me on to know I'm pleasing you the right way, to let you be in charge"

"I know what you're talking about, I like this feeling too. I think I'm all about the mood, you know. Some days I want to be more dominant, some days I want to be more submissive. Even with me doing the fucking you still manage to be more dominant sometimes and I like that. But anyway, is it hurting? Your skin looks pretty red I think you might get a bit bruised. I continued because you told me to, but maybe you should stop earlier next time. Sometimes it's hard to trust your senses when you're receiving pain, you might get hurt and only find out later because it feels good during the whole thing"

"It's funny because I know that, I was even the one to give this advice sometimes. But I just forgot about it when it was me, I guess I was too much into it to remember. It's hurting a little, but it's ok, it's not your fault. I'll be more careful next time but it's no big deal" Bruce said touching Joker's thigh

Joker felt Bruce needed him to show some affection, he wasn't used to be this submissive and he looked like he could use some aftercare. Even if he wouldn't admit it.

"Hey, come over here" Joker said pulling him closer to hug him. "It's cold down here, how about we warm up in that bathtub from the suite on the third floor?" Joker offered

"Oh but that's in the other side of the Manor" Bruce said grumpily

"Ohh poor Bruce Wayne gets tired walking around his own house, come on we never use it!"

"Ok, but you get the towels and stuff for it alright? I don't have patience for that"

"Fine, fine. Now let's go I'm freezing in here" Joker said getting up and taking Bruce's hand to go back upstairs.

After some warmth coming from the hot water, kisses and a little massage in his bruised skin, Bruce stopped having those puppy eyes he had after sex. They had a great time in their two rounds at the gym today and hopefully, they could always go back for more.

Notas Finais

Author's note: Hello dear slash lovers! I had a different slash scene planned for this chapter, but I felt like writing this one instead. So the scene I had planned will be on the next chapter ;) Yep, two slash scenes in a row because, well, why not? Stick around for more!

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