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Ok, ok. This is a multishipp fic (mystrade, Johnlock and mormor), but is a oc centred fic and mostly mystrade. Please enjoy and say if you like it

Capítulo 1 - Deducing away from the rules

― I'm calling your uncle for this, young lady! ― the bold and fat man standing in front of me looks threatening. I'm sitting in his incredibly small room trying to force the most bored face possible, but I can't help my hands of shaking. It was going to be a very long day, it was the kind of day that my uncle wouldn't answer his phone, the kind of day that he wouldn't answer the queen, neither were his assistent. So my only destiny was stay in that tiny place with that disgusting man.

But that was definitely my fought, uncle warned me that morning to keep out of trouble, I think he forgot that putting myself in some mess was my only and true talent, well, and annoying him.

― You can call him the way you want, but my uncle is not answering his phone today, he wouldn't answer the Prime Minister today. He told me that this morning. — He probably knew that I was going to screew something up today.

― Oh, he is going to answer me ― he dials fast in his desk phone, the lage fingers remind me of big sausages, but I know that's a thing not just because of his weight, that was a reflection of his heart. A very trouble one. I take my eyes out of it, that wasn't the best of moments to play deduction.

And that was mostly because I was screwed, I know that, in the moment he find out, uncle Myke will make a speech about how I was irresponsible and stupid. I hold my moaning of pure suffer.

― You, brat, are going to be expelled for this... Saying those horrible things to your teacher... those... Lies...

― I was not lying! Her husband is cheating on her! She already knew, somehow, I just agree that it is totally possible! ― I bend over the desk, he was not question my deductions. He couldn't even realize that he had last than a year to live. I relax on the chair and my eyes get wide... Ok, were the bloody hell did this came from?

— Lies!! ― I look up in a jump when he hit the big hands on the desk, but I'm unable to feel frighten, part of me still try to remember in what part of his body or behaviour is his life expectation, I can't be so stupid that even my brain is faster than me! ― Her husband is a very good man who would never cheat her!

For a moment, I ignore how certain he is and put my attention on the big pulsating veine on his front head, too pulsating to be something healthy. I pass my eyes through his desk, he didn't took his medicine that morning. Maybe he's just late, I try to convince myself, but he'll forget it, I know. Even if forget was not the word. He was feeling the signs and the little organizer with his medication was right in his face! He was definitely going to forget, he was going to ignore it.

His hand start to turn a little blue while his watch squeeze the skin, his blood pressure is too high. Maybe he's dying. The idea terrifies me. I swallow hard, my uncle would kill me if I witness another death.

— You wait right there ― he takes a deep breath, putting his clothes straight, and pulling his cheap tie, I can feel his breath going in hard ― I'm going after your uncle other numbers ― I wanted to say that I knew that numbers, but he didn't sound like someone who would listen to me ― And don't touch anything, freak.

When he's gone and I'm alone a strange sensation that I lost something takes over me for a instant. I decide to ignore it, uncle Myke sometimes says that my brain work faster than me, and that was just fine, later I would find out what it was.

Ignoring the feeling, part of me focus on the word "freak", I don't know actually why, he wasn't the first to call me like that and wouldn't be the last, and it doesn't make any difference, it wasn't a lie.

The minutes pass, I think about putting his medicines right in front of him in the table, maybe there still hope for him to notice it and he might survive more that ten mounths, but I guess that fits in "touching" things. I force myself to stay still and be patient, that part was the hardest, be patient wasn't a virtue in my family, uncle Myke for example barely manage to hear my principals on parenting reunions. Perks of adopting a kid, in my opinion...

And that's the point when I start to get bored, it was like an actual fisical pain speeding through my muscles, almost forcing me to move, do something. But, being racional, that would be the stupidest idea, that was the feeling that normally put me in trouble, and "I couldn't bare stay sit any longer" wasn't the kind of excuse that my uncle would accept.

I try looking around, but that only takes me to analyze his long coat next to the window, it was full of cat fur, at least three different cats and human hair, long and blonde human hair. I role my eyes, looking away, the idea of someone like him having a girlfriend personally offended me. Maybe it's not something like that. I look again, some of the hair was partly under the lapel. Girlfriend. Wew.

I turn my look back to the desk, back to the pill organizer, something was bothering me. The pressure did bother him, and the solution was right there, why he didn't take it? A flash goes through my mind, a big red screech on his right arm, allergy maybe. But he was taking the medication long enough to realize that he had difficulty remembering to take it, that's why he brought the organizer. Why he would start having allergies now? Maybe you stressed him too much, Louise. I shake my head, convincing myself to stop deducing, it only leads to trouble. I decide to stand up, approaching the door, he was taking too long anyway, maybe he had a heart attack and needed help. I press my ear against the wood, closing my eyes.

That was my favorite game with uncle Myke, he was the kind of person that wrote so hard that, hearing from the door, I could understand what he was writing only by the sound of the pen against the paper. It was the kind of thing that his assistant didn't like. She use to say that I wouldn't understand my uncle's work. I don't only understand, I also didn't approve it, and choose to forgive him, even if he doesn't need it. I would always forgive uncle Myke.

― And what do you want with her? ― I can hear him, he is in the end of the corridor, back turn on me, his voice shake a little and I wish to know why. A small voice answer him, I can't understand, probably it's coming from a phone, but I know it's a man with a very gentle and soft voice ― Yes, she guess it... ― the soft voice it's very calm ― Maybe without the kid would be easier... Yes. It would be very easier if the freak just stop existing. ― I step away from the door in a grasp, an infinity of situations coming up in my head, and uncle Myke wouldn't answer his phone! ― Of how much money are you talking about? ― I still can hear him, probably it's closer, but I don't hear his answer ― When are you sending your men?

I have the disgusting sensation that I have been given a price, like an product of some kind, and my uncle wouldn't answer his phone! The desperate parts of me start repeating that I don't have anyone else. Only one person, but it was against the rules, I shouldn't even have his phone number to be sincere.

― Fuck it ― I push the chair against the door, even knowing that my principal could easily break it open and I grab the phone on the table, diling fast. In the third tone a very gentle and unknown voice answer it.

― Hello ― I answer, trying not to sound terrified, as usual it don't work, because I had to take some time to get myself use to the talking part ― Is Sherlock Holmes there?

― In the moment? Shooting at the wall ― the strange voice sound very calm and yet very annoyed ― You would like to leave a message?

― No, please ― I hear footsteps coming through the corridor ― can you please tell him that it's his niece? It's an emergency!

Author's note: please forgive the poor english

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