História The Quantum Disturbance - Capítulo 1

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This is my first story here. it's still rough around the edges but my goal is to improve. I would love getting some feedback from you. Hope you enjoy it!

Capítulo 1 - Arc I - Chapter I: The Discovery

Fanfic / Fanfiction The Quantum Disturbance - Capítulo 1 - Arc I - Chapter I: The Discovery

A group of four men, with helmets; suits and well armed, enter a metalic, bulky doorway into the main halls. There are some ruptures on the wall but the structure itself is mostly preserved. The scriptures on the walls give the place a menacing and obscure aura. The largest of the four steps forward and say:

- Look at this shit. It's fuckin' scarry!

- Mind your language in the presence of the captain, Darthanan! - Replied the slimmest of them.

- You ain't my mother, Elf! Fuckin' asshole!

- Behave boys! We don't need a bloodshed amongst our own. Besides, we have to set an example for the fresh meat we've got here. - said this female voice while pointing at the last of them.

- Understood Cpt. Knight! - responded the elf promptly.

- Aye, boss! - Darthanan replied.

They kept pushing forward and noticing that the scriptures tell different tales from times long past. Some shrines, statuettes and pedestals could be seen along the way. This, now seemingly like a temple, worries the newcomer. His motion sensors are malfunctioning due to some sort of interference and his energy reading about the place are to the roof. His heavy breathing can be heard through the comms. The silence is suddenly broken by the elf:

- Hey, Harrison? Am I right?

- Affirmative, Mr. Éldwyin!

- Just Éldwyin. Look this isn't the first weird situation that we, the Reapers, have faced. If it serves as consolation this is a simple Hit and Run job. The sooner we find our target in hiding around here the sooner we get out.

- I...I understand! Anyways, i have something to report.

- Speak up soldier. - Demanded Cpt. Knight with authority in her voice and yet with a tenderness almost motherly like.

- Yes Captain. Although the motion sensors are jammed there is one dot that is always coming up. My guess, if this isn't our guy it could be the source of the jamming signal at least.

Captain knight stops for a moment and concentrate on her motion sensors.

- Spot on newbie, i can see it now.

Darthanan clears his throat and compliments Soldier Harrison:

- Hellova* of an eye kid! Good Work!

- Oh my, oh my! I never thought you'd have the emotional and rational capacity of giving a compliment to anyone other than yourself, Darthanan!

- Elf...argh! I swear that i will behead you one of these days! You Knify ear son of a intergalactic whore! Ass!

- If you too don't shut your traps right now, i will send you both to detention for a month! You know the rules, no payment for idle time! - intervened the captain.

- My apologies Captain, however, I can't promise that it won't happen again. Darthanan is a most pleasant creature to annoy!

- Cap, please allow me to shoot this fuckin' asshole!

- You two, S-H-U-T I-T! Now!

- Affirmative, captain Knight!

- You're the boss, cap!

The Reapers pressed on. After a couple of hours they found what seemed to be the jamming source. It was a pillar made of a dark rock. On its surface, scriptures long forgotten shone in a bright hue of blue

- What the....

A blinding light erupted from the pillar as the temple's structure collapsed, leaving it more exposed to the deep space vacuum.

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