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História The Decree of Death - Capítulo 1

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Capítulo 1 - The Decree of Death

Fanfic / Fanfiction The Decree of Death - Capítulo 1 - The Decree of Death

A kingdom under the tyranny of an absolutist king, suffers with a civil war caused by the revolutions. One day, the castle was invaded in the middle of the night and the king was captured. They took him to the forest, where they did him drag on the ground being stoned, until the trunk of a tree. Where they hung him by the neck, laughing as he suffocated to death. On the day of judgment, the king was in his end. Getting face to face with death...


For those who were missing you with mercy, with disdain I will have them. In short, for them bring you to me in a cruel way, naked, I bring to you my written. It confers your legacy in life and your contempt in death. There will be no need to cover your shame, I have already seen you naked at birth, and in bones succumbing. You were from your first to your penultimate step because someone interrupted your journey. Them will have a debit to pay. But don't forget, you has stumbled on the stones that your own put on the way. Your past was your choice and your future you will have to find out by yourself. Nothing was denied to you... Food for hunger... Water for thirst... Shadow for rest... As you saied when you were alive. No protector condemned to you. Every word that had come from your mouth, written I detem them. It says here, "No man was with me as unfair as Death was. When it took my blood away on a wreck." It's not allowed to me telling infamous lies. Your own eyes will show you your insolvency described here. I'm not the reason for the end and not the reason for the beginning. Now, with you naked, can you see it like I'm see that too? No gold or silver weathered the end of the way. Your crown fell, like heads whose of the order to decapitation. I call you fool. The Supreme says, "all that hands with blood flowed, they shall have the name of sinner. They will be profane, impure, disgraced. And here they will not have the protection."I tell you that never in your hands you had stronger. Even when you poured blood. Never in your hands you had the earth, this has never been yours. Now, you don't are being humiliated by me, but for your own disgrace. Is the responsible for your path traveled? You. With the book closed, you want manifest? If not... Here's my decree... Your sentence... Is the purgatory.

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