História The Thief of Faysea - Capítulo 1

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First story, don't forget to review!

Capítulo 1 - Nathaniel Legious

Nathaniel Legious

Four older siblings amd oblivious parents are a definite recipe for disaster. 

Meet Nathaniel, the youngest out of the Legious royal family. His unique red/amber  hair was certainly eye catching and his green eyes were like looking into enchanted forests

He has four older siblings, two girls and two boys. 

The oldest : Luke Legious, 23

Next is Katherine Legious,20

Then there is Jezebel Legious,18

Then Xavier Legious, 16

And finally there's Nathaniel Legious,15

Ah yes Nathan was overshadowed by his many older brothers and sisters. His parents, Danielle and John, were no better, always pointing out his every mistake and almost completely ignoring him. When he was younger, Nathan was close with his siblings but after all of them realized their potential they drifted apart and their family had more and more cracks in it.

One day, Nathan experienced horrible pain on his left arm, quickly stripping of his shirt he saw a mark in the shape of a star with Lighting in the middle. His face paled and etes widened while he muttered 'No way' over and over under his breath. Touching the mark he felt his arm twitch from electricity. 

Yep it was very real

That was the day, Nathaniel Legious was chosen as one of four heros of Alma

Notas Finais

Very short but still working on it

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