História The End - Capítulo 6

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Capítulo 6 - Chapter 6

Fanfic / Fanfiction The End - Capítulo 6 - Chapter 6

Pain, my whole body ached. I was in  more bandages, Anna sat next to me. "You shouldn't have done that Luanna, it was stupid." Her eyes teared up. I glared at her. She gave a weak smile, her hands shaking. That's when I remembered something. My eyes grew wide, I jumped up, I was in my room, so I ran to Anna's. "Luanna," she called. 

I wanted to know if that figure was still there. Sure its been an hour, but it still. I looked through Anna's window. Nope, nothing. The figure was of course gone. "Dammit," I cursed. "Luanna," Anna said quietly. I slightly turned. "Yeah," I said. "Why are you looking out my window?" I faked a smile, and sighed. "Oh, I'm just being paranoid, its nothing." Her eyebrow raised, but I slipped passed her and went to my room. I was trembling, dammit stop being god damn paranoid! I silently yelled at myself.

I flopped on my bed, I looked at my alarm clock. 10:00 pm, I sighed I had school tomorrow, better go to sleep. I rolled over to my side looking at the wall. I slowly closed my eyes and went to sleep.

??? POV

I ran away from the house, I saw nothing. I wanted to kill her, to drain her of blood. I think I was being careless. I think the sister saw me. That's fine, if she did I kill her to, more blood. I giggled insanely to myself. I jumped tree to tree, I saw the sister get her ass kick by her dad. At least she had the balls to stand up to him. 

I think this kill will be fun. I can't wait, to make them as beautiful as me. But first I have to tell Slendy that the sister saw me. Dammit!

Luanna's POV

The alarm came on, my eyes slowly opened. My hair covered my face, I yawned. It was 5:00 a.m right before father woke up. I laid in bed turning over so that I laid on my back. I stared at the ceiling. Great school, great another fucking hell hole. I sighed. I got up and put on a light purple shirt, and a black sweater.

Well I have an hour, I thought. So I read for an hour, when 6:00 came I went downstairs. I skipped breakfast and saw Anna on the conch, her hair was down, she wore tons of make-up to cover up a bruise on her cheek. She wore a gray sweater and blue jeans. "Let's go," I said. She nodded, I wanted to leave before father woke up.

We left, I sighed, finally out of that god forsaken house. Anna also sighed, "finally." We walked silently, the school was a couple of blocks away, well my school, Anna's was a little further. We said goodbye at the crossroad, and I continued walking. Knowing my luck, today was going to be another shitty day.

??? POV

I was back at the mansion. Everyone was doing their own thing, I  saw masky and ticci Toby fighting...again. It was fun watching them try to kill each other, but now I had to get to Slender. "Jeff," shouted Sally. She ran towards me.

I put my hands in the pockets of my white jacket. "Yeah," I said. "Want to have a tea party!" She smiled. "I can't right now." "Awww how bout later!" She pouted. "Sure, maybe you can come with me on a killing spree." Her mouth fell open, I never invited someone to come kill with me, I loved to kill them by myself. Watch the blood drain from their bodies. Make them beautiful. I grinned wider, which was pretty wide.

She scooted back a couple feet, probably seeing the blood list in my eyes. She waved goodbye and ran in the opposite direction probably looking for someone else to have a tea party with. OK now to go find Slendy. 

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