História The Last King - Capítulo 1

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Alguns dos personagens encontrados nesta história e/ou universo não me pertencem, mas são de propriedade intelectual de seus respectivos autores. Os eventuais personagens originais desta história são de minha propriedade intelectual. História sem fins lucrativos criada de fã e para fã sem comprometer a obra original.

Notas do Autor

I skipped my lesson of Italian for this. I'm pretty sure I'll regret it.

Capítulo 1 - The ship

             That was a happy day. The one year anniversary of the defeat of Eclipsa. This was also tge choosen day to the nomination of Marco Diaz as three-star general. His acts against Eclipsa were decisive to the survival of all Mewni. He comanded the army against the monsters when the royal family was neutralized, had a solo fight against Eclipsa and protected the princess when she went in coma. The expectation was he to became the King someday, and the people were satisfied with this. But hours before the ceremony, a ship attached a distant port. The planet of Mewni had just one continent, sourrouded by a huge ocean. Sea travels were very rare and just for transportation of specific materials, so everyone got surprised when a medium-sized ship arrived with no antecipation. His flag was a flower over a shield. It wasn't a simple flag, it needed to be of a nation. But none of the Kingdoms of Mewni had that symbol. And there it was no other territory than Mewni, so where did this ship came from? While the workers at the port discussed, a child jumped out. He looked to have just 11 years, and carried an ring on the index finger. The kid approached to the amazed workers and, with a smile, said:
             -Hi people.-The voice was also childlike.-Sorry to get here like this, I know it's not nice, but where is your Queen?
             - W-Where are your parents child?-One of them asked.
             -They're dead.-The boy didn't got sad or even modified the smile.-But hey, it's not fair.-Now the smile was gone.-I asked first, where is your Queen?
             -Do you mean Moon Butterfly?-Other took part.-She is in the capital, of course. But where did you came from?
             -I came from Nawmo of course.-He looked surprised.- Where else could I came from? Did you not see my flag? My turn, where is the capital?
             -Naw-what? What is your name? And how you don't know where the capital is?
             -Nawmo, do you really don't know us? I knew you didn't like us, but I'm annoyed now.-He made an angry face. And it's my turn. Where is the capital.
             -The capital is at the South, 500 kilometers. What's your name?
             The boy looked at his ring. A hologram of a map appeared, and a arrow went from his position to "500 kilometers at the South". He smiled, satisfied, and the hologram disappeared. Poiting his hand to the ground, the ring started to shine and he started to float.
             -My name is Lion Nova. Thank you for the help.-Lion flied in direction to the capital fastly. The workers tried to talk to him, but he was too awat for he to listen them.
              At the moment Lion arrived the castle, the rumors of a new of magic had spread the Kingdom. Some versions talked about a knight in a destroyed armor, other told about a clone of Star Butterfly. The news didn't get to the royal family before Nova arrived, so everyone were surprised by the flying kid. He took two hours to reach the castle, and five minutes to everyone forget about the new general.
             -Is he a lost Butterfly?-Some asked.
             -How does he fly?-Others questioned.
             -Using magic, of course.
             -But how? He's so young.
             In minutes, the Royal family went to talk to him. Lion was sit on a balcony, in one of the highest towers.
             -Oh, hi Queen-He said when the doors were open. Moon was wearing her crown and a royal dress.
             -Who are you?
             -I'm Lion Nova. What's your name?
             -Nova...-The Queen took a step back and got white.
             -What's your name? Please, I told you mine, let's be fair.
             -Mom, what's up with this name.-Star Butterfly asked. She was 16 and dressed royal as well.
             -My name is Moon Butterfly, and I order you to leave this Kingdom forever!- Moon yelled at the boy.
            -Calm down dear, he is just a boy.-River passed his arms on Moon's.
             -Hey, that's not cool. Calm down, let's talk like adults.-Lion took a little golden tiara from his pocket and said-I'm a King too, believe me.
             -What do you want, King?-Star tried to act mature. She knew her time to be Queen was coming soon, so she decided to start to act like want.-Why did you come here?
             -This is a bit hard to say, but I came here for your wand. And if you don't give me, I'll have to take it.

Notas Finais

Yeah, I regret

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