História The last case - Capítulo 15

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Alguns dos personagens encontrados nesta história e/ou universo não me pertencem, mas são de propriedade intelectual de seus respectivos autores. Os eventuais personagens originais desta história são de minha propriedade intelectual. História sem fins lucrativos criada de fã e para fã sem comprometer a obra original.

Capítulo 15 - At the flat:

The three of us finished our meal at the restaurant. It was really just the two of us, Cameron and I. We got into a cab and rode to 221B. The cab ride was very, very silent. It unusual for mine and Sherlock cab rides to be silent. We usually talk about the case and I would listen to his deductions.

     Finally the silent cab ride was over and got out. Sherlock noticed that the door handle was straight. He said aloud "I wonder if he knows he does this. Swear He has OCD and he needs to leave it alone. My flat, not his."

"Who is it, Sherlock?"

Cameron asked.

"Your about to meet some more of the family,Lucy."

"It's Cameron."

"Oh Lucy was the dog John had. Sorry." Said Sherlock who realized his mistake.

Cameron whispered to me "you had a dog named Lucy?"

"Yeah, it wasn't really mine. It was Mary's dog."

"Oh." Replied Cameron.

    All three of us walked up the stairs into the flat. Mrs. Hudson came scurrying up the steps once when she realized that we were back.

    When I first walked into the flat I seen Mycroft Holmes start singing there rummaging through some papers. Sherlock said "leave stuff alone. By the way, why are you here Mycroft?"

"Business, brother dear. John...Who is this person?"

"My finacee...Cameron."

"Pleasure to meet you, dear."

"Why are you still here, Mycroft?"

"Like I said business. Moriarty. Cameron if you don'tmind please escort yourself out of the room."

Cameron looked at me and then kissed me on the cheek. I watched as she left downstairs. Mycroft then returned this attention to Sherlock and I.

"How many times do I have to tell you brother to leave this case? Moriarty is my problem, not yours."

"Actually come to think of it...It is. Now will you please leave."

"You don't know what your up against, Sherlock." Mycroft said when he was walking to the door.

Suddenly Sherlock said "then tell me this, Mycroft. Why was there a letter in the dead's men jacket pocket."

     Mycroft stopped walking and simply turned around to face us. He asked in a low tone "what?"

"A letter in the dead man's jacket pocket. I found it while searching for clues. It was written by a Cathrine Sullivan."

   Mycroft looked upon us with horror and fright. Apparently he didn't know what to say actually. To be honest neither did I. We stayed like this for what five minutes. "Come with me you two. We are going to talk to Ms. Sullivan." Said Mycroft.

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