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I've been uploading some character bios today. In these bios there are some lore fragments that will make more sense in future chapters. Now, withou further ado the second chapter. Hope you enjoy it!

Capítulo 7 - Arc I - Chapter II: Turbulence

Fanfic / Fanfiction The Quantum Disturbance - Capítulo 7 - Arc I - Chapter II: Turbulence

-What the hell is this thing?! - Shouted Darthanan.

- Have some respect! This in front of you is ancient Elvhen texts. It goes eons back in times so distant that my people can't even decipher it.

- Yeah, like i care! As far as I'm concerned we have a target...A WELL PAYING target. This fuckin' elfy mabo jambo could blow up that I would be fine with it.

- It was hopeless anyway! Like a inferior specimen from the Outer Ring could develop an intelect, let alone a culture! - Sighed Éldwyin as he looked at Darthanan in disapproval.

- ENOUGH! You two are in trouble when we get back to the ship! Now, we have to find our target and eliminate him. - Frowned captain Knight at them.

While the scene was happening, the Reapers noticed the sound of footsteps coming out of the darkness. It was a man with no face. He had a silvery skin that reflected the cosmos. Nothing could be said about him except he was elegantly dressed.

- Leave, NOW! - The voice of this thing, this man, resonated painfully inside the heads of the four Reapers.

When the pain stopped, the first to react was Harrison. He quickly went for his plasma rifle and shot the figure in front of him. It was useless, as the plasma beam dissipated as it touched its target!

- Who...What are you?! - Harrison told the the thing with a tone of disbelief.

- What we are is of no concern of yours for we are older than your compression can assimilate. We won't tell you again, leave now before we have to take a more aggressive course of action. - Replied the thing with a very menacing aura.

- We should retreat for now. I won't loose my men for money. We can take on another contract later.

Captain knight's words were final. No one dared to disagree. Well, no one except Éldwyin, who rushed to the pillar and tried to take a piece of it. Needless to say that this was reckless. As he took his "bite" out of the pillar, energy erupted from it in a massive burst. Éldwyin took a direct hit. The Thing just stood as if waiting to get hit, while the other three reapers tried to run from the blast radius.

They woke in their ship. All four of them. They had marks on their chests tha resembled the thing they saw in the temple and their open space gear was in the lockets. Éldwyin had a large piece of stone with bright blue scripts on his hand. A smell of charred metal impregnated the air as did some sparks. They were all trying to understand what just happened. When they looked out of the ship, there it was destroyed, the temple. Those same sparks were around the space floating  rubles. For they surprise, the pillar still stood still on a ,now loose in the vacuum, piece of the floor with the thing right beside it.

- Let us get the hell out of here. Harrison, set course for TH-1237. We we'll declare mission failed and no one says a word about what happened here or what we have on our chests, and specially, not a word about the stone. 

All agreed with their heads.

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