História The Last King - Capítulo 2

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Alguns dos personagens encontrados nesta história e/ou universo não me pertencem, mas são de propriedade intelectual de seus respectivos autores. Os eventuais personagens originais desta história são de minha propriedade intelectual. História sem fins lucrativos criada de fã e para fã sem comprometer a obra original.

Notas do Autor

Sorry for the late day, I did a text in my native lenguage yesterday, it took my free time.

Capítulo 2 - A tale of two Empires

               -To give to you what?-Star yelled, searching for the wand in her back.
               -Your wand. Sorry if I wasn't clear, I have a dicction problem.-Lion took a lighter from his pocket and started to control the fire, shaping it as a star or a skull, with his ring.-Cool huh? I can do some art here.
               -And why in Mewni would I do that?!-She hold her wand with strength.
               -Because if you don't give me it, I'll have to kill you. Sorry for that.-Lion didn't look out the fire.
               -Get away from here, your Nova slag!-Moon yelled in mad.
               Fast steps were hear at distance. In seconds Marco opened the door, dressed as a general. -Whats is going on here?
               -Get away from here general. We are having a royal talk.-Lion looked to Marco disinterested.
               -Star who is this guy? How can he use magic?-Marco ignored the King.
               A intense and fast blast of light blinded everyone for a moment. And then Marco started yelling.  His face was on fire and he was squirming in the ground.-I told you to leave.-Said a desinterested Nova.
               -MARCO-Star screamed and kneeled in front of him, tremendous.- YOU'LL BE ALRIGHT, I'M HERE.-First she extinguished the fire with water she created from her wand. His face was in living flesh and he didn't stop yelling.
               -MY EYES, I CAN'T SEE.-He grabbed Star's arms in despair. Star did a more couple spells and the newly made general slept.
               -He need doctors now, I have to take him out.-She spoke to Moon, which was looking in shock to the flying kid.-YOU.-She turned to Lion and pointed the wand. It turned green.
               -So I was right.-The boy kept his lighter in his pocket and looked amazed and happy to the glowing wand.-I was right!-A blast of green light took place. It hitted another tower from the castle. The tower fell in seconds. Lion was untoched. And smiling of pure happiness. -So I'll have to kill you.
               He pointed to the wall of the power and a piece of rock hit a paralised Moon, that fainted. Another hit Star's arm, the one with the wand. She screamed and dropped the wand. Marco stood slept, with a desfigured face. Lion tried to grab the wand from the weaked Star. But a ray and his arm got involved in crystal.  The ring in the frozen hand stopped working. He looked down and saw the High Comission looking to him.
               -Not cool Rhombulus!-He cried to the crystal being. Looking at his arm he knew that he couldn't fight the entire High Comission, not in that state. He focused on a desesperated Star and said.-Stop it, it's just general, you can get another.
               -HE IS MY BOYFRIEND, DEMON.-She yelled with tears rolling down on her face.
               -Same thing.-Lion chuckled.-Well, see you later. He jumped out the tower and flew fast for his boat. In some seconds he wasn't visible.
               Later that day Star went to speak with her mother in the nursery. She was well but needed some medical care due to the hit. Star treated Marco for hours, fixed his desfigured, melted face and gave him vision again. But he couldn't wake up so soon, so he was left to the royal ICU. Star was worried, but needed to know who was that boy and why Moon knew about him.
               -Who is the Nova, mom?-She said to Moon, layed on a bed.
               -It's a story, passed by our family, I though it was a legend until today.
               -Tell me. I need to know.
               -A long time ago, a sacerdotise had a very strong bond with the Nature. One the the Universe it self impregnated her. She had twins, a boy and a girl. The girl had wings and  the boy a resistent skin. To them was gave two gifts. The boy recieved a ring, which he could use to control the elements. The girl got a wand, which she could create whatever she wanted with her feeling. These two siblings  lived a great war between all the nations of the world. When the war ended they used their powers to rebuild society and create two great Empires, one for each. The boy named himself Nova, and the girl Butterfly. They lived and long life as Emperors and started a dinasty. The two empires were friendly and sometimes acted like just one due to their similar administration and friendship. But they always respected the territory of each, dividing the great continent that made Mewni in half. Until one day, a bad King of the Nova was born. He was bad to his people and broke the bond between the empires. The Butterfly Queen got enough of his cruelty and attacked the Nova Empire. The King was so bad that his soldiers didn't have nothing to eat, so he was defeated in very few months. But the Queen continued to kill the inhabitants of Nova. Desesperated, the Prince stole the ring of his father and created a island in the middle of the Great Ocean, where no Butterfly would find them. The location of the island is a mistery until today. He went to this safe place with the surviving population, leaving the father to be executed. The Butterflies took all the territory and proclamed themselves the only descends of the sacerdotise. But someday the Nova would come back to seek revange, and we should be prepared for this day. I wasn't.-Moon ended the tail with sadness.-We must kill him before he kills us, he is too powerful.
               -I will kill him, mom. I won't forgive what he did. But he didn't want to kill me in first place, just wanted my wand. So, why he came back?
               -I don't know Star. I don't know...

Notas Finais

Bad ending, I know. Sorry, I'm writing late.

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