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Capítulo 12 - Conversation with Greeghan

Fanfic / Fanfiction The Lord Balem's She-Slave - Capítulo 12 - Conversation with Greeghan

I opened the door and called Greeghan, asking him to enter. And as he done this, he asked me about in what could he be useful to me. I was then straight about to tell:
          - I want to have a talk, Greeghan. I believe you can give me some answers about the doubts I still have, and as well remedy the others which may come to light during our conversation, what I am almost sure that will be.
            He took a polite bow, as ever, while finishing to get in, and the door closed at his back. I offered him to take a sit, but he said he was nice standing still, and I sat on the high wing chair, in front of him, who looked at me even bigger then.
          - Have you been working here at Jupiter for how long time, Greeghan?
          - 513 years, you-miss - he responded quickly.
          I did twinkle slightly - 513 years? Is it given as well to yourself to bath on RegeneX ? - I spoke just without to think about.
          - No, you-miss. The RegeneX is for pure human beings only. The longevity is natural to my species.
           - I comprehend. And are you originally from where, I mean, isn't you from Jupiter, isn't it?
          - Truly, we, the sargorns, we're indirect descendents from the saurisapians which lived on Earth when it was discovered during the age of Great Expansion by the Abrasax Family. I say indirect descendants because we are not truly result from natural evolution, but from genetic engineering, practiced by Orous' humans, in order to create body-guards.
            I was listening to him under fascination. When he shut up, I encouraged him to talk more:
          - And you, as it seems, know a lot of things. Would you tell me the truth about the things I may ask you, or, I don't know, maybe you couldn't tell me the truth and may lie to me for some purpose?
          - We're created to be 100% loyal, you-miss. And this includes not to lie to our masters.
          - Very good - I then thought a little - What were those creatures whom had kidnapped me at Zalar?
           - Keepers. From the Diorito system; but genetically modified to actuate as tasks' factors or watchmen. They do practically all kind of external jobs, not only for the Abrasax Family.
          - So, are they not demons? - Greeghan looked at me and seemed to not understand, and suddenly I remembered the Mirca's reaction to the word "boat" - I mean, are they living creatures from a planet, such a race?
          - Exactly, you-miss.
          - And they just use to kidnap people when they're ordered to do it - and I stood musing about.
          - The major part of the work they do is bring sampling from the planets that are right on way of being harvested. You-miss' case  was, truly, an exceptional one.
           - Understood. And about these sampling, what are they? I listened Lord Balem to ask samples  and samples' results all the time meanwhile the work.
          - I believe he had already  explained you what's the purpose of harvesting, don't he?
          - Yes, Greeghan.
          - So, the samples are just like a previous verification of the general state of the materials from a determined place.
          I kept silent for a moment, just thinking about. Here, all of them talked under technical terms, I needed to translate it into humanly terms inside my head. That few number of people who had witnessed the kidnappings through the years had described the ravishers, and, having no logical explanation to their existence, they had then became the "demons who steal people" on the popular imaginary, and entered into the legends... And the disappeared people never used to return just because of the simple fact of being all killed at the laboratories as they arrived here. It made all the sense. But there were still for generations people disappeared at Zalar under suspect circumstances, and so I said it to Greeghan, who responded me:
          - Sometimes, depending on the samples, Lord Balem orders to give some time of 100 years or about it between a batch and another, just to give time the defects to disappear by itself and the sampling to get better.
          I thought then, really, to Lord Balem the time between generations from my people was an  undermost time, face to how long he lives. Certainly, for that reason, he judge us just as nothing.
            - And you said they work not only for the Abrasax Family. There are another ones? I mean, another families who work with the same kind of thing, seeding and harvesting planets, and manufacturing RegeneX?
          - There are some powerful families' dynasties on the universe, you-miss, but no one of them parallel themselves to the grandiosity of the Abrasax Family. It's as far the richest and most powerful of all cosmos.
          - All of that due to it's industries?
          - Yes. The material they produce pursuit an extreme quality, being insurmountable at entire market.
          - Lord Balem told me about his mother Seraphi... Have him no one else, have him no other familiar ones?
          - Lord Balem is the oldest of the three.
          - Three?
          - Yes. After Lord Balem, on the succession line, is Lady Kalique Abrasax, and the third and younger is Lord Titus.
          - Who live both at Orous, just as like Lord Balem?
          - Yes, you-miss.
          - And about they two, don't they involve themselves on the industries' subjects? Cares Lord Balem about everything by himself?
          - Yes, Lord Balem inherited the major part of that after Lady Seraphi's death, and got the enterprise's command to take. Lady Kalique has a little participation, because in fact she got still a little interest by the business, but at the  young Titus, people use to say he just dilapidates what he had inherited with various kind of pleasures, if you-miss can understand me.
          I thought for a little long.
          - And what's about the relationship among them, do they get along well?
          - Telling the truth, you-miss, they just show forbearance within, just bearing each others. It was that way since Lady Seraphi's times, who had a certain predilection about her males. But Balem is under better therms with Kalique, to whom he lives on respectful terms. Lord Titus' life style, for another way, bothers him a lot, because it is not serious at all, and they two practically don't speak to each other.
          - And what's the attitude of them about Lord Balem?
          - Intrigues happens, you-miss. Just because, as you may wonder, in case of Lord Balem to fail, they both would rise financially favored, without even to mention that a primacy's title of a House as the Abrasax House is something, at the  minimum, such as tempting.
          - And it is because of that we live here surrounded by guardians and body-guards all the time?
          For the first time, Greeghan didn't respond me. He couldn't to lie, but he could to silence about. I changed the subject fast:
          - You had mentioned the humans from Orous as the creators of your race, in certain way. Lord Balem is from Orous, correct? There are some more races created by them?
          - Truly, you-miss, actually almost all of the well known races from the catalogued inhabited planets, if we take to consider the ones from harvesting planets as races as well. The original human race is only and exclusively that from Orous, which has really few colonies.
          - Are you telling me that any other human race is exponentially creation to harvesting? - I spoke under surprise.
          - Not exponentially, but potentially.
          - But, what about Mirca? - he looked at me without responding - Mircalax... Will it be harvested as well?
          - No, in that case, Mircalax is a producer of workers, not of raw material. But it is the only planet which serves to that purpose. It was the very first planet to be seeded  out of Orous before the discovering of genetic maintenance, when the elite of Orous found itself in need of human vassalage.
          - Human vassalage - I repeated - Yes, Greeghan, I have perceived some servant-maids we have here are not even human not even created mixing it to another beings, just like you...
          - Splices.
          - What?
          - Splices. It's the name given to the  genengineering of animal genes to human genes, just like me or mister Night, for an example.
          - Ah, yes. Well, but returning to the servant-maids... Those who seems mechanized...
          - They're androids, you-miss.
          - Service robots, just as those we had on the factories at Zalar?
          - Not robots, simply, but the crossbreeding of mechanical parts to living tissues. All of their external parts, as skin and hair, are 100% biological.
          I held then my face between my hands for a while and poured out my heart after sometime:
          - I would like a lot to still have my gods, to those I used to have so much devotion, right at this moment, to invocate them. It's so many things I never not even  imagined on the most absurd dreams I could bear, and now it's all true!
          - But things are just that way for about millennia, you-miss - told me Greeghan with goodness.
          - Yes, I can understand it, but not for me!
           Step by step the connections were being done in my mind, but I still needed time to think about of all of that. Arose myself from the wing chair and said:
           - Greeghan, I thank you profoundly for our conversation. Thank you a lot for all those explanations you gave me, yet that's from now I will stay here for a long time.
          - It's a pleasure to help, you-miss - and he seemed to be not habituated to thanksgiving, but just to ordering, at all - If you need, I'm on your disposal.
           - What I thank you, and what makes me very cheerful - and I was saying it sincerely, while smiling to him - You may leave now.
          Bending himself to a bow, he exited through the door, swinging  his long tail as while he walked. Slowly I went to bed and, without to turn on its antigravity, I threw myself on it, looking to the ceiling. I had then a lot to entertain my thoughts for a long time.

Notas Finais

It seems Inkailah got an affection and an ally where it could seems the less possible, and Greeghan brought her a lot of vital information to her next steps into her new reality, inside the Abrasax House's reality, to which she seems to belong now.
What will she do with the information she received, and to which purposes, only the next chapters shall to respond.

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