História The mysterious building at the Himalayas. - Capítulo 3

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Gêneros: Aventura, Drama (Tragédia), Fantasia, Ficção, Ficção Adolescente, Ficção Científica, Mistério, Survival, Terror e Horror, Universo Alternativo
Avisos: Canibalismo, Mutilação, Suicídio, Tortura, Violência
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Todos os personagens desta história são de minha propriedade intelectual.

Capítulo 3 - Inside the facility...

The man who looks after the affairs of this facility is addressed solely as 'sir' by all the people in the facility out of respect and fear. The nameplate in his office reads 'Chandrahasa Shetty'. He was around 45 years old, heavily built, tall man with a stern look. His intimidating personality makes the people living with him braver and more courageous. This particular facility needed such intimidating leadership because it was not for the faint hearted. All of the recruits are from the army and navy. They are first processed before recruiting and once recruited are briefed about the challenges that they might face there. Quite often these 'tough army men' lose their mental sanity when exposed to their work. The creatures of hell, the creatures that made brave men disillusioned with their terrifying wrath are contained within the walls of these buildings.

Each individual creature was kept within a highly secure cell with all the necessary precautions as mentioned in their rule books. For each being, the containment procedure differed. The mission is to keep these entities away from the common folk and research on their physiology and anatomy. Researchers from selected nations were allowed into this facility and allowed to conduct their required tests. Most importantly, these entities were contained to study how they can be used by humans for their sinister plans, or as some scientists say, 'taming' them.

The various creatures contained ranged from the abominable snowman to an entity so dark and powerful that it was created by the mere imagination of a man. The man got scared at how his own imagination began to evolve and create this dark entity that he killed himself documenting his experiences. The later victims were the ones who read these documents thus imagining them making it still more powerful. The documents were confiscated and destroyed and the entity was imprisoned by the shear imagination and trained minds of these scientists.

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