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Capítulo 2 - The good soldier

― No, please ― I hear footsteps coming through the corridor ― can you please tell him that it's his niece? It's an emergency!

I hear voices in a short discussion on the background, but don't focus enough to understand something, my objective was listening my principal approaching. Maybe he was talking with the man with soft voice, still scamming.

So the other felling start, one that had nothing to do with family, I feel incredibly silly. I was panicking about something I wasn't sure of, calling a man who probably didn't care anymore, actually running away from the responsibility of screwing up things again. My chest suddenly is heavy, I shouldn't be doing this. Uncle Mycroft would be so upset with me, like always.

I close my eyes, pushing the fear away, uncle Myke is caring enough to make me paranoid, I was only doing as he said. He was the British government after all and it was fine to be careful. Maybe not with uncle Sherlock, but I had no choice.

— Speak ― that voice seems to go down through my chest, the deep and strong tone takes me to another time, a happier, when everything was simple, a terrible sensation of course, in that other time that same voice was caring and patient, now it was just a a cold voice on the phone.

― I heard my principal talking on the telephone about someone coming to pick me up for money. Please, uncle Sherlock ― that words feel like glass in my throat, cutting me open —, uncle Mycroft will not answer his phone today!

― And I suppose he doesn't know that you have my number — I let go the air from my lungs heavily, he was actually deducing me!!

― I took it from uncle Mycroft's little notebook, I'm sorry, sir, but please, help me! Please! ― the silence on the other side of the line kill me a little, I want to say that my principal have many reasons to hate me, but I can't force my voice out, the little panic of the sensation of not speaking join forces with the tiny voice saying " He's hesitating because he doesn't care anymore". The hyperventilating start small and I feel my legs weak.

— We are on our way ― than turn it off.

I stand still for a moment before putting the phone back in place. Uncle Sherlock's voice was one of the things I lost thanks to my lack of self control and stupidness. I turn myself back to the door. Wait a moment... What reasons my principal had to hate me? I was going to say reasons to Sherlock, but what reasons? Well, I was very annoying and all, but that was all he needed to sell me for someone who probably just hate my uncle?

My eyes run back to the coat. The woman with cats wasn't a girlfriend, was it? It was a lover! In his big fingers I remember to have seeing a wedding ring. I put my head between my hands. A wedding ring with details on red, just like the one on Miss... Just like the one on my teacher's hand! I raise my head staring in surprise to the wall. The teacher who suspect on her husband! A dark haired teacher. He was really having an affair. I don't even knew details about and I confirmed it! Oh sweet Lord, he had a very good reason to hate me.

I sit on the floor, looking at the door, my hands were shaking, I don't even want to know why he is taking so long, so many things were going through my mind in that moment. I was actually scared. My uncle who wasn't part of my life for six years now was coming for me, my other uncle who really care about me wasn't even knowing about the happenings and somebody was ready to pay for me.

And I was forgetting something. Hell knew what was it.

The door lock start to hit, and I put myself on my foot in a jump, hearing his bad words, it's almost comic how I can almost see the vein in his front head pulsing

― You help someone to put a price in me! ― I cross my arms in my chest ― Just because I help your wife to realize the garbage you are, and you know, asshole? That doesn't change the fact that you are a disgusting traitor!

― Listen here, whore ― the door shakes hardly, I'm dead if it breaks ― You don't know a thing! You are just and orfan piece of nothingness that no one want, who thinks it's so smart, but the true is that you are just an abandoned kid that the uncle had pitty on.

I convince myself to ignore him, it was the true after all, the proof was uncle Mycroft, who would never, in ordinary conditions, take a child into his house. But it wasn't time to think about it, even hurting very badly.

I have to be calm in that moment, taking a deep breath, I was scared before and in that moment I was angry too. Uncle Myke was always saying that sentiment only put itself in our lives and mess everything up. I have to calm down. I close my eyes and focus on a good memory, my uncle help me transforme my mind in a house to keep my memories, it was very useful when I have to be calm.

― C'mon, darling ― I can almost hear my mother's voice deep in my head — Why is that woman buying that wine? Deduce, Louise.

My heart slow down a little, and I convince myself to move, to find something to fight with if is needed. I run my eyes through the room and end up on the desk. Pens? Nope. I opened the drawers and started to throw things out, but there's only paper and a box of pills. I take the medicine and bring closer to my face. Viagra. Oh sweet Jesus, ew. I throw it back inside and step away from the desk. Ew. Ew. Ew.

― Vascular dilation? He has heart problems! Why somebody would do this? ― I shake my head, man!! ― OK, let's try not to be an smarty and find something to hit him with — I open a sarcastic smile, I could almost imagine my uncle saying that.

The door shakes more, making an very weird noise, my heart skip a hit and his voice gets more angry and senseless. All that because of money, or to save the marriage he was destroying himself. But that doesn't made any sense, he was actually desperate. Why? Why so desperate to get in? The man in the phone was getting the door open anyway if uncle Sherlock didn't came sooner. Than why? Angry? He wanted to hit me? It doesn't make sense! All that... Panic.

— You are scared, aren't you? ― the nocking and his cursing turns into a heavy breathing ― Who is it? Who would be powerful enough to be so scary? He gave you an order, stay inside with me. Even if it doesn't really make any difference! He know uncle Myke is too busy right now! Or he wouldn't waste time calling you and paying you, he is obviously powerful enough to just take me ― I fell my face turn paler ― Unless he know me enough to know that I would hear, he know how I would feel hearing somebody selling me. Why he would do something like that? How he knows me? Who IS he?

― The devil ― his resigned voice is low and sound pathetic. I was raised by a woman who believe only in the good part of that history, and lived with a man who didn't even bother to remember the existence of supernatural beings, but the away that man said it made a shiver go down in my spine ― Now open the door, you know how much you deserve his attention, you and your uncle — I let my head fall in my shoulder, interesting choice of words ― All of you, worshipers of the fire.

I shake my head, that sounded to crazy and illogical, but kind of funny. Worshipers of the fire... I can't stop my smile. Where did he took that? It just sounded so weird that even him stayed in silence for a few seconds.

― Louise? ― a different voice come from outside, not a soft voice that would mean my doom, but a very calm and deep one ― Open it.

I obey, involuntary shaking, reveling a very tall, tin and pale man, with angry blue eyes and curly dark hair. The sensation it's look through a window of time and space, it was a man from another time, with a few differences, the man on that days never would look at me so indifferent. My heart seems to fall from my chest.

― And who are you? — the fat and very angry old man looks challenging to my uncle ― Get the bloody hell out of my school, freak.

Sherlock just give him a cold glare, analysing from the toe to top.

― 8 months — he warms. I knew what he was talking about ― Walking, Louise, we have to leave.

― Yes, sir ― I ran inside to grab my backpack, in the way back I just stare at him ― Actually, uncle ― the cold glare comes to me, and for a moment I have to focus ― S-sir, five months, he is cheating his wife with a woman who have cats, and he is allergic, but it's quite obvious that he isn't taking antiallergics neither it's taking his other medication, that's because he is using Viagra. Five months at most.

Everything happens very fast, in a moment the principal goes to very pale to very red and with a large hand raise in the air. I know what's he is going to do and shamelessly​ my only reaction it's close my eyes. A moment goes by and nothing happens, When I look at him, he's with his face in the wall, and arm pulled to his back. A blonde and short man it's holding him with violence in his face, blue eyes too angry to be true.

― Have you seeing your size compared to hers, you bastard? ― he was legitimate angry, and because of me. An warm sensation goes through my chest.

The blonde man push him and step away, breathing heavily, but soon he put himself together and turn with a smile to me. A military man with such a sweet look was almost weird, and I manage only smiled back.

My uncle it's watching us, bored and with not very friendly expression, the military puts his hand on my shoulder, trying to be nice. My stomach twist and I swallow hard feeling the blood leave my face. I keep the smile, he wouldn't hurt me, I was just being silly.

― Hello, Louise, my name it's John Watson, I'm your uncle's friend. You don't even look like Mycroft.

I let my head fall to the side, friend? I don't look like uncle Myke? John Watson got himself elevated on my concepts of interesting.

― Uncle Mycroft must be very happy about that, Mr. Watson, I believe. ― make my smile larger ― I'm more alike my mother, sir.

― He is not... You father? ― he looks at Sherlock, who just keeped his eyes in the end of the corridor, obviously wanting to leave. The soldier makes me realize that he probably didn't knew of my experience until that phonecall, why would he knows, right?

— May we go now? ― Sherlock start to walk away and I feel my heart heavy, it was going to be really difficult be close to that man.

Mr. Watson role his eyes and takes my backpack from my hands and makes me follow him after Sherlock. His caring way was kind strange for me, not even uncle Myke was like that, maybe normal people was supposed to be like that.

Sherlock follows a path that will take us to the back parts of the school, he walks with caution through the students. Everyone just stares at him, strangely, maybe they never imagined that the Holmes in the name of the creepy Louise was the same of the famous detective.

When we reach outside my mind goes into a self-defense state, I look for treats  everywhere, part of me it's just nervous to be alone with uncle Sherly and his friend. I want uncle Myke, right there, I want him to hit the umbrella slowly in my head telling me to focus. I shake my head and look to Sherlock. Who was that man now?

Before we get to the cab on the other side of the street that was in front of my school, we watch three well dressed men entering the building. The one who seemed the boss was very blonde and tall with his face covered in scary scars. I notice the different guns spared on his body, and for some reason I believe there's more.

When they are vanish, Sherlock walks to the car. I sit between them, hands shaking in tension, John doesn't know what to do so he just smile at me. Uncle Sherlock doesn't even looks at me, he must be so angry. Well of course, he was obligated to see me, was enough to end his day, I believe.

― My house it's that way ― I point through the window, finger visibility shaking ― We can turn on that one, it's the way that the driver normally do.

― We cannot leave you alone! ― John puts his hand on my head, smiling ― You are only 13 we can't leave you like that ― I wonder how does he knows my age.  He looks at my uncle, who it's very focus on an invisible point in the air ― Am I right, Sherlock?

― It's what it seams ― he answer without looking at us, but doesn't give a order to the driver, he had already thought about it, a new warm sensation comes to me, maybe he still cares a little.

― But I can't go into uncle Sherlock house. It's a rule ― I try to argue looking from one to the other, John just looks in confusion to Sherlock, he didn't knew about the rules, probably was weird to him. 

― I know what are your rules ― he does look at me, but his tone makes my hands shake more ― I help in their creation. ― I didn't knew that, and it only makes me feel worst for some reason ― But it was also a rule not to get in touch with me ― he stare at me from the corner of his eyes, making me feel expose ― Now, because of this, you will break another rule.

The car gets silence when he back on staring the nothingness, John makes eyes contact with me, almost verbalizing questions, but I only move my look to the rainy London holding my hands together, scared.

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