História The 7 souls - Capítulo 5

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Personagens Alphys, Asgore Dreemurr, Asriel Dreemurr, Chara, Flowey, Frisk, Grillby, Mettaton, Papyrus, Personagens Originais, Sans, Toriel, Undyne
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Alguns dos personagens encontrados nesta história e/ou universo não me pertencem, mas são de propriedade intelectual de seus respectivos autores. Os eventuais personagens originais desta história são de minha propriedade intelectual. História sem fins lucrativos criada de fã e para fã sem comprometer a obra original.

Capítulo 5 - Patience part one

I open my eyes and saw a tiny ray of sunshine that blinded me. I stood up and looked around "where am I?"I said as I griped my book. I noticed a little hallway and started through it and not long got to a doorway. I walked through and saw a little flower. "Howdy I'm flowy, flowy the flower" the flower cheerfully bursted "wow" I said in amasment. 

He looked at me and said "you must be new to the under ground,let me show you how things work around here" he says."Ok sure" I step forward to the grassy area. "Ok so down Here in the under grownd we share LV. What is LV you ask love of course you want some love don't you? "He asked."yes" I answered "OK OK and that is your soul, now get as much love as you can"he said as he shot some white bullets at me. I reached out and touched one I was blasted back "you idiot!"he bomed in a deep voice. I looked up "in this would it's kill or be killed! Who will pass up an opportunity like this?"he said laughing at me.

Then I noticed the white bullets all around me the he stopped laughing and was hit by a ball of fire. The bullets where gone and a monster was standing there "are you OK don't mind him he isn't to nice"she said caringly. "My name is toriel what is yours?"she said. I told her my name and after that she tested me with puzzles and tought me how to not use vilonce. But then I had to leave we fought but no one got hurt. After the fight I walked through a door and ended up in a place full of snow. "Amazing"I said as I stepped in to the white snow leaving a foot print. I looked around but only saw trees, snow, and some thing that looked like an unfinished bridge

Once I got to the bridge I heard some thing behind me. I spun around and saw a skeleton "hi I'm Sans,Sans the skeleton"he said laughing a little. "You're a human right?"he asked"yes I am"I said fixing my glasses. "Cool you can go right through what ever my brother making"we walked through "oh and my brother is on the hunt for humans right now because he really wants to be a royal hard". I looked at sans "I think that is him you better hide"sans said "OK"I said as I his behind a rock. A few seconds after I see a tall skeleton with a shirt and pants. Sans looked up at the tall skeleton "hey sans" the skeleton buersted out. "Hey pap"sans said "have you found a human yet?" The skeleton said "oh come on there is 'snow' time to be worried about that"sans said giggling. I giggled at the bad pun to but that was only the buging of there little fight.

After a wile they stopped talking and the skeleton walked away and I came out of my hiding place. "So that is your brother? "I asked as I cleaned off my book from the snow. "Yeah his name is Papyrus" he expand "well he seems nice what is he like?"I ask a I looked up from my book. "Yeah he's nice,  also likes puzzles" he said "puzzles? I love puzzles!" I said. He looked at Me and said"wow you would definitely like Papy"after that he started going back to the woods. "Well I will be up a head if you need me, oh and my brother has never seen a human so I think he will like to see you"he said as he walked away then I said "OK but Sans you are going the wrong way" he kept walking. I turned around and started walking 'well that was weird' I thought to my self. Then I got to a box I opend the box and didn't see anything 'I should put the candy from the rewends' I thought. 

I put the candy in the box and started a long the path and stopped once I saw Sans and Papyrus. Once Sans noticed me he grinned "hey pap who is that?"he shouted. "Oh my God, who is that?" Papyrus wispred to Sans. I looked at my book and started to read "that is a human pap" Sans answered in a low voice. "Wowoie, a human you will be tested with puzzles and other stuff, well the first puzzle will be up a head" Papyrus said then sound out of sight. "Hey, so how do you like my brother so far?"Sans asked as I tried not to laugh at Papyrus. "Ummm...he seems nice but not to much like a vilon" I answerd as nice as I could. "He is pretty cool isn't he? "Sans asked "ummm.. Yeah,but is every monster like that?"I asked. "No not every monster like the king and the gards" he said and started walking away. "Hey I still have some questions" I said.  I tried to follow him but I ended up back where I was befor

'What the'i thought to my self I tried going after him but he didn't he didn't stop. I treid to follow him and just got back to the place i was befor i decided to give up and move on i walked a bit faster. I walked asted a dog but he didn't notce me. It took a wile until I got to the town called Snowdin. The first thing I saw was a baer putting lights up on a tree. I saw one house, a store, and an inn some monsters where walking around. I walked In to the store and saw a friendly bunny person standing there selling stuff. I walked out because I had no money I walked to the next thing. The inn but I decided to not because I had to pay. The next thing that I saw was a little restaurant named Grillbeys. But I kept walking then I got to the house I looked at the mail boxes one said 'Papyrus 'and the other one read 'Sans'. 'This must be where they live what a lovely house'i thought I kept walking but then I had to fight Papyrus. I fought him I was hurt but I didn't hurt him then I went to grillbes with sans. But when I got back to the Marsh lands it when black. GAME OVER WAIGHT FOR THE NEXT SOUL PERSEVERANCE 



'My haed hurts' I thought I looked up an saw the sun shining from a hole at the top. I got up and walked through a long hall way then I saw a doorway I peeked in. "Hello?" I said to a yellow flower as I walked in it looked up at me and smiled. "Howdy I'm flowy the flower"he said as I jumped back because it said something. "I didn't know that flowers can talk, sorry"I said felling bad for being scared. He smiled even more and said "your new aren't you?". I strapped my gloves on a bit tighter getting ready to fight if I have to. "Yes I am" I said keeping away from the flower "I'm not going to bite"he giggled. "Well you could bite I don't know you"I said he looked angry at me for not coming. "OK then why hide being bad when I can just show you how bad I can-"he was cutoff by someone. "What do you think you are doing to such a pour soul" the other monster asked. Flower just left with out saying a word to her "are you ok?"she asked. I looked at her and stepped closer to her "yes I am fine"I answered. "Good now come on my child he might come back"she said. "What is you name"I asked her "my name is Toriel what is yours?"she answered. I told her my name and she gided me throw the rewends. But I snuck out in the middle of the night and I never went back. I walked out in to the snow I looked around and kept moving. Then I heard something fall from the tree I quickly turned around. But nothing was there I kept walking until I was stopped by someone.  "Don't you know how to greet a new friend shake my hand"the monster that was covered in shadows said. "Ummm... No thanks"I said trying to sound brave. But the monsters deep voice and me not able to see his just scared me. "OK then my name is sans the skeleton" he said as he stepped  in to the light. I looked in to the darkness in his eyes "a skeleton"I said in amazement. "Yep, and your a human right?"sans asked as I stepped back. "Yes are you going to try to hurt me?"I said making sure but he looked confused."I will only huert some one who hurts other people"sans said still confused on what I asked. "OK good I am pretty weak sorry for asking that" I said he looked less confused. "Oh ok but my brother will loved to see a human again"he said. "Again?"I asked him but he just brushed it off. "I think he might be up a head"he said pointing with a boney finger. "Come on"he said as he walked across the bridge. I followed him "hide over there"ssans said "OK "I siad trying not to disagree. I went to the little stand in the cornoer and sat down. I peeked up and saw another skeleton, his high pitched voice scared me at first. "Brother has a human walk through here or are you taking a nap"the tall skeleton bursted. 'Why is he screaming like that's thought to my self "hey bro"sans said. "Don't hey bro me! And answer my question"the tall skeleton yelled. "OK pap I wasn't sleeping"sans said but the tall skeleton just walked away. "OK you can come out now kiddo"sans said "so that was your brother?"I asked. "Yeah his name is Papyrus"sans answered "he is a seems cool I guess"I said trying not to be rude. "So you said he would like to see a human AGAIN why do you mean by again?"I asked "another human was down here but someone got to them"sans answered."should I worry about that?"I asked "nah you seem brave enough to fight her"he said with a big smile. I smiled back "I can remember someone from the surface she-"he cut me off. "Oh so this is your girlfriend?"he teased "she is to powerful for the surface"I finished. He gave me a confused look "then why isn't she down here?"he asked "because her sins are so strong she can just walk through the barer"I answered. He took a step back "wow and I thought my sins are bad"he said as he took a step back "well I'll just be up ahead"he said as he goes the other way. I started walking forward and soon met up with sans and his brother Papyrus. "Hello human my brother here has told me about you" Papyrus bursted. He said some other stuff but I was more interested in the deviation in sand's eyes. 'Wow'i thought as Papyrus ran out of sight "what do you think she did to have so much sins?"sans asked. I thought to my self but then remembered something. "She told me that she takes the sins of others and she is powerful, what scares me is that when she sleeps you can see her sins crawling on her back"I answered. "Wow better question is she nice?"sans asked "yes but there is two thing that makes her so mad, the first one is if you mess with someone she loves-"I didn't want to keep talking. "What is the second thing?"sans asked "if you talk about her sins, it it like if you say anything about it she can't control her self"I answered. Sans looked up and seemed to be suprized then he grabs my arm and telaported me to the kings thrown room then every thing went black GAME OVER WAIT FOR THE NEXT SOUL JACK



I look up and see some light spilling in to the darkness I look around and find my toy knife. I make sure I still have my long blue ribbon on and I got up and looked around. I see a long hall way a started through it and got to a door way and saw a little yellow flower in a grassy area. I seemed to be sleeping I walked in and sat in front of the flower but it never woke up. But a mother monster did come in an she gided me through the rewends but I found my self out of the rewends. I tried to open the door back but I couldn't even one it and I'm 16 but I just kept walking. I got to a bridge then was stopped by someone "don't you know how to greet a-"he stopped talking once I turns around. "Is there something wrong?"I asked "ummm... N-no... My n-name is sans" he did as he stepped in to the light. Then I noticed he was blushing "why are you blushing"I asked "no r-reson" sans answered. "my brother is up ahead" sans said as he walked forword followed him "so where is your brother?"i asked him "hurry hide over there"sans said as he pointed to some rocks. But it was to late his brother was already there "SA-"he noticed me "hey papy"sans said in disappointment. "Who is that?"sans brother continued "is that your girlfriend or something" sans brother said giving me a confused look. Sans blushed deeply "I won't hurt her i-"sans cut him off "no she is not my girlfriend"o stood behind him. "Oh so you wouldn't mi-"this time I cut him off came up behind sans put my arms on his shoulders and wisperd to him "I am not being killed"he looked at me then said. "She is my friend a really good friend" he said "right sans well I will see you later"he giggled

"Sorry you had to hear that"he said as I go off him and blushed a little. "I'm sorry I do that often"I said "it's OK just uncomfortable just worn me next time"he said. "I don't do that often so sorry" I said "it is OK and my brothers name is Papyrus... Well I'll be up ahead" he said as he goes the other way 'OK then' I thought.

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