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Here's another chapter. ♥

Capítulo 3 - 02 Wherefore Art Thou Kiryu?

Fanfic / Fanfiction The Lights Within - Capítulo 3 - 02 Wherefore Art Thou Kiryu?

Kaname had started his plans ten years ago. He weaved a web of lies and manipulated those around him into doing what he wanted without ever giving the appearance of being anything other than a boy who had just lost his parents tragically. His plan was foolproof. Every angle was covered; every possible reaction was predicted and had a counter plan. He had enemies and friends alike like pawn on a chessboard, sacrificing when necessary to protect his Queen.

The Pureblood slid his hand several times on his neck giving it some light massages. He was tired, the paperwork did not leave him rest and sometimes an unexplainable pain attacked him. The nightmares were also part of the package. He looked out at the windowpane behind the desk and forced himself to continue reading. He couldn't concentrate anymore. He looked at his watch and realized it was midnight and daylight to humans.

The brunet sighed deeply before leaning back and swaying his chair back and forth. He did not know what was going on, everything he tried did not work and something that worried him most of all was that he could no longer drink Yuki's blood. Not just for the fact that she would always have Kiryu present inside her memories and that she regretted being there with him abandoning her human life... now, so far away from Kiryu, his blood was no longer wanted as before. He slowly closed his brown eyes. Each time he drank from Yuki, was that damn level D in the depths of her memories. He was always there, no matter what happened between him and his sister. He could swear that she would never cease to love that pathetic level D. He can still remember both, Yuki and Kiryu when the said hunter unexpectedly visited them at Kuran's Manor year ago, watching each other so deeply into the eyes. The Pureblood could take Yuki away from Kiryu, which he had already done but he could not force the girl to stop thinking about the hunter. Something else he had known through Yuki's blood was that she wanted to go home. She did not show it, but she considered Kaein Cross as her father and as his daughter she wanted to be by his side. Kaname was sure that Yuki loves him... but not like how he loves her. He thought having a blood bond with her, all would be resolved but in one way or another he could not complete it.

He wakes up in the middle of a nightmare.

It's neither traditional nor expected. Far from the typical form of horror. It's not a mangled, bloodied body, crawling on his ceiling, head twisting at an inhuman angle, a sharp, razor-teeth grin painting its ash white face; not an angered ghost, gripping his neck tightly in its icy hands so hard that a string of drool escapes out the side of its mouth.

He wakes up in the middle of a nightmare, and he has absolutely no idea what's going on.

A cry pierces through the blanket of darkness and he cringes, eyes so wide he can nearly see into the back of his head. He clenches at the sheets of the bed he's lying in, the satin bunching willingly under his force, clammy body drenched with sweat, dampening the silky black of his sleep pants. He feels the electricity buzzing through his brain.

The walls around him are familiar - as they should be. It is his room, after all. But even this knowledge does little to placate the panic that's building in the center of his chest, wrapping around his heart and contracting, forcing the muscle to beat faster and faster. He moves his foot, an action barely above a twitch and the already precariously placed blanket slips off, exposing the bare skin to the nipping air. He cries out again, shocked that the small movement causes his stomach to twist and knot, an incisive pinch starting in his abdomen and soon spreading like wildfire to his lungs and throat.

"What?" he chokes dazed.

He knows there's no one in the room except for him, and yet he can't fight the tingling paranoia that creeps slowly into his mind, tainting it with illusions of motion in the stillness and shifting sounds in the silence.

He blinks again, and the movement is slow, weak and groggy, his eyelids nearly glued together by hours of sleep.

A quick stab in his gut, and he is jerked into complete awareness, snapping upright and splaying his hands over the stinging sensation, nearly expecting it to be stained with crimson when he removes one, and head turning into a dizzying disarray when he sees it isn't.

He inhales and the air smells musky, like sweat.

The confusion and pain begin to further morph into terror, and he finds himself trying to stand up, desperate despite the numbness sinking into his bones, the muscles lax. He almost gets enough momentum to swing his tingling leg over the edge, but suddenly it gives out and just flails to slightly to the side, like the twitching of a dead bug.

A sob breaks through his panicked breathing, and he brings his leadened hands to lie atop his naked stomach, massaging it vigorously, trying to kneed out the hurt like a cramp, disregarding the alarming amount of time it takes for his nerve endings to even recognize that he's being touched, and even then, the feeling of skin on skin is faint. He doesn't think it will help - not really. The twinging in his middle is too severe to be cured by such a simple remedy.

There's no connection that clicks, none at all. His thinking isn't even the least bit stimulated by the idea of a burning ache in his stomach. He knows that it's supposed to mean something - that what it signifies is far more daunting than the feeling itself - but inside the safety of his own head, it has no value whatsoever. All his brain can truly register is pain.

"Help," he whispers, voice cracking. He barely recognizes it.

Arms braced on the cushioned mattress, he tries to struggle his way off the bed once more. The licking flames of agony have weakened him, and in the end, he can't do much more than fall back against wet bed again.

His eyes begin to drift closed, and this time, he fears they might not reopen.

A door - his door - slams open, hitting the wall behind it with a bang and bouncing off it, right back into the shoulder of its assailant. A mass of shining blonde hair emerges from behind the chaos with a grunt, and its rightful face is revealed with pale skin and vivid green eyes. Its soft, pink lips are down turned into a frown, and they open slightly and tremble. It takes him a minute, but he realizes they're shaking with movement. They're speaking.


The noise knocks on his forehead, right near his temple. Anyone home? But he can't identify the sound. He repeats it in his head silently, Kaname-sama, to try to understand the purpose of the word.


Nothing. He blinks, eyes unfocused, fixated somewhere between one wall and the other, right in the shadowed corner. Kaname. Nothing.

And then, there's another sound. It's a thudding kind of flutter, like an eagle's wings or a big, fat bass drum. The pattern replays at a consistent beat.

Ba-dump, ba-dump, ba-dump.

It ignites his insides.

Before he can realize it, before he can even string together any thought, he is up, limbs suddenly strong and sinewy, pulsing with capability in each flex, and he is flying across the room, towards the sound - towards the door.

Kaname. Nothing.

His hand shoots out, a dead accurate aim at its target, and finds it - finds what he's been looking for, what he's been needing - and yanks, dragging his sharpened fingernails against the flesh, drawing a burgundy liquid, darkened by the blackness of the room. He ignores the responding gasp and tug, instead choosing to study how the colors run out in a smooth and steady stream, dripping off the edge of white and onto his carpet.

Kaname. Nothing.

He raises the bleeding arm to his lips and flicks his tongue out, a slithering snake, and with that one taste, he can't hold it in any longer.

His mouth latches onto the wound - a leech devouring, drinking for all it's worth. He feels resistance on his shoulder blades, slamming harshly onto the bones, but he doesn't care. He just slurps and sucks until the pounding on his back ceases, and he hears a pitiful cry of submission.

"Kaname, please. Stop."


His name. That's his name.

And he does. He does stop. He freezes, drops the hand, and stops.

His eyes lift from his crime, his sin - the blood-drenched, sticky mess he's made of the flesh. With his rejuvenated strength, he brings his arm up to his mouth and wipes away the shame along with the burgundy smears on his mouth and chin. The reddened lips move and a smacking sound is released when they separate, parting to form one word.


The green eyed noble looked up, mouth agape.

The Pureblood was so close he could see the blonde's eyelashes fluttering with each of his shaky inhales. He could see Takuma's lips trembling, pulling together and apart at a rapid pace, as if they couldn't decide whether they was going to say something or not. He could see the Level B's nose, still and silent as night, wrinkled, like he wasn't breathing through it - and later, when Kaname was in his better mind, he would realize why.

Most importantly, he could see his eyes, tinted darker to a shade of pine-green, innocently wide with pure, unadulterated fear.

When the noble stumbles backwards, nearly hysterically, grasping anxiously at the door knob, and in his haste, missing it every time, Kaname finds it exceptionally hard to swallow down the overwhelming feeling of guilt that clumps in his throat, sharp and prickly like thousands of needles.

Kaname reaches out, finding the knob on his first try, twists, and pulls. He lets go after that, allowing Takuma the comfort of leaving without the pureblood's hand a few mere inches away from his paling face.

Takuma rushes out, without an ounce of demur, and Kaname can hardly blame him for his obvious fright.

Because, frankly, he himself is quite terrified.

And suddenly an upcoming neck ache brought him back to reality. Besides his sister, the only person who bitten him was Kiryu. Kaname strongly feared, he formed some sort of bond with the hunter. That was the only answer to his lately discomfort. The hunter needs his blood.

Or Am I the one who craves his blood?

The thought was left unanswered. It was ridiculous that the Pureblood himself will crave a lowly vampire blood.

The Pureblood stood up and took his coat on the way to the door. He had to clarify his doubts.

Walking in the mansion hallway, Kaname spot Takuma sitting in single couch near the right side of the fireplace before he reached the mansion's front door.

"Takuma." I called him.

The said happy-go-lucky blond vampire looked at Kaname, raised his eyebrow and a warm smile draws his lips.

"Yes, Kaname? Something you need my help?" Calling his name without honorific intact at the end of his King's name shows that they were both aware that no presences in the vicinity saved by the two of them.

Takuma appears very un-vampire like with his cheerful, enthusiastic, and caring demeanor whether it is towards humans or vampires. However he is also very capable of being deadly and determined when the situation requires. His constant smile and upbeat attitude, even in dark or painful situations, sometimes make it difficult to tell what he's really thinking or feeling.

Kaname grew up in his house and as a result, Takuma understands and is more comfortable with him than most vampires. He seems to understand the burden that being a Pureblood can be, and is not particularly reverent or afraid of them. Takuma is also clever at mentioning the flaws or negativity of Kaname's character or decisions without angering him, and is the only one who can name Kaname without honorifics.

But for humans, he was no Lord. He was just a human in their clueless eyes.

A multi-millionaire businessman.

In the shadows of humans' awareness, only the hunters and vampire society knows that the Kuran has a billion of fortunes.

"I have things to do. Do not let your guard down on everyone." He states.

"Of course, Kaname! I'll be keeping a more watchful eye over Hanabusa." Beaming at him and resumed at the manga he's reading a while ago before he was interrupted.

The brunet sent a little smile at the back of his best friend. He closed the door behind him and as fast as he could, he decided to go on visit to his old friend, Kaein Cross.

It has been two years since the night class left the Cross Academy. The disappearance of the council shocked everyone and brought an uproar to the HA and Vampire Society. The treaty between humans and vampires were become more questionable to both sides. But Cross still stood in his beliefs and Kaname decided to support him and help to reconstruct the massive destruction of the Academy.

The limo slowly parked in front of the school gate. He could sense some of the night class and day class at the Academy ground; he frowned before it dawned on him. Class changeover is the reason of the students gathering nearby the front gate of the Night Dormitory. Perhaps he might be able to see the hunter.

Kaname was the first to come out - he didn't have a time to wait for his driver to come out in his seat and open the door for him. He needs his answer as soon as possible. As he near the chairman's quarter, Kaname sense something was off. He couldn't sense Kiryu. At all. Even in the changeover, only Takamiya's presence he sensed and Kiryu is nowhere near the area.

That was odd and Kaname made a mental note to look into the reason for the two to be off campus, but what startled him the most was Takamiya. He knew the hunter was still here for future president training but was shocked by his aura. It usually had a very strong hunter aura and a miniaturized vampire blood — hunters are born as gifted humans, who possess the power to destroy vampires — but what surprised him was not only had his hunter aura increased drastically, so had his vampire side. He emitted the aura of a high level noble plus he was in the moon dormitory. Odd, Takamiya never went to the moon dormitory unless it was a task from the chairman. It seems like there have been several changes since he left. Taking another deep breath, Kaname decided it was time to visit the chairman's office to get some answers. After all, he was moving back and did not like to be out of the loop.

Walking up to the chairman's office, Kaname paused before knocking. Being an ex-hunter is something cannot be underestimating and he knows how strong Cross is. That's one of the reasons why Juri and Haruka entrusted Yuki to him. He can sense anyone inside of his beloved Academy, even when he was barely at the front gate. Nostalgia overwhelming his senses a moment, he allowed himself a brief smile before slipping on his mask of indifference. Two quick knocks on the door followed by a squeal behind the door and the sound of papers falling occurred before the door was yanked open by the charismatic chairman.

"Ah, Kaname." Cross said, smiling widely at the wine-red orbs vampire. "About time you turned up." The ex-hunter gestured to Kaname to come inside and take a sit. "Kaname, it's been a year since we last met. There's a lot changes here on Academy and Hunter Association, reasons that I have no time for visiting my adorable daughter! I assume she's in a better health?" Kaname nodded, folding his arms through his broad chest and resting his back at the door's back facing the chairman.

Cross seemed to think for a moment before returning to his seat and gazing at Kaname over the tops of his tented fingers. "I believe you were asking after Zero's well-being?" he asked, titling his head to one side. The Pureblood nodded and took a seat across from the ex-hunter. Kaien dropped his gaze and shuffled around some papers on his desk before looking up again and meeting the pureblood's gaze.

"Ah, yes," Kaname murmured, inclining his head. "That is what I wanted to talk to you about." He fell silent for a moment, considering his next words carefully. How was he going to ask the man about this without giving away exactly what he wanted and what did not want to reveal? He sighed. "I noticed that his presence is not around. It's been two years, hasn't it? Is he that busy at Association that he cannot go to class these days?" He paused, considering the situation. "Kiryu has remarkable will-power to withstand such torment for so long, for a hunter turned vampire there is no doubt he's the most powerful hunter in our time. Considering what end between him and his twin, Ichiru Kiryu." Kaname adopted a suitable amused expression, watching as the other man smiling silly. It seemed he was proudest father with that smile. "It has come to my attention that the blood he drank from the younger Kiryu with Shizuka's blood is not enough. His hunger for blood will begin to hunt him again, and soon." Kaname paused, considering his next words even more carefully. "When he attacks someone, probably student from the day class — I have no doubt it will be them since he's attending classes together with them — then call for me. I will help him. As I and my inner circle were currently discussing to go back here at Cross Academy."

Cross seemed to consider the pureblood's words for a long moment, absently sipping his cup of tea or fiddling with his paperwork. Kaname began to worry that the man wouldn't consent to this compromise. "I can't promise that I will be able to inform him about this offer and besides, even though I may be able to I don't think he will like or appreciate this offer, Kaname." Cross finally said, putting down his tea and paperwork to give the Pureblood a stern look. Kaname nodded; he understood this. Kiryu is stubborn after all. "The guy you concern about the offer has been missing for two years." Kaien gave the vampire a long look before dropping his gaze to the papers scattered across his desk. "Now, I believe you should be telling the truth now, Kaname. I'm heading back to HA. It's getting real late and I'm afraid the sunset is close."

The Pureblood stopped for a second and rose, resting both of his palms at the chairman's desk and leaned closely. He paused contemplating what to ask, glaring then continue to speak. "Cross, do you take for take me a fool?" Kaname's voice resonated throughout the chairman's office.

Cross stopped arranging the scattered papers at his desk and looked up to him with a serious expression. "Oh, and since when I made a joke about my son's wellbeing, Kaname? And no, never once I thought of you being a fool."

"Really now? How very ...interesting." He smirked and continues speaking. "Then, I'm sure you'd be more than willing to answer me one simple question out of respect, if not for the sake of our dear friendship."

"That, beyond my knowledge." Cross eyebrows furrowed in concern, not even able to find the right explanations to prevent the calamity that is about to occur. "I just can't-"

"Where is Zero Kiryu?"


"Is Zero Kiryu? Disappeared?" He repeats, dark irises flickering with tiny specks of angry red.

Cross's hand clenches. "So it's true," he murmurs incredulously, "You really let him do it, didn't you?" He shakes his head in disbelief. "You let an ex-human, hunter no less, bite you - let one feed from your very own blood."

"That's besides the point," Kaname growls, teeth flashing a sinister too-white white, reminding all his prey just exactly how read their blood would look coloring them. "Just answer my question - Is Kiryu-kun disappeared? Dead?"

Cross inhales, and it's hard and annoyed. "I can't."

And in a single second, he pressed Cross against the wall with an elbow choking his throat, holding up his entire body and suspending his feet a few inches in the air to where they're just barely hovering above the floor.

"My body may be weakening because of one-sided blood bond," he hisses into chairman's ear, and because his head is so far leaned into his shoulder, Cross can't actually see his face, but he knows a sadistic smirk stretching across it. "But I can still rip your throat out in a heartbeat."

"I can't, Kaname! Do not forget that I am now the President of Hunter Association. It was against the rules of Association to give out any information to outsiders, vampire king no less!"

Kaname' hand crawls forward, skimming his chilled skin against the hunters president's overheated and sweaty one, until his fingers are catching the edges of his neck, squeezing. "Budump," he purrs, and Cross heart clenches in fear, especially when he is pulled from and slammed back into the wall. But this time, thankfully, it's without Kaname, who is now a safe distance across the office.

"Then I guess I will have to investigate his disappearance for myself." And before he leave, Cross said something that almost vague, and it made the pureblood frown.

"The Hunter Association has been looking for a clue where he was but, Kiryu-kun is nowhere to be found. That's all I can say, Kaname."

The Pureblood shook his head and turned away. "Thank you, Chairman. Goodnight." With that, he left the office and headed back to the Kuran's Manor. He had made a fool of himself for snapping at Cross.

Six months. Approximately twenty-four weeks. On average one hundred eighty days.

Kaname growled, pushing away wet locks of burgundy hair and felt Takuma's excitement sitting beside him, a muffled shriek reaches his ears through the crack of thunder.

"Perfect," Kaname mumbled and rubbed his nape in irritation. "Somehow I thought with you deciding our returning time to Cross Academy wouldn't be a problem." A small pout drawing Yuki's lips. "I thought we'd immediately go back to Academy." A deeper pout. "But my time is nearly up and, once again, we find ourselves late!" He screamed inside the limo and Yuki ducked her head in shame, working to think some reasonable reason why they end up trapped in traffic and raining no less!

Kaname looked down to reprimand his dear little sister when a soft chuckle derailed his train of thoughts.

"I asked you how Saturday is sounds to you, Kaname, and you said "It is a fine day". Now here you are screaming to the heavens that you are late and look! We're almost at our destination."

Takuma sitting up straight across the two, arms crossed nonchalantly across his chest, with a small smile playing at his lips. The gentle light from upon the window's car cast Takuma in an ethereal glow and the two Purebloods' wonders if he really was a Noble or a Pureblood like themselves.

He's too dazzling. With his good-looking face, good body build-up and good personality. He's perfect. Perfect for our dear cousin ─ Senri.

"Relax Kaname," Takuma said when he leaned in and pat me on my left shoulder using his right hand.

I sighed, took a deep breath and tilted my head up, meeting Takuma's green orbs and smiling.

A huge grin plastered on brunette lips. Thinking. 'No one can break the bond of these two. Stronger than a friendship I must say.' A small smirk. 'A full metal heart and true brotherhood are the right ingredients to reach this bond like no other.'

The two said vampires noticed the smirking small brunette; looked at her with raised eyebrows.

"What is it, Yuki-chan?" asked Takuma.

Jerks to her thoughts, Yuki simply shakes her head then answered. "Nothing! I just miss Yori-chan so much!"

After forty five minutes, the limo stops in front of Cross Academy. The limousine slowly parked in front of the school. They could see the hunter and teacher Kaito Takamiya and Sayori Wakaba in her day class uniform welcoming them.

A second limousine parked behind the first. Ruka, Kain, Aido, Senri, Rima and Seiren came out of the second one.

Kaname was the first to come out. He looked up at the starry sky. It was strange to see that no snow had fallen there yet. Yuki followed his elder brother out of the car but she was suddenly embraced by certain petite girl.

"I've missed you so much, you know? I am glad to see you again." Kaname and the others heard Wakaba whispered.

Kaito glared at Kaname who returned the gesture. It was like he was facing the elder Kiryuu with the only difference that the older twin would ran off away immediately. He unconsciously smirks.

"I missed you too Yori-chan," Yuki whispered before hugging her best friend with great strength.

"O-ow! Yuki, too much. Too much strength." Sayori warned while wiping her tears away.

"Wah~ I-I'm sorry! Please don't!" Yuki helped her best friend to wipe her tears.

Chuckles, Kaname thought it was a right decision to live at Academy again near Cross. An environment where his precious Yuki will feel free and content.

He steps forward to remind her that it was time to meet the headmaster to his respective office. He pats her shoulder.

"Yuki, I have some things to discuss with the headmaster. You can talk later."

"Sure, I understand." She blushed deeply and stared at the floor feeling him kiss her forehead.

"Takuma, led everyone at the dorm. Quietly." Reminded him.

"Yes, Kaname-sama." Takuma replied with honorific intact since there was other night class around them and walked away with the other following him.

Seeing that everyone was moving to their desire destination, Kaname nods to Takamiya to let him know that they are quite ready to meet the headmaster.

Takamiya snorted and start to walk back to the office, and Wakaba to the Day Class's Girl Dormitory.

As they near the headmaster's office, he could sense the excitement that coming out of Cross like a wind in a summer that dance around them, warm, comforting and welcoming.

They stood stop in front of the office as Takamiya knock at the door, two purebloods aura's radiating throughout the house. At this Cross flung open the door, squealed and nearly tackled Yuki with an enthusiastic hug, as he looked on with amusement and Yuki politely patted the back of her doting "father".

"Aww, Kaname and Yuki! It's been 1 year, 10 months and 13 days since you left with my precious Yuki! It so good to see you both, I am glad to have you back at the academy." Cross exclaimed, big crocodile tears forming in the chairman's eyes as he was gently placed several feet away from the pureblood. Escorting Yuki and I into his office and pointing us to chairs as I took my own seat.

"Well Kaien, I suppose you will be pleased to hear that I will be coming back until further notice then."

"Chairman, you had not changed I see." Graceful smile tug at Yuki's lips.

"Oh? You'll be staying then?" Takamiya questions nonchalantly as a way to announce his arrival. Neither Kaname nor the chairman had noticed his arrival and glanced behind where Kaname was still standing in the doorway. Both the hunter and the pureblood were taking a visual inspection of each other in silence.

Takamiya had changed some in these one and a half years; Takamiya is a tall, lean young man with messy, ash brown hair and hazel eyes. It is hinted that the Day Class girls think he is attractive. He is shown to be taller than Kiryu and himself, but not as tall as Toga Yagari or Kain. Being a hunter, he is muscular and brawny. He was dressed in faded jeans and a fitted grey t-shirt. The odd thing to Kaname wasn't the outward changed to the hunter but rather his attitude. He was not scowling but rather had a calm, almost neutral face. His eyes held no anger or resentment, but rather had a glint of something that Kaname could not place.

"Kuran," Takamiya nodded his acknowledgment of the pureblood. That startled Kaname because it too held no resentment like previous encounters with the hunter. This only intrigued him further. What had happened to make such a drastic change in the hunter?

"Takamiya," Kaname nodded in reply. "I hope you don't mind that I sent the others ahead to the Moon Dorms." I intoned quietly, to which the other occupants snorted; Yagari Toga and one of his disciple, Kaito Takamiya.

Headmaster Cross assured him, "You know I don't mind, but I would be happy if you would send them to visit me later. Kaito, you'll escort them of course."

"There goes my extra sleep," Takamiya muttered from his spot on the wall and Kaien sent him a look of slight apology.

I glanced at Takamiya, leaning on the wall didn't reply, which was equivalent to acquiescing as far as the headmaster was concerned. I took note of this, though Takamiya remained as laconic as ever something had changed in his aura. There was less threatening and agitation emanating from him, Takamiya somehow seemed, dare the pureblood think it, serene.

"Takamiya-san," Kaname called calmly, causing the aforementioned to make eye contact with him, "something changed in you." Takamiya frowned, Kaname continues. "Did you become vampire as well?"

"What the hell kind of question is that!?" Yagari roared, straightening and striding over towards me, but I remained fixated on Takamiya.

"Now, now, everyone please calm down so we could start the meeting." Kaein stands between Yagari and me, wearing his cheerful smile as always.

Before anything could go down Takamiya's gaze returned to the window and he murmured, "No, everything's going much more ...better." The young hunter's eyes eased shut as he spoke, and remained so as the room collapsed into an awkward silence, during which Kaname returned his gaze to the angry hunter in front of him who gained a unique pallor to his face as he now starred at Takamiya, while Yuki fidgeted and looked like she was ready to leap out of her chair to lead her older brother to sit to lessen the tension.

Seeing that Yagari would never back down, I decided to make a move towards the cushion that no one occupied yet.

"Come sit down next to me," I said, patting the cushion beside me. Yuki looked at me and I could tell that she was still nervous. Her eyes were completely red. Indicating she still do not have control over her emotions that can affect the power she has as a pureblood vampire.

Following my command, Yuki sat and gave the Headmaster a tight small smile, red-brown eyes back again, and straighten her back.

Back when in the Kuran's estate, Yuki was busy having her training lessons with Ruka Souen – on how to behave likes a lady in public. Kaname knows it was hard for Yuki because of her active nature, but still not wanting to disappoint her beloved brother – Kaname, she was willing to work hard for it.

"Chairman Cross, I do believe we have some issues to be speaking about?" Kaname prompted from the cushion of the Chairman office, putting a stop to tense atmosphere.

"Yes. Let's talk about the upcoming Vampire Soiree." Declared Kaein.


"ARE YOU FUCKINGKIDDING ME!?" Yagari roared. "A fucking Vampire Soiree? Here at the academy? Where human students resides!? Have you gone insane!? Kaein!" Toga Yagari yelled and looked at Chairman Cross with murderous eyes.




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