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História The Four Courts - Capítulo 1

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Chapter one continues from the prologue, which is the description of the story. It would make more sense to read the prolougue first, but is not required.

Capítulo 1 - A Walk With Mother

Fanfic / Fanfiction The Four Courts - Capítulo 1 - A Walk With Mother

Yonohi scrambled away from the door and hid behind the nearest pillar as the door opened and the council members spilled out. The king and queen exited last and Yonohi cringed as she heard her mother say, 'go on dear, I need a moment'. As soon as the king was out of earshot, Hanata turned to face the pillar she knew her daughter to be behind.

"Alright Yonohi, come on out." She said in a resigned voice.

"Oh, hello mother. What a surprise to see you here!" Yonohi said in an unconvincing tone, knowing full well her mother knew everything.

"Yes, how strange I should be in the council room that you eavesdrop into every single session. Peculiar even," the queen said raising an eyebrow with a slight smile. Yonohi only smiled sheepishly in return. Hanata chuckled and held out her hand for her daughter to take, which she did graciously. The queen spoke as they walked.

"I assume you heard everything." She said more as a question than a statement.

"I'm not going to deny it," Yonohi said anxiously. It depended on what the meeting was about how her mother would react to her spying, and this seemed pretty serious, so she was prepared for the worst.

"We really ought to just let you sit in. You are future Queen in any case," Hanata said, getting a surprised expression from Yonohi.

"But, I thought" the princess started.

"Yes dear, I know. But you'll be sixteen this year"

"Seventeen" corrected Yonohi.

"Ah! Even more reason. Forgive me dear, the council is having some... issues at the moment. But that being said, not to brag, but I have grown in wisdom over the years. If you are to become queen at twenty, you must have at least some experience solving problems in your own court" Queen Hanata said. To her daughter, it almost sounded like she was reasoning with herself.

"Mother.. does this have anything to do with Sonhai?" She asked tentatively. The queen stiffened and stopped. Yonohi immediately regretted asking as her mothers eyes filled with tears. Hers did as well, partly out of smypathy, and partly out of emphathy. She had known Sonhai as a child, they were very close to any accord, but as their age grew, so did their responsibilities. Their playdates became far and few between untill they halted altogether.

"She died so young. She couldn't have been any older than you. Oh, I know its selfish but what if something happens to you and I never let you reach your dreams? I couldn't live with myself" Queen Hanata said, uncharacteristically breaking down. Yonohi comforted her mother as best she could, in the only way she knew how, laughter.

"Hey, hey, its alright. Im sad too, its terrible what happened. But promise me one thing?"

"Of course?"

"Dont send the entire guard to look after me?" Yonohi said, smiling a little. This earned her a laugh from the distressed queen, which instantly made her feel better. Having grown up inside the palace, she didn't have many friends her age, the only ones now being her handmaid, Hinate, and a daughter of one of the council members. Owing to this, her mother and her had grown very close over the years, and she couldnt stand to see her upset.

"Oh, what are we going to do with you?" Asked Hanata, resuming her pace and squeezing her daughters hand.

"Marry me off to the the Autumn Prince" she said. Her mother stopped laughing and a tense silence followed.

"I know you're not exactly thrilled darling, but it is an effort to unite the courts more wholly. And besides, I thouht you said Onheta was cute?" Ah, there it was. Her mother's ability to turn anything into a laugh. And laugh Yonohi did, but more to please her.

"Yeah, I guess, but its just... nevermind" she let go of her mothers hand and stepped in front of her. "Im going to go prepare for a stroll in the gardens with Hinate." Said Yonohi, bowing before she turned around and walked to her room, where she knew her favourite handmaiden would be waiting for her.

"Have fun!" Her mother called after her. "And, please be safe" she said more to herself, as she twisted the chain of her necklace for comfort.

Notas Finais

I hope you all enjoy so far! I am trying to work out an update scedual. For now I think twice or three times a week should work. Ill let you know if something happens otherwise, good or bad. Thanks for reading!

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