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História The sweet smell of sunshine - Capítulo 1

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debutando em ingles hihi
meio enferrujado, mas seongjoong merece

Capítulo 1 - I remember, sometimes

You're so beautiful under the pale sunshine. A pure, starlit soul, with your shiny olive skin kissed by the Sun and Venus, together as one, like Hongjoong and me. When you wrap your arms hard around me, I can feel your soft heartbeat. “Your heart’s like Jupiter, you know?”, I say, and your laugh reverberates through the soft breeze. “Why this, Hwa?”, you sweetly purr against my ear, I feel your smile on my skin. And then when our gazes colides, I see a deep sea full of stars dancing on your brown irises. Like a kitten, you place your chin over my right shoulder; a heavenly picture so serene. It’s so breathtaking you need to press your fingertips against my flushed cheek, in a loving caress, for me to wake up. “Well...”, I murmur, shyly, blinking a bit, “Cause you have a strong and giant heart, Joongie”, and my right hand lays on his chest. So soon I feel his palm against mine, intertwining our fingers, like a promise, our promise, our forever, stained in the blur of serenity... “Really?”, Hongjoong asks, and I nod,  “I love you, Hwa...”.

And I love this sweet scent of sunshine.

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