História The Quantum Disturbance - Capítulo 4

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Capítulo 4 - Arc I - Extras: Lieutenant Darthanan Michaels

Fanfic / Fanfiction The Quantum Disturbance - Capítulo 4 - Arc I - Extras: Lieutenant Darthanan Michaels

Darthanan "The Juggernaut" Michaels, or The Boomstick, The Arsenal, Human Tank, etc. There isn't much to talk about him except that he is highly adept at every type of weapon, that he likes to blow up things and that he has a extremely powerful build. Mr. Michaels is a threatening person to have as foe. He was from the Outer Intergalactic Ring and grew up in a place where being strong was a requirement for survival. Violence and sheer force were the currency of his life as he was a thug working for many different gangs. One day after being arrested he was drafted to the R.I.N. by a official that recognized his talents and told him tha he could redeem himself. No one could outmatch him in combat in and out of the Cadets Academy the place that made his reputation amongst the Marine corps. He was then assigned to the R.I.N. Colossus and became close friends with Captain Amanda Knight and a fellow lieutenant, Daniel Atlas. After the dispensation of Cpt. Knight, Darthanan went back to the Outer Ring and started working private security until he ran into Knight and Atlas again, as they were looking for people to join them and form a private paramilitary group that was later called The Reapers.

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