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“Today is a new day. Yesterday has come and gone and tomorrow has yet to begin. Stay focused on the here and now instead of the past or present. You can’t change what has happened and you don’t know what the future holds but you do have control over the here and now”
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Capítulo 2 - New Me

Fanfic / Fanfiction The Artist In Me - Capítulo 2 - New Me

Most people like to make promises

Lots and lots of promises

They make a big list

And say they'll start doing everything

Next year or next month

Maybe next week or next Monday.

Then I keep wondering

Why not NOW? 

Why don't they start right now?


Do you want to be a better person?

Be a better person from now on!

Do you want to start saving money for something? 

Start saving money now!

Do you want to be more organized?

Be more organized from NOW on!

Do you want to get better grades?

Start studying now!


Why do people wait this much

To start doing something

That could be already done by now?

Why do they keep making promises

For next year, month, or Monday?

Why don't they promise

To do something now?


Well, I'm making a promise

Not for next year,

Not for next week.

I promise I'll be a different person

From NOW on. 

I wanna make some changes in my life,

And I'll start right now!

That old "me",

Who didn't take care of herself,

Who got blinded by people's madness,

That "old me" is dead.

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