História The Psychotic Life of Hazel James - Capítulo 2

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Capítulo 2 - 2

"Siblings are great, you can always pin the blame on them, unless if they have a knife. In that case stay away..... far away."

- unknown 

Is it normal for your best friend to wear a smiling mask? I don't think so.... but maybe? My best friend Ai, is waiting in front of the school, wearing a white mask with a smile, I'm not even surprise anymore. I don't think the school's going to allow that......

"So..... Ai, what are you wearing...?" I ask, coming to a stop in front of her.

She chuckles. "A mask!" She announces cheerfully.

"I..... can see that.... but why?"

"Because I want to!"

I shake my head in disbelief, well its not that strange for Ai. "So, I'm guessing that Ash and Josh are coming late. Right?"

Ai nods. "Probably."

We start walking, a usual tradition for us, walking in peaceful silence before class starts. What could be better? Besides Ai's a restless person, sitting still is incredibly hard for her. 

"So, I've been wondering, why don't you come to school with your siblings?" Ai asks.

Oh lord, she asked me again. This question has been repeated over and over, ever since I met her. She's my best friend, but how exactly do you tell someone that your family is insane? 'Well you see, my family has issues so I don't like to be around them for long.' Yep, doesn't sound rude and fucked up at all. 

"I already told you," I whined, my voice hurting my own ears.

"Yeah..... 'I don't get along with them,' doesn't really answer it."

"Yeah it does!" I complained.

"No it doesn't, a lot of people don't get along with their siblings, they still come to school together." 

Really Ai! Why can't you just accept my damn answer. "Look, I just don't get along with them, that's it." I sigh, damn Ai, she's draining me already.

Ai shakes her head. "Ok. Ok. Whatever don't tell me, it so doesn't matter."


It's bothering her. I can tell by how she keeps glancing at me when she thinks I'm not looking. How she swings her arms, and takes bigger steps when she walks. How she's biting her bottom lip, a thing she does when she's frustrated or anxious. She's dying to know, but she doesn't want to bother me. I sigh, shaking my head, sorry Ai, but this is something you can't know.

The bell rang, saving us from the awkward silence that followed after the question. The rest of the day was peaceful..... boring, I mean boring. 

Home was not welcoming, somehow Nick and Jeff beat me home. Seriously? How the heck do they do it? They sat at the kitchen table playing cards..... ok is that a knife next to them? Nick looks up from his deck, a smile breaking his serious facade. "Yo sis." A chill went down my spine, I never did like it when he called me sis. 

"Hi......" I set down my backpack on an empty chair next to Jeff. "What are you playing?" I ask, slightly concerned.

"War with risks," Jeff answered, his voice quiet.

"War with risks?" 

Nick nods. "Yeah, it's war, the only difference is that the person that has the losing hand has to stab or cut themselves or an object they own."

I raise an eyebrow. Of course, it's never a normal game. "Let me guess, you created that game, right?" Nick nods, smiling, his face glowing with pride.

"Wanna play?" Jeff said, his voice sounding flat.

I shake my head. "No. Nope. No. Nope. No. Nope." I kept repeating. 

Nick shrugged. "Suit yourself."

Yep. A normal day. Totally normal day.

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