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Capítulo 2 - To Find A Girl

Emman slouched in an abandoned bench, somewhere in the western part of Europe, if he remembered his geography correctly. The young angel had flown onto Earth, determined that he would find he within a day. Yet already the elder's description of her was fading, and no spark in his heart had shown that she was near. 

A sudden burst of self-anger was imitted from his inner soul. Scolding himself for giving up, Emman sprung up, and took off in the air. His gaze scoured the world below, searching for a light, any light. He took off in the hopes towards North America. Perhaps she was American, although he had the feeling that she was some sort of European. 

An illuminating light blinded him, nothing like he had ever seen before. The object glinted and squirmed in the light, as Emman pinpointed it near some large mountains. The pull on his heart was undenyable. This, this was it. He had found his girl. 

Landing his eyes desperatly searched for her once more among the crowded bunch of people. Finally, his eyes rested on a dirtied girl, begging from the much more well of beings around her. Her arms cluched a small bundle dearingly, not letting go of it. 

He had thought that, like most angels, he would have been given an easy task. Someone with small struggles, mostly mental. Yet here was a girl he could see that had nothing. Determination ran through him once again. Now he had found her, and now he would held her. Coming closer to her, in his form that was invisible to the human eye and touch, he listened for her pleas. 

"I just ask for some food! Please! Or some baby formula! He is going to starve! Please anyone?" The desperation in her voice almost cracked Emman's heart. With a smile he knew exactly what to give. The young angel found his way into the center of the crowd, before simply becoming one of them. his height shortened, his wings dissappeared, his hair greyed, and his back curved.Soon an old lady walked among them, purse in hand and a purpose on her mind. Once again she made her way towards the begging girl. 

"Dear child!" She called, not five feet away from the girl. When the girl turned, Emman realized how small she really did seem. With a gaze filled with love he came closer. "I have some baby formula, and a twenty dollar bill in my purse. Take them! The poor child needs to eat. What is your name?" The words spouted out so quickly, Emman thought that he would blow his cover. Yet he reminded himself that humans were all more exotic than Angels. 

"J-joyful!" Tears pricked at Joyful's eyes. "Thank you ma'am, thank you!" Emman just returned a smile, and pressed the formula above the bundle, and the twenty dollars into her hand. 

"God bless." He spoke, before turning heel and walking swiftly away. Only able to catch a few last words. 

"Shes my guardian angel." If only Joyfu, knew how true those words were. 

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Hope you enjoyed chapter two!

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