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I thank you for clicking on this book. I hope you enjoy it as much I I enjoyed writing it!

Capítulo 1 - The Beginning

Fanfic / Fanfiction To Be An Angel - Capítulo 1 - The Beginning

Emman opened his eyes to the familiar warmth of Heaven's light. it was not blinding nor dull as he began his day with the traditional prayer. 

Dear LORD, you are sovereign. I pray that you protect me and use me through out the day. For your will done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Amen.

A sharp knock at the door startled Emman, as he found his wings aiding in his feet's journey to the door. The creak of the door announce a glowing face that near mirrored Emman's. 

"Are you ready my dear son?" The booming voice soothed Emman as he nodded, excitment brewing in his toes and bubbling up to his head. Memory sparked in his mind, today he would begin his one year mission. And his second visit to Earth. Yet this visit would be much longer than the last. 

Gathered in his drapping robes, Emman tailed his Father across the courtyard, where so conviniently the Hall was placed. Here they entered, and were immidiatly brushed to where the Elders had gathered. There they sat murmuring, only a few glances being spared to greet the two. Until at last a clearing of a throat disrupted the murmurs. 

"We have made out decision on your Guardianship, young Emman." The crystal gaze of the lead elder locked onto him. Feelings of disbelief coursed through him. Everything seemed to be passing so quickly. "You will be stationed with a girl, 17 years of age on the 7 of February. Name, Joyful. Height is four feet, ten inches. Short brown hair. Brown eyes. Pale skin. It is your job to find this girl, and be her Angel. In a year you will be called back up, where you will have either been judged worthy of a Guardian's seat, or a minstrel." The true venom in the Angel's voice rang true with the last words as Emman shivered at the sound. It was every angel's worst nightmare to be deemed a minstrel. "Now be gone! Do not dwindle with any others, do not talk or speak to any or else you fail!" The order came as a roar. Emman glancednat his father, yet knew not to question anything the elders ordered. 

He found himself flying swiftly out of the Hall, the events seeming surreal. All was occuring so fast. He had been given no time to say his goodbyes, or hug anyone. Yet what the Elders said, an angel did. 

Earth slowly came into view, its mountains holding themselves boldly, while the seas crashed onto the sand like a kiss. Now, it was time to begin the search. Now, was the beginning. 

Notas Finais

A short chapter, I know. But I still hope you enjoyed it!

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