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História Temporary Tranquility - Capítulo 3

Escrita por: Rowan_Black

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hope you like it:)

Capítulo 3 - Chapter Three

Fanfic / Fanfiction Temporary Tranquility - Capítulo 3 - Chapter Three

. I slowly walk to my car while looking at NPR news on my phone. The world is getting worse. This whole canceled culture “movement” is getting out of hand. 

"Ms.Kreaten!" I hear a slow British accent call from behind me. Dear god what now.

I turn around and see Mr. Hiddleston. I force a smile and fully turn around. 

"Yes?" I say through my teeth.

"You left this behind, Might I say that you are a very good writer, maybe a bit too advanced for my class?" 

Well, that was nice but I don't do well with flattery. It comes off as them trying to benefit themselves. 

“Oh! Thank you.” he hands me my paper, grazing my hand as he pulls away. 

"Well have a good one!" I say more southern than i'd liked” 

“Yes I will have a good One,” he says awkwardly. 

It was nice of him to bring it back to me but I don't remember leaving it? I do not recall putting it in my bag either but that’s beside the point. I get in my car and drive, no idea where I’m going, I missed my exit about twenty minutes ago. “Oh! Thank you?” I repeat out of my mouth. I am such an idiot. I see big neon lights that read “The Lion's Den”  I pull into the parking lot and very aggressively get out. I need a drink, I get out, tug my skirt down, and stomp up to the door like the strong independent woman I am. I enter grabbing the door handle with my sleeve, this place is covered in HPV. I graciously waltz in and find a place at the bar.

“What’ll you have,” the musty bartender says

“Gin and tonic,” I say, dominating him. 

“Coming up” As the man works on my drink I turn and look around to see what kind of place this really is. I see women of all sizes and I see men all wanting the same thing. 

“Here, the man over there covered your bill” 

He points to the corner of the bar where a man who is tall and has a nice build sat. All I can see is the back of his head. He turns and looks directly at me and I nearly drop my glass. 

“Mr. Hiddleston?” I whisper to myself. I look away and practically chug my drink and get up and leave. 

“This can not happen” I step outside and take a deep breath. I put my hand on my head and inhale and exhale rapidly. 

“Ms. Kreaton?” 

I look up and see his face, His beautiful, well-constructed face, NO Astrid no, his face is average remember? 

“Are you feeling alright?” 

I straighten up and compose myself and breathe out for the last time. 

“Yes I am thank you for the drink and thanks for returning my paper that I have no recollection of even leaving, you are the man!” I say sarcastically and walk away.
“And just so you know just because I'm a college student doesn't mean I can't pay for my own drinks!”

I stomp to my car in a furious rage. Why did I just yell at him?Why did I get so mad? I sit in the driver's seat and shove my hands into my face. I have to apologize,I think its the anti-depressants. I haven't really been myself since I got put on them. I can't imagine what he might think of me. I really messed this up. I sigh and calmly get out of my car and walk back inside and immediately spot him at his place at the bar. I take a deep breath and approach him with caution. 

“I want to apologize for everything that just happened right then, I am not at all myself and if i am being completely honest i was not at all mentally present for the things i said, you make me nervous and i feel as if i am not in control around you and that scares me”

He smiles and tells me to sit.

“I completely understand, I am very sorry if i gave you the wrong impression” 

I smile and see a slight twinkle in his eye. 

“Well, I best be on my way. I think I have caused enough trouble today” 

“Let me buy you another drink” he looked almost sorry that he said that. Should I? Should I Sit with my Professor? I bite my lip and sit down and cross my legs and order another Gin and tonic but with a little more gin than I'd had before.

“So Miss Krea-” I cut him off, if we are having drinks then he needs to know my first name. 

“Astrid, sir” 

He locks his jaw and looks more gentle. 

“So, Astrid, what brings you here?” his accent runs off of his tongue like honey. 

“I am stressed and I don't think i knew i was stressed until i had that little banter”

He smiles and takes a sip of his drink. What is it about this guy? I still have that little feeling in the back of my stomach but it seems more hushed than before. 

“What about you Mr.Hiddlest-” he cuts me off this time. 

“Tom” he smirks with a small hushed giggle.

“What brings you here ..Tom” I say with a swallow.

“Well after class today i thought I had everything down and ready but I was very wrong” he gave a pitiful smile. 

Well I guess this isn't too bad, he could be crying on my shoulder about his wife or ex-wife, I glance at his hand and I do not see a ring but I do see a tan line. He was married at least once. 

“Well here is to disappointments” I raise my glass and cheer with him. 

“How is the Desire assignment?” He asks 

“It's going well, I am almost done” He nearly spits out his drink. 

“How?! I assigned it today!” he says aggressively. I chuckle and wipe my mouth.

“Mrs. Keating notified me two weeks before it was assigned” I chuckle and he smiles with the glow of revenge.

“Well, that would explain it” He looks down into his cup with a smile. I look at his hands and then back up to his face. 

“Well, thank you for the drink but i better get going.” I grunt out. His eyes follow mine as I carefully get up from the very uncomfortable stool. I adjust my skirt and then look back up at him. 

“I'll see you next week Mr-sorry Tom” he giggles at my mess up. I realize that calling me Mr. Hiddleston, Tom is a big mistake. This is why I won't be going to class next week. 


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