História The Adventure - Capítulo 3

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Capítulo 3 - Third Chapter

Jean pvon

It was morning, the sun was in my eyes.

I remember what happened and hoping it's a dream, maybe a part of me wished it wasn't.

I get out of bed and see there's no one there.

I look everywhere in that house and I don't see it.

I hear a sound coming from below, come down and see who it is.

-Hi Jean!!! - It was a friend of mine, she has the dark cabal (as if it were a blue) she is a fairy, unlike me I am an elf. This friend of mine is older than me, if I'm not mistaken we are 3 years apart (she is 23).

- Hello all well? I speak in a lower tone, reminding myself that it was just a dream, I wish I hadn't woken up.

- What do you hear me? - She spoke in a curious tone - do not tell me it was a boy? Did you know you couldn't have left it alone at that party-party? Now that I remembered I was drunk, and I'm more sure it was just a dream: /

- it has nothing to do with the party. - I give him a tight hug - it is about a dream that - I was cut by it, it pulls me away.

- aaaaa migooooo !! Dreamed of your soul mate !!!!! I'm so thrilled !!!! I also wish I had dreamed of mine.- She spoke in a lower tone pulling me closer again.

(Soulmate: Normally the same as intended couples, regardless of race, age or anything. Love crosses barriers, and while love is good it hurts and is treacherous. The difference between “soul mate” and “Destined couples”: soul mates are always together no matter how far or with whom they are and destined couples are always together)

- I don't think so, I was drunk. Come in, I want some coffee and I'll tell you my dream.


We came in and I told everything

/ Break of time /

Was he human? She asked and I nodded - you were drunk! You know humans don't exist!

We were arguing all day about the dream.

Maybe she's right, that was on my mind and I was drunk.

"Bye me!" She said in a drunken tone, "Yeah, maybe I've been giving you a little alcohol, but just this once-" migooooou promises me that if any boy or girl pisses you off I'll beat you pretty exhibit in the museum.

-Okay, girl, bye.

That's my life, surely, I hope that dream comes back.

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I'm sorry but I don't speak English, I don't know if the translation is correct.

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