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This chapter will be from Joyful's point of view

Capítulo 4 - Presence

Joyful swore that she had never felt so rested when she had awakened from her five hour long sleep. For the first time in weeks her eyes held a youthful glow, and her hair required less teasing. Her mind wandered over solutions, yet could only conjure insanity. At one point her mind suggested that it had to do with the woman from yesterday. No one had ever been so kind. Yet Joyful had always known that love lingered in everyones hearts. They just had to choose to show it. 

After maintaining to herself and Manny, Joyful kneeled to the ground, and spoke a prayer of hope like she did everyday. Despite all the negative feedback from the other girls when she had first arrived. 

"Dear LORD, I thank thee for this day. I ask that today, just like yesterday and tomorrow, that you would show yourself in all I do. Protect this household like you have protected me, your child. 


A tingle shifted her spine, as Joyful sensed the presence that she had sworn to earlier. Her senses were getting sharper, and her skills in the kitchen as of last night even caught the eyes of the head woman. Joyful could only pray that today, the day that all had been looking foreward to, would be a good one. 

Many servants held it in dread, for they had expirienced the night before. Yet for those who had joined in the past year, alike to Joyful, were giddy with innocence. Stories had floated around of servants getting beat and pressured until one girl... well no one speaks of what happened to her. She just vanished. 

Although this foreboding prospect hung near, Joyful contonued through her day. Wrapping Manny in thick clothe, her eyes seemed to finally notice how motherly her hands were. Pain racked through her at the memory of his mother. A parallel smile to hers burned in her minds eye. 

Hope had died in child birth, leaving Joyful her younger sister and son to fend for themselves. Joyful replaced Hope at her job, and has taken care of Manuel for the five months he has lived. Only health has been in his body. Yet the fear of sickness and death still rang true in her heart. 

Clutching the baby near, she checked to see that the boy did truely look like a sack of potatoes. For if anyone besides the servant girls found out about the child, he would be taken to an orphanage. Which is where Hope last wanted him, as her last wishes conveyed to Joyful. Joyful also held this strongly in her heart. The young girl could never bear to see the baby leave her care. 

Treading lightly, Joyful nodded calmly at the men near the entrance of the house, who were suprovising the delicate objects entering the mansion. The path she followed was familiar and quick. The same roads and alleys she had taken for months. Even at times the same people. 

This time felt different though. Warmth hung in the figid air, as if a man was embracing her and Manny. Longing filled her heart yet the young girl brushed it away. Distractions were not allowed on the streets. Now she needed to get money for the small child resting still and warm in her arms.

Still the embrace lingered and Joyful kept a smile as she bothered as many people as she could. Hoping, wishing, dreaming that some one would offer something mighty for her and her child. Something life changing. Some nights she had dreamed that a handsome young man would come to swoop her off her feet and fly her to that magical land called Heaven where the angels sang and God reigned. 

Despite her dearest wishes her feet remained in the ground, and her head in the clouds. But the warm embrace kept her fire burning as the cold air swept over her. 


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I hope you enjoyed the different perspective!

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