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Capítulo 17 - Promise is debt

Fanfic / Fanfiction The Black Wolf - Capítulo 17 - Promise is debt

Lucy POV 

I didn't sleep the next few hours to avoid a concussion, consequently leaving me exhausted for the rest of the day.
And that didn't improve my mood.
I was still very hurt and upset with Mormont, mostly for his omission, than for being lied to.
I couldn't just let go and ignore things the way he did. An honourable man like him who sworn to protect the kingdom should fight for the good of it's people. Because the kingdom are the people. There's no Realm without them.
And the worst crime of all is not doing bad things, but seeing them happen and do nothing.
That's why it was so hard for me to forgive him.
I was just one person. Wanting to change the world, but not being enough. We only could fix things that are on our reach.
Mormont was the fucking Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, a sworn brotherhood with almost a thousand men. And Craster was one. ONE despicable human being. We could put an end to that, releasing his daughters. It was in our power to do that. 
But no. All the Night's Watch wanted to do was kill wildlings, instead of trying to make peace with them.
It was getting me even angrier.



"Something's bothering you?" I asked Lucy. She looked like was about to stab someone.

"Last night." She faced me. "I saw a White take Craster's baby. And all everybody cares about is cutting Mance Rayder's head off." 

"He betrayed his brothers." I reasoned.

Lucy rolled her eyes to me.

"Forget it."

She was mad at Lord Commander. I knew it. I saw her avoiding him all the path we went through in the snow.

"Do you think he'll come?" I changed the subject.

"Who? Qhorin Halfhand? Aye, he'll come. But in his own time." Lucy answered.

"My uncle told me stories about him. I heard he spent half of the last winter beyond the Wall."

She shook her head.

"All winter. Mormont said he was north the skirling pass when snows came. Had to wait for thaw."

"So it's possible? For someone to survive here on their own?"

That made her finally give me a smile.

"Possible for wildlings, and the Halfhand."

We stopped at the edge of the mountain, admiring the view ahead of us. That was the point chosen to settle.

"The Fist of the First men!" Sam announced in excitement. "Think of how old this place is! Before the Targaryens and the Herondales defeated the Andals, before the Andals took Westereos from the First Men..."

"Before I die." Edd added. "Please, stop talking."

But he didn't stop.

"Thousands and thousands of years ago, the First Men stood here. Where we're standing. All through the long Night. What do you think they were like, the First Men?"

"Stupid." Edd sarcastically answered. "Smart people don't find themselves in places like this." 

"Actually." Lucy interrupted. "According to my family stories, they only came here to get away from something. And it didn't work."

Sam opened his mouth, but came to shut it once the loud noise of the horns being blown echoed from miles away.

"Wildlings?" Grenn asked.

"One blast is for Rangers returning." I explained. "Wildlings is two blasts."

"One blast for friends. Two for foes. And three for White Walkers." Lucy commented.

We all turned to face her.

"What?" Sam said. "She's right. It's been a thousand of years but, that's the only time they blew the horn three times."

"If it's been a thousand of years, then how do you know?" Grenn questioned.

"Well, we r..."

"Read in a book." He and Edd finished for him.

"Look." I pointed forward. "Is Qhorin Halfhand."

There was a hundred men starting to appear on the horizon. 

"Aye, we'll live another day." Edd sadly celebrated. "Hurrah."




Lucy POV

When Qhorin Halfhand arrived, he went to talk to Mormont, pointing out a fire ahead. But no one else seemed to be seeing it. 

"There, on that mountain."

"What is it?" 

"A fire." Jon and I replied in unison.

Qhorin nodded.

"There's a fire. People sitting around with better eyes than yours or mine. And when they see us coming, that fire becomes a signal. It gives Mance Rayder plenty of time to throw a party in our honor."

"How many wildlings have joined him?" Mormont asked.

"From what we can tell, all of them." He signed. "Mance has gathered them all like deer against the wolves. They're almost ready to make their move."


"Somewhere safe. Somewhere south. We can't just march into their midst. We can't wait for them here with nothing but piles of stones to protect us."

"You're saying we should march back to the Wall?"

"Mance was one of us, once. Now he's one of them. He's gonna teach them our way of doing things. They'll hit us in force, and they won't run away when we hit back. They're gonna be more organised than before, more disciplined, more like us." He turned around to look at the men. "So we need to be more like them. Do things their way. Sneak in, kill Mance and scatter them to the winds before they can march to the Wall. And to do that..."

"We need to get rid of those lookouts."

So that's the plan.

"It's not a job for four hundred men. I need to move fast and silent." Qhorin stated looking at me. "I suppose that's the woman who saved your ass twice?"

"Lucy." Mormont replied.

"I want her, Harker, Stonesnake and Borba."

"You promised." I whispered to Mormont before he had a chance to say a word.
I was angry. Really angry. And the only thing that would calm me down was fighting.

"Lord Commander, I'd like to join Lord Qhorin." Jon said, stepping forward.

Halfhand laughed.

"I've been called lots of things, but that might be my first Lord Qhorin."

"You're a steward Snow, and Lucy, you are no ranger." Mormont complained.

"I'm no ranger, and I am no man." I told him. "But I saved your life twice, and I killed a White Walker. How many rangers can say that?"

"She's a tough girl, you have to give her that." Qhorin agreed. "She's exactly what I need."

"And I can do hers and Jon's duties while they're gone, my Lord." Sam offered. "It'll be no trouble."

Mormont took a deep breath, seeing there was no way out.

"Well." He said. "Just be careful out there Lucy."

"I will." I replied.

"Jon, I hope you make a better Ranger than you do as Steward."

Jon nodded gratefully. But before he went to stand by my side, Mormont grabbed him to whisper something in his ear.
Keep her safe.

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