História The 7 souls - Capítulo 6

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Personagens Alphys, Asgore Dreemurr, Asriel Dreemurr, Chara, Flowey, Frisk, Grillby, Mettaton, Papyrus, Personagens Originais, Sans, Toriel, Undyne
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Alguns dos personagens encontrados nesta história e/ou universo não me pertencem, mas são de propriedade intelectual de seus respectivos autores. Os eventuais personagens originais desta história são de minha propriedade intelectual. História sem fins lucrativos criada de fã e para fã sem comprometer a obra original.

Capítulo 6 - Patience part two



I look up and see some light spilling in to the darkness I look around and find my toy knife. I make sure I still have my long blue ribbon on and I got up and looked around. I see a long hall way a started through it and got to a door way and saw a little yellow flower in a grassy area. I seemed to be sleeping I walked in and sat in front of the flower but it never woke up. But a mother monster did come in an she gided me through the rewends but I found my self out of the rewends. I tried to open the door back but I couldn't even one it and I'm 16 but I just kept walking. I got to a bridge then was stopped by someone "don't you know how to greet a-"he stopped talking once I turns around. "Is there something wrong?"I asked "ummm... N-no... My n-name is sans" he did as he stepped in to the light. Then I noticed he was blushing "why are you blushing"I asked "no r-reson" sans answered. "my brother is up ahead" sans said as he walked forword followed him "so where is your brother?"i asked him "hurry hide over there"sans said as he pointed to some rocks. But it was to late his brother was already there "SA-"he noticed me "hey papy"sans said in disappointment. "Who is that?"sans brother continued "is that your girlfriend or something" sans brother said giving me a confused look. Sans blushed deeply "I won't hurt her i-"sans cut him off "no she is not my girlfriend"o stood behind him. "Oh so you wouldn't mi-"this time I cut him off came up behind sans put my arms on his shoulders and wisperd to him "I am not being killed"he looked at me then said. "She is my friend a really good friend" he said "right sans well I will see you later"he giggled

"Sorry you had to hear that"he said as I go off him and blushed a little. "I'm sorry I do that often"I said "it's OK just uncomfortable just worn me next time"he said. "I don't do that often so sorry" I said "it is OK and my brothers name is Papyrus... Well I'll be up ahead" he said as he goes the other way 'OK then' I thought.

I started to move ahead and then saw a box and saw monster candy inside so I grabbed it and kept walking. 'I wonder why sans was blushing, but maybe i shouldn't question it' i thought to my self then i stoped when i heard Papyrus."hello human"he shouted, i jumped back and through my knife at him but it barely missed him. "Wow! no reason to scared"sans said surprisingly "I'm sorry you guys just scared me"i said as the knife apperd back in my hand. I looked at Papyrus he looked so scared i giggled "im sorry Papyrus did i hurt you?"i asked. "Of course i am fine" Papyrus said proudly sans turned around then noticed that the knife was gone "oh are you looking for this?" I said showing him the knife. "How did you do tha-"sans seemed to remember something "hey papy go back home and I'll meet you there" sans said. "But sans!!" Papyrus said "Papyrus now" sans said Papyrus looked at him and started walking away "how much sins do you have to make you so powerful?"he asked when Papyrus was out of sight. "Oh if you want to know about my mom you are asking the wrong person ca-" sans interrupted me. "Wait what your mom?"he said "yes i have her magic it runs in my family but i never meet my mom so yeah"i said. "I am such an idiot im so sorry" he said when he noticed i was tearing up "It is ok you didn't know" i said as i looked up. Sans looked really nervous then he started blushing a little "well i sould be go-" this time i interrupted him "wait where did you learn your magic?" I said he looked at me "how do you know i have magic?"he asked in a panic."i can fell your magic energy from you" i said walking up to him "now answer my question" i said looking in to the darkness of one of his eyes and seeing a hint of blue in the other one. "I always had it and i just learned how to use it"he said with a smile as he takes the knife out of my hand. "Hey that's mine!"i yelld but he just lifted me in to the air with his magic. "Now, tell me how do you have magic?"he asked "as i said it runs in my family, fine my grate grate grama was one of the people that sent you guys under ground" i said making sure he wasn't looking up my dress. "Oh so it does run in your family" he said to him self "can i come down now?" I asked "not yet"he said with a smile then continued "i want to see how strong your magic i-"i cut him off "can you please make that sound less wrong"i said. "Hey but now you know what i mean" he said, i was speechless i started blushing "fine you can go" he said as he dropped me on the ground but i hit my head on a rock and was nocked out.

I woke up and saw sans standing there "good morning"he said as i jumped up and hit his head and he fell back."sorry" i said "im fine" he said then i noticed that i cracked his skull. I got up and looked at it "i'm fine really" he said but i healed it any way. He looked at me "i was fine really is was" he said "so is this your house?"i said as i turn around. "Yeah Papyrus isn't here right now" he said I looked down and noticed i was wearing his jacket then I looked up. "You have a TV?"i said as i looked at the TV in front of a window "yep" sans said then looked out side "oh no umm... how about we go to my room?"he said grabbing my arm and dragging me to his room.we walked in "you need to stay in here, ok?"he said as he sat me down on his bed "ummm... ok"i said as he walked out side. I walked up to the door and put my ear against it "hey papy" sans said "SANS WHERE IS THE HUMAN!!!!" Papyrus yelld "i don't know who you are talking about well i will be in my room if you guys need me " sans said as i ran back and quickly sat back down. Sans walked in "sorry about that there is a royal gard I down there and she might hurt you so yeah " he said "ok then so what do you want to do until the gard leaves?"i asked "well what do you want to do?"sans asked. "Ummm... you just want to talk?"i asked "sure " sans said as he sat down next to me. After a few minutes of talking we heard a knock on the door sans got up and opend the door "hey papy what you need?"sans asked."who are you talking to in here? Is it the human? Because Undyne was mad when the human wasn't there" Papyrussaid. "Sans looked at me "ummm... no sorry " sans said "well can me and Undyne come in?" Papyrus asked sans looked at me again and I the hood of his jacket that I was wearing."umm... yeah sure but me friend is in here so that I who I was talking to" sans said then Papyrus and the royal gard came in. Paper and the gard sat down on some chairs in front of sans's bed "are you two dating or something?"the gard said sans and I just blushed. "we're not dating" sans said "then why is she wearing your jacket?" Papyrus asked."i got cold " i said "Yeah right you two are totally dating, just kiss already " the gard said with a smile. I blushed "if I kiss her will you leave us alone " sans said "well of course we will " the gard said thinking that he would never do it. Sans then turned to me grabbed my cheek and kissed me then after 10 seconds turned to them as i sat there in amazement ."sans we where only kidding about you kissing her" the gard said then sans released what he did. Papyrus and the gard started laughing like there was no tomorrow.

Sans turned to me "im so sorry I don't know what went over me " sans said "hey I wonder if she'll talk if you kiss her again " the gard joked. sans looked at me "hey lets go to grillbie's" sans said as he grabbed my arm and left. We soon got to a bar and sat down "so why did you kiss me?" I asked "they got on my nerves so I kissed you, again I'm sorry " sans said as i gave him his jacket. "It is ok but you need to worn me first " i said "wait so I can kiss you if I just ask?"sans asked "well you need a good reson for it " I said as he zipped up his jacket. "So are you two dating?" A dog asked "i swear to to God" i said under my breath. " Hey grillby  can you get me some fries" sans said grillbie ran to the back as fast as he could. And came back with some fries "so do you have a boyfriend on the surface?" Sans asked "no I am not the most liked person" i said "really you seem so nice" sans said. After a long time of being in the under ground I finally got to a judgement hall. "Hey " sans said as i ran and hugged him he stepped back "what's wrong?"sans asked "i know i will die fighting your king" i said. "How do you know that?"sans said " Because everyone  else did " i said as i looked at him and started tearing up. He wiped away my one of my tears off my cheek "i bel-"i kissed him and gave him my ribbon. "I will come back in promise " i said "please come back even if you are just a soul come back " sans said after that I went to the throne room I was about to die. He was geting ready to hit me "wait please " i said weakly he stoped "what is it human"he said " i what to see someone" i said then coughed up some blood."who may that be?"he said as i struggledto stand "sans" i said. He helped her walk and once we got to sans I ran to him "what happened to you?" He asked as he looked at the king " im sorry I'm coming back died.




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